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Best RC Planes of 2017

Updated on October 24, 2016

P-47 Razorback

Creator: Eflite

Retail Price: $250

Overall, I believe that the P-47 Razorback is a great plane that handles well and flies fast. When I first purchased the Eflite P-47 Razorback, I wasn't expecting much. It weighed a ton and didn't feel like it would be able to perform the tricks I wanted it to. However, it was so wrong.

After one flight, everything went better than I could have ever imagined. Right after a smooth takeoff, I performed a barrel roll. There was a little bit of resistance, partly due to the breeze, but nothing that was horrible.

I continued to perform a few tricks, and the only thing that I could critique is the P-47 Razorback's ability to do a stall. The motor in the plane is strong, however, the weight is just too much.

Distance was good, and even after going a few hundred yards out, there was no problem in bringing the plane back in for a landing.

P-47 Razorback RC Plane
P-47 Razorback RC Plane

FMS Easy Trainer 1280mm 50.5" Wingspan

Creator: FMS

Retail Price: $110

Okay, before I even begin, you probably first realize this is a glider with a wingspan of 50.5". I realize many people might not consider gliders to be great planes, but with such a great price I had to put this on my list.

This plane does have a few issues, but nothing major. I would recommend flying this plane when there is little to no wind gusts. This plane is very light, being a glider, and at a high altitude it may be hard to fly back to the runway.

Also, this plane is definitely not for a beginner. Not because it is hard to fly, but because this plane is rather fragile. A hit to the ground at any sort of speed will most likely break the wings in half. I was coming in for a landing when a gust of wind hit the plane head on, it then proceeded to nose dive onto the asphalt runway.

I had to replace the wing and rewire a few of the electronics. Other than that incident, everything worked fine. The range is great, I went over a few trees and brought it back without any problem. It can do loops, but they can be hard on the motor, reducing the amount of time you have in the air. Overall, with a little bit of experience and good flying conditions, I would definitely recommend this plane to any RC fanatic.

FMS Easy Trainer 1280mm 50.5" Wingspan RC Plane
FMS Easy Trainer 1280mm 50.5" Wingspan RC Plane

T-28 Trojan 1.2m

Creator: Eflite

Retail Price: $280

The main thing I love about the T-28 Trojan is the paint scheme. The red and white looks both realistic and amazing. Out of the box, the T-28 Trojan is going to be larger than you are expecting. The cockpit not only is detailed, but comes with a detailed pilot for extra realism.

Handling the T-28 Trojan does take some skill. You have to find that healthy medium between speed and handling. If you go to fast, I have noticed the plane to have a little bit of trouble making sharp turns. This was a little surprising considering the large wings, I thought they would have caught more air than they did.

Doing low passes is no problem at all. I was even to manage an upside down low pass. Probably should not have tried this considering this is not a top of the line plane, but it seemed to have no trouble in doing so.

The durability of this plane is amazing. I did a nose dive into the ground after performing a loop, and one of the propellers broke. Not bad! (Also, it was not the plane's fault I nose dived. I started the loop way too close to the ground).

T-28 Trojan Plane

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