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Best Remote Control Animal Rc Toys

Updated on April 17, 2012

A list of the best realistic remote control animal toys you can buy today. As well as comparisons of remote control toy brands in each specific animal rc toy.

Best Remote controlled snake rc toy - Uncle milton remote control snake

The best rc snake you can buy is the uncle milton remote control snake. The uncle milton snake is the best in my opinion because it has the green fruit snake design which is the most known species of snake in the world. You can also choose other uncle milton snake designs like the anaconda and the rattlesnake. You can also choose other rc snakes from other brands because they are virtually made the same way and the only reason why I did choose uncle milton is that it has the green snake design.

Here is an article about the uncle milton remote controlled snake.

best rc spider - the animal planet remote control spider

The animal planet spider is the best rc spiders out there because they mimic the movement of the spider’s feet unlike other remote control spiders that have the legs as just non-functioning appendages or just part of the plastic body of the toy. While the animal planet spider still employ wheels for movement, the movement of the legs hides the wheels action making it the most realistic remote control spider out there. There are 2 animal planet spiders to choose from. one is the tarantula and the other is the black widow. I prefer the black widow because it is more sinister or scary looking.

An article about the animal planet remote control spider.

Best radio control rat - micro mouse remote control mouse

The micro mouse remote controlled mouse is the best radio controlled rat you can find. It employs the same controls as traditional rc cars unlike other radio controlled rats that still employ the old spin button for navigation. The only drawback of this toy is that it looks more like a cartoon rat than a real rat which may limit its "scare factor" and realism but the advantage of being able to use full directional controls is enough for the micro mouse to be the best radio control mouse. If you cannot control your rc toy fully, then why play with it? That is why the micro mouse is the best rc mouse out there.

An article about the micro mouse radio control rat.

Best remote control cockroach - natural history museum rc cockroach

The natural history museum roach is the best cockroach rc toy out there because it has full directional controls unlike other roach toys. It is also the rc roach that has the american cockroach design which is the most known species of the cockroach. Aside from having the full directional controls, it has also a “real cockroach movement” button that is a unique feature of the natural museum cockroach. The real cockroach movement means that it will speed up and slow down in random as well as move left or right in random. No other cockroach rc has this option which really makes the natural history museum the best there is and ever was.

Here is an toy article review about the natural history museum remote control cockroach.

Best rc ant- indiana jones remote control ant

The Indiana Jones remote control ant is the only ant rc toy that you can buy which means that there is no other ant rc toys to compare it to. It is the best because it is the only remote controlled ant toy you can buy. Just for reference, you can see the ants in the indiana jones crystal skull movie.

Here is a review article of the remote control ant.

A list of all remote controlled animals that you can buy for your kids, pets as well as for tricks. RC animals toys are the newest members of the rc world and in time, they will get better and get more realistic.


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