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Best Radio control Cars 2014 Traxxas and Tamiya

Updated on July 14, 2014

RC cars or the remote control cars are basically the most played toys by the children.Not only children but also many teens would like to play with these Remote control cars.There are some fantastic remote control cars available in the market which resemble the real cars.Some of the RC cars released by Traxxas have specially designed 4x4 offroad type cars which are very much famous in the remote control market.There are many types of Remote control cars like Gas RC cars,Electric RC cars etc.Each of them have their own benefits and weak points.RC is also referred to as Radio controlled.Both remote controlled and Radio controlled have no difference here.

But here,i would like to discuss about the best RC cars available in the market.This list includes Traxxas RC cars and also Tamiya RC cars.These two are some of the famous companies which manufacture the Radio controlled cars.Tamiya also manufactures RC Boats,RC Helicopters and RC trucks.

Best Traxxas RC cars

Traxxas has some special place in this RC cars industry.They started their industry by first manufacturing RC cars for children.But,slowly they gained reputation in the market and they now are the biggest RC car manufacturing company in the world.It's head office is located at Texas,USA but it sells it's goods all over the world.It's slogan "Fastest name in Radio Control" fits best for it.So,have a look at the best RC planes from Traxxas below.

Traxxas X0-1::The Fastest Radio control Car Ever.

Yes,this is the fastest ever Radio control car available in the market now.It can reach a maximum speed of 120 Miles/hour.It is a ready-to-run type super Radio control car released by Traxxas.It has some outstanding ratings and reviews from Amazon.Although,it is somewhat costly,you worth each penny which you have afforded for this car.

With a weight of nearly 20 pounds,this car can reach a maximum speed of 120 Miles hour which is approximately equal to 190 KMPH.It contains a Big block brushless motor with a 2.4 GHz radio system and docking base.This product includes 2 batteries,1 Controller,Car and some other accessories.Really,it's worth buying.Make sure that you also buy the Battery and the cooling fan along with this car.

Traxxas Rally car 7407 1/10

Another amazing Radio control car from the Traxxas.It may not have that speed of 100MPH but it is a good choice for beginners.Beginners will definitely fall in love once after buying this.It looks fantastic and is fast.I used it when i was 19 and it was the best RC car for me.I used to play with it daily in my home where i have created my own racing circuit.I use to play it with my brother while my brother had a RC car of Tamiya.

With some fantastic reviews from Amazon,it has a user rating of 5/5.It is recommended to buy some extra accessories along with this car which are shown below.HAve a look at them and once read the reviews.

Required Accessories

Traxxas 2872 LiPo 3S 11.1V 5000mAh 25C Battery
Traxxas 2872 LiPo 3S 11.1V 5000mAh 25C Battery

A battery for attaching it to the RC car.

Traxxas 3340 Cooling Fan Velineon ESC
Traxxas 3340 Cooling Fan Velineon ESC

A cooling fan which cools the Motor and helps you use for more time.


Best Radio control cars from Tamiya

Tamiya corporation of Japan is the second most famous RC car manufacturing company in the world.They are also famous in manufacture of RC boats,RC Helicopters and RC trucks.Their trucks are very much famous worldwide.It was founded in 1946 by Yoshio Tamiya and hence this company got it's name.Have a look at the best RC car from Tamiya below.

The Grasshopper RC car

One of the best Tamiya RC car ever released.It is a off road type radio control car which is available in Amazon for a price of just $65.It's weight is just above 3 pounds.As you know,the RC car with low weight moves faster. Traxxas X0-1 is an exception for comes as an assembly kit with a 380 type motor which can be upgraded to 540 Type motor.

There are also some additional accessories required along with this car.They are shown below.Make sure that when you buy this car,buy the car along with these accessories

Required Accessories

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