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Best Remote Controlled Helicopters

Updated on June 18, 2013

I was just recently introduced to the world of mini helicopters. Having spent the holidays with some friends I discovered remote controlled helicopters. My friend gave her husband and kids these wonderful toys for Christmas and I couldn't get over how much fun they were.

It is unbelievable the technology that goes into the making of these mini helicopters. Not only are they inexpensive but they are a lot of fun. I was also surprised to see how durable they are after my friend’s son crashed them several times into various pieces of furniture and walls.

Remote controlled helicopter or RC helicopters run on regular batteries. They come with a controller for flying the helicopter as well as charging the battery. Some large ones can run on gasoline and be flown for a longer periods of time.

This can be a great way to have some fun as a family or it could be an exciting new hobby. Once you have mastered flying the mini helicopters you can move up to larger ones. Some have cameras on board so you can feel like you are actually in the pilot’s seat!

Remote Controlled Airwolf Replica

RC Gyroscope Helicopter "Drift King"

The RC Gyroscope Helicopter "Drift King" has excellent handling characteristics. After some initial problems with the gear on the main motor’s shaft, it has been reintroduced with a redesigned model. It is a more solid model and will keep you occupied flying this machine for some time.

This remote controlled helicopter has a flight time of around six to seven minutes on a forty minute USB charge.

Cobra Double Horse

There is a little learning curve flying this remote controlled helicopter. You might have a hard time getting it off the ground the first time you fly it, but with a little practice and making sure you have it trimmed properly, you should become an expert in no time. Make sure you fly it indoors when you start or take it outside on a windless day.

You will get about fifteen minutes on one charge, but it takes about 2.5 hours to recharge the battery, or purchase extra batteries.

Big Army Chinook

This one is worth the price and tons of fun to fly. The remote controlled helicopter has some serious lift and causes quite a downwind so don’t fly it over newspaper. It is also very precise and can land in about a two foot square. It’s a durable machine and should stand up to running into walls.

It takes about thirty minutes to charge and you will be able to fly it for about ten minutes.

Syma Gyroscope Remote Controlled Helicopter

The mini ones are so small that they can easily be flown inside your home. The Three Channel Gyro Mini Helicopter is only 7 1/2 inches long and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. It is fully functional and equipped with the latest Gyroscope technology. It charges directly from either the controller which uses double A batteries or from the USB cable. The controller has a full function trim control for that perfect flight. Get one today and start flying your own mini helicopter.

Product Features:

  • No Assembly required.
  • Full 3 Channels: Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Backward.
  • A 25-30 minutes charge is equal to a 8-12 minutes flight.
  • The transmitter has an Alignment Trim, a Charging and Power.Indicator, a Left/Right Lever and a Trimmer.
  • A lightweight Lithium Polymer battery.

Syma S107 R/C Helicopter with Built-in Gyroscope Remote

The new three channel Gyro Mini Metal Remote Control Helicopter is on of the world's newest, smallest and lightest remote controlled helicopter you can get! It is about 7 1/2 inches long and equipped with the latest Gyroscope technology.

This mini Gyro Metal Helicopter charges directly either from the USB cable or from the controller which uses double A batteries and has a full-function trim control for the perfect flight.

Flying a Radio Controlled Helicopter

Flying a radio controlled helicopter is a lot of fun. It is something you can do with other family members and friends or you can join a club with other enthusiasts. If you just want to fly them for fun and are just starting out, here are a few tips on flying radio controlled helicopters.

You can buy these helicopters already assembled or your can buy kits and put one together yourself.

The small RC helicopters are probably best flown indoors as a small gust of wind can send them crashing.

Make sure you have some extra parts on hand because it is a given; they are going to crash at some point.

You can pay any where from a few dollars (around $20) upwards of hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a remote control helicopter. You just need to decide if this is an inexpensive hobby for your or something more.

Do a little research if you are just starting with this hobby and maybe buy a couple of smaller ones to see if this hobby is the right one for you. All it will cost is a little time but the upside is that you will have a lot of fun too.

Air Hogs Havoc Heli

The Air Hogs Havoc Heli has the world’s record for the smallest remote controlled helicopter. It has twin rotors that offer stability and four way control for flying in any direction. Like a real helicopter, the Havoc can hover in one spot and will even maneuver through the toughest obstacles. It is intended for indoor use but will operate outdoors in zero wind conditions. The Havoc is equipped with flashing blue LED lights that make it enjoyable for night flying or for flying in darkened rooms.

Product Features:

  • Remote-controlled helicopter with 4-way control for flying in any direction with accuracy
  • Flies up to 100 feet high; flashing blue LED light for night flying
  • Flexible, high-impact plastic body
  • Rechargeable LIPO battery provides 6 minutes flight time from single charge
  • Remote requires 6 "AA" batteries (not included)

V268 Viefly 3 Channel Helicopter with Gyro

Although it is slightly smaller than the S107 in overall length and rotor span, the V268 Three Channel Helicopter with Gyro exhibits better flight characteristics. It has a better climb rate and longer flight duration. Made of light weight plastic construction allows for a higher torque and lower RPM.

Product Features:

  • Built-in GYRO
  • Perfect RC Helicopter for Beginners
  • Charge Time: 30-45 minutes, Flight Duration: 8-12 minutes

Air Hogs Red/White Sharp Shooter Ch A

The Air Hogs Red/White Sharp Shooter Ch A micro remote control helicopter is about 6 1/2 inches in length.  It has a two channel infra red transmitter allowing the helicopter to move left, right, up and down.  There is also a big red fire button at the top of the controller so you can launch the missiles while the helicopter is in flight.

Product Features:

  • New indoor missile shooting helicopter as a result of tail lock technology.
  • Well priced with a great performance
  • Can use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Has 1 sharp shooter, controller/charger, 6 missiles, 3 targets.

Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter

This remote controlled drone can be controlled by using the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and other android devices.

It is a groundbreaking device combining the best of many worlds, including modeling and video gaming. The AR.Drone is remote-controlled by your device and features a number of sensors, including a front camera, vertical camera, and an ultrasound altimeter.

The AR.Drone can also be used in video games, such as AR.FlyingAce, a dogfight between two AR.Drones.


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    • ThomasE profile image

      ThomasE 6 years ago from UK

      That's cool, thanks for the help.

    • True Blue Tips profile image

      True Blue Tips 6 years ago

      Hi ThomasE

      You can get around 5-7 minutes of flight time on the Air Hogs Red/White Sharp Shooter (even carrying it's missiles) on a 20-30 minute charge. Have fun!

    • ThomasE profile image

      ThomasE 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the hub. How long does the charge last on the Air Hogs Red/White Sharp Shooter?

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Its fun to play with these remote controlled helicopters. My little brother is very fond of remote controlled airplanes. Nice hub!

    • profile image

      Errol Kane 6 years ago

      That was nice. I watched the video. I bought something like a saucer spaceship from Walmart a few years back worked in the same manner as your helicopter but on a pad. Still have it. Played a lot with it with my son. Think I'll check out the helicopter for some fun. Thanks.