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Best Role To Carry Ranked Games in League of Legends

Updated on September 16, 2012

A lot of people who play League of Legends wonder what role is the best to carry ranked games in League of Legends and after many games and many different lanes and roles AD carry seems like the best role to carry. Now that that is established lets go into depth on the reasoning behind it.

Easy to Last Hit

Last hitting is the bread and butter of League of Legends. This mechanical skill is the deciding factor of separating lower elo players from higher elo players. Now you may be asking what does this have to do with the best role to carry? The answer is that because of the way AD carry is structured it makes it a lot easier to last hit. AD carries tend to rune attack damage runes and are the only role that is viable to rune both Quints and Marks with no extreme penalty. Because of this, it is much easier to farm making the AD player more effective as the late game comes.

  • Rune pages make it easier for ranged carries to last hit minions as well as deal more damage. This makes them more effective in the late game and have the ability to sway team fights.

Out Scaling

By out scaling I am referring to the transition into the late game and how monstrous fed AD carries become in comparison to roles like bruisers, supports, and mages. The way ranged carries were designed, they do more damage per second or DPS than any other role making the deciding factor in team fights. Why do you think people always say focus the ranged carry first. It is not because they are the easiest to kill which is true, it is because they do the most damage and if left alone have to potential to decimate an entire team. I can tell you that there is no better feeling then being a fed ranged carry in the late game. You can feel the power rushing through your finger tips as you get kill after kill.

Although ranged carries have this great power, it takes a decent amount of skill to position correctly and focus the right targets in order to become this late game monster like I mentioned before. While AD carries are the most powerful champions, they are also considered one of the most difficult to truly master. This is not a debate to the easiest role to carry ranked games rather the most effective. On that note, AD carries are the best in the business.

The Bruiser-Carry Imbalance

When team fights break out, it is usually the bruisers that attempt to kill the ranged carries. The clashing of the front and back line which usually determines the course of the battle. A skilled ranged carry and a bruiser dual, the ranged carry will win just based on how the scaling works. Ranged carries are able to do more damage than a bruiser can tank. Winning bottom lane seems to have more of an impact on the game then winning top lane.

The Damage

While out scaling plays a very important role in what makes ranged carries so effective it is also there damage that is a key to why they are such a vital role. Ranged carries have the highest damage potential in the game. A full build ranged carry has the ability to critical strike twice in 1 second. That's 2000 damage a second which is far more than a mage can do and especially more than a tank can do.

  • Ranged Carries have the highest damage
  • More damage equals more kills and more impact on the game
  • Which teams AD carries dies first in team fights usually determines who wins the fight all together


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      Yasuyuki 2 years ago

      I do accept as true with all the cepnocts you have introduced in your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very brief for starters. May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.