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Best Simulation Tennis Game: Top Spin 4

Updated on March 29, 2015

2k Sports Top Spin 4

2k Sports Top Spin 4 PlayStation 3 edition
2k Sports Top Spin 4 PlayStation 3 edition | Source
2k Sports Top Spin 4 Xbox 360 edition
2k Sports Top Spin 4 Xbox 360 edition | Source
2k Sports Top Spin 4 an d PlayStation Move
2k Sports Top Spin 4 an d PlayStation Move | Source

Play Against Tennis Legends in Top Spin 4

You may now witness a Roger Federer- Rafael Nadal closer than you ever could. How? Well to be precise you can now PLAY their matches. Yes Top Spin 4 allows you to actually play against such legendary tennis players and win these matches if you are a good player.

Top Spin 4 has been unanimously voted the best Tennis Simulation game for the excellent gameplay superb graphics and precise character representations. Simulation gaming is not for everyone. The Player needs to have some experience and knowledge about the real game before he starts playing the virtual and simulation version of the game. Top Spin 4 however is fit for amateur and newcomers. Top Spin 4 is the only tennis simulation game that has a teaching and training module. Voila, you have your own digital coach to assist and train you.

Serena Williams Top Spin 4 PlayStation Move Commercial

Top Spin 4 is rich with ‘real’ effects and drama.No matter you are training, playing an exhibition match or a grand slam or are competing in an online tennis tournament your game will always be accompanied by the drama it deserves. The digital spectators are just as involved and encouraging in Top Spin 4 as they are in any real life match. The audience shouts and jeers and as the excitement rises in the game the commentators might also ask them to keep it low. Even the players grunt as they hit shots and when they win or lose they might behave a bit awkwardly. The plot and gameplay is very intense and offers a lot of content I could explore.

The best part of the Top Spin 4 according to me is the character customization. A gamer can customize everything about the character he is playing. Everything from face and body sculpting to behavioral trends and shouts and grunts can be customized. The moves and the final winning or losing action can also be customized.

With the PlayStation Move and the Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset I could feel the ambience of a tennis court and the excitement to play (and win) matches against professional players. Top Spin 4 has rekindled my love for tennis and I specially appreciate the motion sensitive gameplay of Top Spin 4 that allows me to play virtual tennis like real tennis.


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