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Best Strategy to Start a Game in Die Rise - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015

It is important to get the free perk in Die Rise during the Creature Round. By following these three easy steps you can turn on the power and have the Trampo Steam built before the end of round 3. The Trampo Steam is the easiest way to get the free perk. Having the power on will allow you to buy the cheap perks so you can get the expensive perks for free.

Collect the Parts

  • Pick up any Trampo Steam parts in the first room as soon as you spawn into the game
  • End Round 1
  • If all 4 parts are in the first room then you can go to the next Step
  • If not open the door and find the other parts


Turn on the Power

  • Take the Freight elevator to the Key Hallway
  • Turn on the Power
  • Take the elevator directly to the roof

Build the Trampo Steam

  • Jump back over to the Spawn Building
  • Locate the Trampo Steam Building Station
  • Attach the Parts and Pick up the Trampo Steam

What's Next?

After the Trampo Steam is built and the Power is on you should prepare according to your strategy for getting the free perk. You should spend the early rounds setting up for your high round strategy. I suggest the 4 Player Strategy to Achieve high rounds, which uses the roof.

Die Rise Strategy: Start a 4 Player Game

Important Tasks

When starting a game in Die Rise what task do you find most important to complete early?

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