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Best Team in FIFA 12 is Real Madrid

Updated on August 16, 2011

FIFA 12 Best Teams

Fifa 12 Best Team Analysis

FIfa 12 is about to be released and I will give a good argument on the reasons why Real Madrid will be the best team.

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Simply put Real Madrid was the best team in Fifa 11, for any player that was able to defend decently (their weakest point) and could attack with fast players.

For me there was no argument on the top fifa 11 team being real, but for Fifa 12 I think the same will apply and here is why.

First and foremost, Real Madrid did a good job in the transfer market to improve their side, and this will transfer over to Fifa giving them depth at every position and making them a deadly side.


Ronaldo is the best player in fifa hands down. He has an incredible advantage of defenses being fast, 5 star skilled, strong, and getting the advantage in many tight situations. With Ronaldo as the point of attack, Real Madrid has a significant chance of scoring on every play.

Helping Ronaldo in the attack will be a ton of supporting players, starters for any other team. Benzema if he does not get transferred is very fast, strong, and has a good shot. In Fifa 12 speed will kill just like every other Fifa game and this alone makes Benzema priceless. Along with bene comes Higuian, a strong striker with great positioning and although rated low, great at heading. Any combination of them in a 41212 will be deadly. Real Madrid has depth in the offense with Adebayor, a strong player that can come in late in games and provide dominant air support.


Real has the best fifa midfield. This is not true to the real game where Barcelona has the best midfield, but in Fifa it hold true. They have Kaka, one of the best all around players and Fifa 11 cover boy. Kaka can dribble, pass, shoot, is fast and technical. Next to Kaka comes a german player with the name of Ozil. In Fifa 12 Ozil should only improve from 11, where he was scrappy and awesome. Ozil is quick, has a great left foot, can pass and shoot well.

Wide midfielders are almost as important in Fifa as strikers because they provide almost all of the crossing services, can cut in and shoot from long, and get the most space. Real Madrid will have Di Maria, Fabio Coentrao (recent signing), and a few other players from the central that could possibly fill in if need be. These two players both have great pace and crossing. They both can dribble well enough to get crosses in.

Overall Real Madrid's midfield will win you tons of games in Fifa 12. Crossing and scoring is a very easy technique to get goals. With four great crossing midfielders that can dribble and have pace, using this technique will be easy.


This is Real Madrid's weak point in many fifa players eyes. I do not think this will be the case in Fifa 12. The reason Real Madrid has a strong defense comes with their rock central defensive midfielder Xabi Alonso. He has excellent positioning, strong defense, and great passing from the back. He is essential to your fifa 12 success if you use Real Madrid.

Real's back four in the defense is somewhat suspect if you are not a talented defender. They have two great players, Pepe and Ramos. These players are very strong, fairly fast, and great in game. On the other side of the coin, Real also have Carvalho and Marcelo. They are both suspect in the back, Cavalho being very slow, and Marcelo basically invites attacker to jump over him for header goals.

If you are a player that counts on your defense to make big plays on their own, or is very defensively minded then Real is not the team for you. But overall they are pretty good and any skilled defender can work with them.


One word explains Real Madrid's goalkeeping, Cassillas. He is the best goalkeeper in the world, and the best goalkeeper rated in Fifa 12. You can count on him to make countless big saves in the game, and will bail out any defender flaws.


Of course picking the best team in fifa 12 is always up for debate. Real Madrid is always brought up in this discussion and is very popular.

Based on how fast, technical, and their distinct advantages in big spots, Real have the ability to win any game of FIFA 12. They are my first choice when I play, and I will continue to win games with them.

Please leave your comments on your favorite team and why!


Who Is The Best Team in FIFA 12

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FIFA 12 Real Madrid


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    • profile image

      Aysel 2 years ago

      There aren't any rules that prohibit paptciiration by women. The only thing preventing women from playing in MLB is ability. To this point, no woman has shown the ability to play baseball at the MLB level.Babe Didrikson, arguably the greatest female athlete in US history was not a Major Leaguer.

    • profile image

      Victoro 4 years ago

      En queremos estar más cerca de ti y para ello, estamos presentes allí donde tu nos puedas encontrar.

    • profile image

      The Admiral 5 years ago

      I always play Arsenal in a 3-5-2 formation. Most of the times I beat Man U, Barcelona and Real. Man C, Bayern and AC Milan gives me a hard time and I loose most of the times, but I'm getting better. I use Sagna - Koscielny - Vermalen as defenders. Song and Wilshere as CDM's. Walcott to the right and Gervinho to the left. Arteta is COM and up front I use RvP and J Y Park. Park is incredible, fast as few and outrun most defenders. I don't play possession Football as you might understand...

    • profile image

      Lesego 5 years ago

      Madrid its the best. Barca is wear. Coz messi cnt do skills lyk ronaldo

    • profile image

      farhan 5 years ago


    • profile image

      andreas 5 years ago

      best team in fifa 12 is chelsea with formation 4-2-3-1 and starting 11 cech ivanovic luiz terry ashley cole essien meireles mata lampard torres drogba

    • profile image

      Subaru 5 years ago

      My above comment can't always guarantee a victory against Madrid but it will certainly be effective while playing them. Any1 using Madrid with the formation other than 4-1-2-1-2 shouldn't be too hard.

      Some tips: Never do wall passing (one-two's) with defenders because that will leave gaps for your opponent. Always have a defender run back whenever some1 is counter attacking you. Always clear or safely pass the ball out of the danger zone. And NEVER pass to your players when you are kicking off from your goalie!

    • profile image

      Subaru 5 years ago

      @ lawless hamo

      Facing Madrid is a pain in the ass. Though I can shed some light in tunnel.

      For any1 having difficulty against Madrid, I recommend using Spain or Inter Milan.

      For Spain try using the formation 5-4-1. It may seem like a typical "parking the bus" form but trust me with Spain it's a whole new system. Spain have some of the world's best midfielders. So having more players on defense won't change a thing. Your Mid will be used as attack as well because their players are very good at tracking back. Here are the players according to the formation.











      You can later sub Eniesta for Torres as he is very strong and good with finishes.

      This will create a good defense and will stop counter attacks from Madrid. And always have 2 players holding Ronaldo or Benzema.

      As for Inter use the same formation as Spain. And leave the way it is. Their defense will speak for themselves. And always move the ball forward from the mid with Sneijder. He will be your main play-maker.

      I hope this helps.

    • profile image

      Subaru 5 years ago

      without a doubt REAL MADRID ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE GAME. the best team in the game.

      However I am an ARSENAL fan and I am some1 who hates to use 5 star teams. I only use Madrid if I am looking for a win. If you are frustrated with loosing games on Head to Head matches or other online modes than I suggest you use madrid's most prominent and powerful formation.

      Try using the formation 4-1-2-1-2

      Take off Khedira and replace him with Kaka. Every body else stays the same in the squad. Now you can do some switching to make the team stronger. Leave the 4 defenders where they are and from the 1-2-1-2 part of the formation I will give you the players accordingly.

      - Xabi Alanso


      -Di Maria


      - Benzema

      - Ronaldo

      Your two main strikers will be CR and Benzema. If you like you can switch Benzema with Higuain later during the game. Higuain has better finishes and stronger shots but Benzema is faster and reactions quicker.

      Try using this formation. I have not lost any games with this team in that formation. Guarantee you this will give you good results.

      Another team you can try is Brazil. Keep their standard formation as 4-3-3.

      All 4 defenders stay the same. The other 6 in accordance from mid to attack are







      The three forwards along with Kaka as an attacking mid can make any team break up.

      With Barca I recommend keeping the formation the same and switching Messi to winger with Villa as the Central Striker and Sanchez in the left wing. This will put Eniesta and Xavi as dual play makers. You can leave Busquets where he is or later sub him with Cesc Fàbregas. This will effectly make Messi's overall stats go up by 1. And Villa is very powerful with long shots. Do not cross with Barcelona when you are attacking, unless you have corners because Barca players are too short for that. Passing is key with Barca. And be patient.

      Other than the overpowered I recommend using Arsenal, AC Milan, Chelsea or Napoli. These are very strong teams that get used less in the game. Arsenal has the fasted player in the game or close to the fasted and Per is a tank in the game. Milan are also quite good.

      I also recommend using R.S.C. Anderlecht. They are a brilliant team. Very good all around with attack and defense. Plus you have Suarez in the mid and he is very clever in the game.

      Good luck. Hope I helped.

    • profile image

      Aswath 5 years ago

      In fifa 12 i chose real madrid and i am in the 3rd season.Till now i haven't lost nor drawn a match. this proves that real madrid is a lot better team than barcelona

    • profile image

      angel 5 years ago


    • profile image

      casillas 5 years ago

      Lol i was in career mode with my gk (90) and like my 5th season the coach got honda (cska moscow), a beasty left foot japnese international, kompany, ryo (fast japanese fwd), beckam, robinho, ibrahimavic, and vidic. And real madrid all day. Go casillas

    • profile image

      casillas 5 years ago

      Lol i was in career mode with my gk (90) and like my 5th season the coach got honda (cska moscow), a beasty left foot japnese international, kompany, ryo (fast japanese fwd), beckam, robiho, and

    • profile image

      wl ak;ds 5 years ago

      i'm not milan fan ,i'm barca and city fan but milan is the best team in ifa 12. I beated my brother or the first tim e by using milan . my killer instinct is shootin the ball high .imbrahimovic gets the ball because he is tall .and giving to pato ,he scores .taiwo & abate superb full backs and thiago silva superb defender

    • profile image

      sakib 5 years ago

      Haha, Madhav I think you have a little knowledge about football. YOU cann't say that Barca is best.Madrid is better then Barca and i have no doubt about that.

    • profile image

      buzzybus 5 years ago

      Forgot to say: Taiwo left Milan :(

      Its a shame, he was one of the reasons Milan is so strong :( Now i place Antonini in his place, but still Taiwo was unbeatable on his flank pf

    • profile image

      Buzzybus 5 years ago

      Milan :)

      Dunno what is that amazing about barcelona, only their amazing overall. But when im playing against barcelona with Milan.. i can only be afraid of Messi. On the flanks Milan is unbeatable: Abate and Taiwo (amazing speed and stamina)

      In front Ibrahimovic.. I think hes the greatest/most efficient striker in fifa12

      And then i switch Mexes instead of Nesta (hes too slow)

      I find Milan the only team with no weaknesses.

      The problem is i think most of the people are staring at the overall of the players. In Fifa12 the almost most important thing is : SPEEEEEEED and HEADERSSS

      Best exemple is Iniesta :):):)

      Thats my opinion.

    • profile image

      William Burdon-Smith 5 years ago

      Manchester City, with the likes of Kun Aguero, Dzeko, Samir Nasri, David Silva, Joe Hart, and finally CARLOS TEVEZ!! are you kinding me City re the best so screw the rest!!

    • profile image

      madhav maira 5 years ago

      after all my reserch i see real madrid as he best team ONLY in fifa....barca is good in fifa and no doubt he best in realiy....but in fifa they do have a good ariel threat..ariel threat helps a lot and even more if u have speedy wingers(sanchez) bu messi can,t really head the ball

      but in real..ronaldo and benzema head well

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      Liverpool are the best.

      Andys skull puts many away. Suarez weaving in and out of any defense, Gerard and adam sinking goals for 30 yards. And carriager is underrated. He is very consistent.

    • profile image

      Real Player 5 years ago

      After a few seasons of playing as madrid, ronaldo and higuain left, few left, few joined. and this is the team


      Ramos Albiol Vermaelon Criscito


      Mario Gotze Ozil

      Bale Benzema Aguero

    • profile image

      AC Milan 5 years ago

      You guys are rubbish Barca best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Masta 5 years ago

      Real Madrid - noob team (ronando overusers)

      Barca - less noob (messi overusers)

    • profile image

      mattyes 5 years ago

      if your looking for the easyest tam to play with either spurs or barcelona. But the best team would be tottenham except all the strikers arnt very good. Bale,lenon, and walker beat the fullbacks every time if you play through balls or just knock it past them to quick for evry one to keep up with. Spurs are gonna win the premirship

    • profile image

      jonny allen 5 years ago

      people who play as real madrid bore me yawn.........

    • profile image

      Teaser 5 years ago

      I play with juve since im not a 5star fan.they r gud in defence,balance in midfield i have Pirlo and Vidal in the cm on the wings i hav krasic and Elia upfront i put Vucinic nd Matri so deadly when it comes to finishing on the subs Del piero,marchisio and Quagliarella gud finisherz

    • bill123 profile image

      bill123 5 years ago from UK

      personally i find that ac milan are pretty good on the game.

    • profile image

      harbinator 5 years ago

      Umm no barca is


      Messi, he has increible speed and dribble skills and is deadly when shotting and can be played anywhere up front or in the middle to detroy your opponents. Villa aswell is clinical in front of goal and is fast enough to cause the defence trouble, also there is pedro and sanchez who are fast and deadly when given the chance and all the strikers stand at about 86+ which can be used to either win all the time or sell to buy players that you want to (i bought carvini and he was a perfect fit in terms of holding up play or muscle past a defender to score.


      Iniesta, xavi, fabregas... need i say more, they have the ability like in the real world to destory opponents and if you keep playing thiago for a couple of seasons in manager he became better then them all (except iniesta through). sergio and macherona are also very good behind the midfield. Money doesn't really need to be spent here unless you have an injury


      Puyol and pigue are gaints at the back for barca and well just able muscle every player in a challenge, dani alves on the right adds a new dimension to the attack when combined with messi and abidal is reliable. You could improve the back if you buy a left back like alves and making sure you buy another center back when puyol retires.


      Valdes is always reliable at the back. He does make very good saves when you need him the most.

      tatics wise:

      4-3-3 typical bacra

      3-4-3 Aggressive barca

      4-4-1-1 works veryy well for me as i sit messi behind villa and cause some problems with quick one-twos and messis pace ends up doing the damage

      people give some feedback

    • profile image

      barca 5 years ago

      Barcelon are the best in the game and in the world

    • profile image

      patrick 5 years ago

      psv eindhoven

    • profile image

      Chuck 5 years ago

      Milan is the best team, can't stop Robinho and Ibrahimovic, you just can't! Also no one gets past Taiwo

    • profile image

      Dylan 5 years ago

      I use Real Madrid and i agree they are the best but i still cant decide which formation to use 433,451 or 41212

    • profile image

      hugh 5 years ago

      i don't know if i fully agree, i used to use manu as a supporter but changed to real madrid in order to play HIGHER QUALITY football. i know people don't like it when people flock to the best teams, but the style of football i play suits using real madrid. personally i think that barcelona and manchester city have more powerful squads as the physical capabilities of their midfields is superior to kaka and ozil - for me, balance and agility is really important to navigate tight spaces so silva, iniesta is perfect...kaka and ozil surprisingly don't have amazing balance ratings... anyway, i don't think real madrid are the best team as i said, ronaldo is worse off than messi - i certainly have more trouble stopping messi...and city's squad is strong all over the park...also very physically strong in the middle so i especially struggle there sometimes...for me i am not so sure any of them are the best though, i don't mind playing other people using good and high level teams, i just want to play and see a good game of football.

    • profile image

      Hey Mark 5 years ago



      Real is not



      You are not good

    • profile image

      Pepe 5 years ago

      Napoli your english is fine.. and I agree using Real or Barca would bring me no satisfaction ... kids like mark are those losers that beat you 1 nil with Barca or Real and send you a message saying you suck but keep thinking your good mark have fun.

    • profile image

      napoliiiiiiiiii 5 years ago

      I never have and never wil understand that people always choose the top teams.. the most fun team in the game is certainly napoli, do you really get a kick of beating someone with real or barca?? napoli has a avarage defense and midfield but with lavezzi and hamsik on your flanks you have 2 players with astonoshing speed and dribling, lavezzi wil pas any opponent and will always score if het not gives an assist, and hamsik is just incredible with is awesome passing-abilities and long range shooting as wel as headers. and the in your point of the attack you have one of the best strikers in the game, cavani!!! although not being very fast his accurate shots, headers and eye for the goal are just insane!! he should be the end stage of every attack and you'll have to leave the build up to lavezzi and hamsik!! the best technique is to play on ultra defensive and counter, in this way you can bring down the biggest teams like the spanish superpowers with ease!! hope you'll use this information to your benefits!!

      PS. As being dutch I would very much appreciate any comments on my english:)

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      I'm 9323 in FIFA world ranking and I play with the best team ever, Real Madrid.

      In real life Barca won being lucky, with refs help and sometimes of course making good matchs. Barca hasn't got the best players, just the play together since they were 12 years old.

      I play a 3-5-2 with Real Madrid like a 3-2-2-1-2. Coentrao, Pepe and Ramos. Khedira and Alonso. Di Maria and Callejón (sometimes Ozil) Kaka'. Benzema and Ronaldo. And i have for changing players like Ozil, Higuain, Lass, Arbeloa, Sahin,...

      Real Madrid BEST TEAM EVER

    • profile image

      Pepe 5 years ago

      excuse the typo prem* autocorrect

    • profile image

      Pepe 5 years ago

      you wanna use a team with the most overrated striker in fifa Benzema have fun test your skills for real use any team in the perm use barca or real your garbage

    • profile image

      shark 5 years ago

      U have to play arbaloa pepe ramos marcello at the back carvalio is just to slow.

    • profile image

      Mario 5 years ago

      Real Madrid is indeed the best team (in Fifa12). Mostly because of beasts like Ronaldo, Benzema, Casillas and their midfield.

      No defender can outspeed Ronaldo/Benzema if they find a good space.

    • profile image

      mark 5 years ago

      need a good young team to use preferably in serie a or la liga any teams? id like a team with a good d more than o

    • profile image

      ralfs 5 years ago

      Newcastle is the best because when you play against them(World Class) you get past the defenders but then the keeper is hard to beat. or play with arsenal best team ever hands down. I don't care they got hammered by united 8-2 the only team ever to have an unbeaten season in barclays PL

    • profile image

      Omar 5 years ago

      Honestly,I think Barcelona would be the best then Real Madrid then man city-man city is stronger then united with no question at all-Vincent kompany is a rock in defense just like vidic-silva,nasri,toure,and Milner are great players in the mid and of course Johnson-then you have two fast strikers tevez and aguero.

    • profile image

      othmane 5 years ago

      milan best team ever ...............

    • profile image

      cas 5 years ago


    • profile image

      GU 5 years ago

      Galway United. :)

      I have never got why anyone would play with the likes of Real Madrid, Barca, Man United etc. I play 5 star with Galway and won Champions League in CM, even playing mates I would prefer to play a middle team than one of the elite.

      The other thing is that on this level you get really excited when you pick up some diamond in the rough. I do tend to agree with the philosophy that speed is the majopr weapon in this game.

    • profile image

      paul kelly 6 years ago

      I love spurs AND I THINK THEY R THE BEST IN THE WORLD.The only team that can beat us is paullllllllllllll kelly and im cooooooooollllllllllllll

    • profile image

      Its Casillas!! 6 years ago

      SPELL THE LORDS NAME CORRECTLY! you are absolutely correct tho Casillas is THE top keeper in the world and if you need evidence....

      Sevilla MIRACLE Save

      Bayern Munchen Penalty DOUBLE save

      Look those up on youtube

      He is an absolute GOD his speed and reflexes in goal are simply unmatched and he makes some amazing saves in fifa 12 (actually recreated the sevilla miracle save for me once UNBELIEVABLE my friendly opponent couldn't believe it) HOWEVER I'm sorry as Real Madrid are my all time favourite team but RANKING wise they are not the best team in fifa 12.... put simply Barca is the best team to use in H2H seasons I always go through anyone using Madrid even with the Lord himself making saves.... and to stop any hecklers of me I do realise that Neuer is gonna be nearly as good in a few years.....


    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      AC MILAN is the best

    • profile image

      JJGARCIA1993 6 years ago






    • profile image

      Marcel 6 years ago

      I always go with Man City. 4 world class strikers in sergio aguero, carlos tevez, mario balotelli, and edin dzeko...usually i start balotelli he has excellent speed. david silva is a skilled midfielder and both toures are fast and strong. Micah Richards is solid in the back and Kompany is able to knock down headers on corners. try man city you wont be disappointed

    • profile image

      realmadridareawesome 6 years ago

      I completely agree with you, and Cavalho is slow Pepe can cover up for the running. Cavalho is good with headers too. Ozil and kaka, two superb players. Then Xavi Alonso in CDM who has a lot of possession. If you do not want four defenders marcello can be taken out and only three defenders is good enough.

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      AC Milan

    • profile image

      realmadridsucks 6 years ago

      such bullshit that everyone plays as real madrid and they are by far the best team in the game, there needs to be an option not to play RM in the multiplayer menu because they are the only team everyone plays gets soooo old

    • profile image

      stuntzmufcfuckmancity2011 6 years ago

      nah i don't agree that barca or real are the best teams i was real madrid my bro was anzhi and he smashed me 4-1 and i was arsenal he was barca and i stuffed him 5-2 so tbh the hardest team ive played against are united or arsenal

    • profile image

      sakib 6 years ago

      Real Madrid is the best team in fifa 12 and in real football.Barca is a normal team and they are not good as madrid.Madrid has ronaldo and kaka who are the best player of the world now without any will win in 11 December against barca.Because madrid is staying in their best form now and I have not seen a owesome bad team like barca.

    • profile image

      antonio 6 years ago

      best formation for brazil = ?

    • profile image

      G4M3R_B3Z 6 years ago

      Personally i think Barcelona are the best team and will be for a few years to come....with the likes of dani alves, pique, puyol, fagregas, xavi, inesta, villa, messi, pedro, sanchez, tiago and many more. they have quality all round the pitch and have variety in every position.

    • profile image

      Gosh 6 years ago

      All you guys have no skill. You use the best team in the game so you can get easy wins. Noobs all of you

    • profile image

      Conor 6 years ago

      Brazil are definitely my favorite team. If you take off ramieres for David luiz and move thiago silva into midfield they are so difficult to break down. lucas and thiago silva clean up anything short and with lucio and luiz pace they are very hard to get in behind. you can just like the attacking foursome of Kaka, Neymar, Robinho and Pato do all the damage up the other end.

    • profile image

      JoeBlade 6 years ago

      no way are real the best. and ronaldo best player hands down? have u played with messi on fifa 12?

    • profile image

      Tom 6 years ago

      Not got many coins? the most comprehensive free guide to making a million coins quickly on the internet, include such things as the 7pm phenomenon, not found anywhere else on the internet

    • profile image

      ronaldo 6 years ago

      hahahahah miguel. come on real marid has ronlado , higuian, kaka, ozil,diaria that is the best attack and that reacers 93% attack

    • profile image

      Justin beaver 6 years ago

      Sorry accident post...






      Sanchez:86 +Puyol


      So it's pretty obvious that they da bomb but real are also very good but not AS good

    • profile image

      Justin beaver 6 years ago

      Yo crazy. Do you know the overall ratings of the Barcelona team? Here's a hint:



    • profile image

      GabrielShahinian 6 years ago

      Forgot to say, if Bayern isn't your thing try Chealsea or Arsenal, same tactics.

      Terry and Alex or ivanovic are excellent defenders with very high strenght and u can use Cole's sliding and tackling ability + speed. Than build up from the middle to your forwards in very high speed so you son had less time to orgenais his defence and midfield, Chealsea's attackers are very strong so as their midfielders and they are fast 2, for some reason Chealsea is THE team to beat Real.

      They got Drogba,Torres,Mata,Lukaku. However Lukaku is like 78 he is quite fast ( speed and pace are lie 86) and had for an attacker an incredibly strenght (94!!!!) so u can phisacilly out pun carvalho or Marcelo and cross it because that are the 2 weak defenders of Real

      For Arsenal u can use Merthesacker for strenght and Vermaelen or Sagna ( prefer sagna so Vermaelen can cover someone else or in tactical posission) to slide or tackle him out and counter with gervinho and walcott and go for crossers becouse V. Persie isn't bad with headers.

      Pleas say if this helpt u:D

    • profile image

      GabrielShahinian 6 years ago

      #lawless hamo:

      the best team against real are Man City, Ac Milan, Bayern Munchen.

      Man City: There defence is one of the strongest and also quite fast. Against Real i always play 4-1-3-2 with these players: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Toure, Kolarov, Yaya Toure, Milner, David Silva, Nasri, Tevez, Aguero.

      facts: Kolarov has more strenght than chlicy ( or what his name is) has a good distance shot and is also a good free kick taker, he is only not that fast.

      Toure is much more better than Lescott in any aspect.

      Milner is way better than Barry because Milner is a good distance shooter, and he combines his strenght with his speed also he is not that fast.

      U can switch between 60-70min A.Johnson for david silva and put Milner in CAM and Dzeko for Aguero becouse u got a quite good header with nice pace and speed with a nice shot. To stop Ronaldo u don't have to cover him, i usually play always on ultra attacking and stop ronalod with Richards,Kompany or Toure( i would say Richards is the best man to stop him because he is very fast and has very high strenght.

      Ac Milan best squad for a match: Abbiati, Abate, Nesta, Tiago Silva, Taiwo, V.Bommel, Seedorf, Cassano,Robinho,Pato and Ibrahimovic.

      Tiago Silva and Taiwo are the right man to stop ronaldo and counter when u get the ball. Ac Milan players are mostly very fast, only nesta,seedorf and van bommel are quite slow but they compansate it with there strenghts like passes and headers or crossing or distance shooting.

      the best formation is the 4-2(1)-2-2 with ibra and pato central attacking or cassano instead pato for speed and pace.

      Bayern MUnchen: Neuer, Lahm, Van Buyten, Thymoshuk, Robben, Kroos, Schweinsteiger,Ribery, Olic, Gomez, Muller.

      With 3 defenders u must play with counter; normal defence and from the sides. U concentra when the best time is to take the ball and flank your son from the sides with robben and ribery with ultimate speed and space + trick and distance shooting or u can cross it to Gomez because he is an excellent Header. Van Buyten is with corners very dangerous and he has very much strenghts, only weakness is that van buyten and thymoshuk are slow but u can hold ronaldo or someone else with them and let your 2nd man come with ( R1 PS3 or RB XBOX360) and slide him out or something else:p. Be sure that your second man is Lahm because he is a excellent tackler + slider and is very fast. So u compensate Van Buytens weaknesses with Lahm strenghts and visa versa.

    • profile image

      lawless hamo 6 years ago

      ive always been able to easily beat my son at fifa 11 but since weve got 12 he picks madrid and smokes me everytime ive tried barca and utd its always close but everytime ronaldo picks the ball up i cnt catch him what would be the best formation 2 beat them?

    • profile image

      ITWiz Brian 6 years ago

      I always try to avoid fighting for teams when we play tournaments by using underdogs, Italian teams have the best ability to beat all the teams especially barcelona and madrid because of their defensive and counter attacking abilities

    • profile image

      Miguel 6 years ago

      Real Madrid cannot be the strongest team in Fifa12, simply because they are not the best team in real football. lets face it Fc Barcelona keeps on proving that its the best in the world in every aspect! Xavi, iniesta, fabregas, messi, pique,puyol cannot be compared to any madrid players, they are way superior.

      R. madrid should be the 3rd strongest team in fifa12 behind Barcelona and Man united!

    • jeneriodan profile image

      jeneriodan 6 years ago

      I played both Fifa 2008 and Fifa 2010, and I tried a lot of teams before I held on to Real Madrid.

      I agree the Real Madrid stars in Fifa by experience are: Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema in the attack, use to have Diarra as a star in midfield but I think he left now, and the defenders Pepe and Ramos without forgetting the heroic goal keeper Cassillas.

      Voted for RM.

      great hub, well written.

      Thanks a lot

    • profile image

      momme elzein 6 years ago

      haha real is best :P

    • shanestyle profile image

      shanestyle 6 years ago

      @HM Overall his rating is good, but his heading stats are rated low. So I was saying that he is really good at heading for such a low rating, I think his heading is in the 70's.

    • profile image

      hm 6 years ago

      HIguin is rated 85 i don't count that as a bad overall