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Best Tier List for League of Legends

Updated on June 10, 2015

Best champions to play

Best LoL Tier List

Today i will be showing you where you can find the most strategic tier list that will guarantee you win more solo queue games.

Solo Queue Tier List

In ranked solo it's extremely hard to win every game. most of the top pro players only have a 60% win ratio at best. mean they only win halve the games they've ever played in ranked solo queue!

Pick What The Pros Are Playing

To win more games, the pro players in league know you need to play what's winning. That goes for boosters aswell, they will pick what's winning to finish their jobs faster! So you should to if your goal is to reach diamond v.

You're in luck you can find one of the most powerful tier list in the game. Don't wait around hoping you'll get in a good game. Instead take over the game playing the most over powered and best champions in the current patch.

How You Can Earn Master Season Rewards

You can actually get master season rewards for your league account easily. It's literally impossible to get those awards if you don't no life league of legends.

But theres still a way you can get them, by buying them from trusted and high reputation elo boost websites. This one is the cheapest i could find and have went through them myself for season 5.

3v3 Game Mode

Twisted Treeline Tier List 3v3

You are looking for the best 3v3 tier list and i know exactly where you can find it. This one is jam packed with the most potent champions to play in league of legends for the 3s map.

Tell your mates what to play when they don't know what to play. If you follow the tier list you'll win your game guanranteed,


Having a better attitude overall will help you win more games and lower your stress levels in real life. Which means less headaches for you bud!

By bad mouthing your team mates, it will only cause them to play more terribly which isn't too good if your trying to actually win your game.

use these tips and tier list to help you achieve your goals and rank up in LoL.

Which Tier List Won you More Games?

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