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Baby Exersaucers 2014 Review

Updated on July 22, 2014

Best Baby Jumper and Walker for 2013

Anyone who has spent copious amounts of time with a baby knows that having a variety of toys and activities on hand can keep a baby very happy, and occupied; these toys also give a child opportunity to get more stimulation for the senses and learn at the same time. It isn't important to go out and buy every toy we talk about here, but finding a piece or two that you can have for baby for the next year or two, will be helpful in your upcoming days of parenthood.

We are talking about four types of entertaining toys for babies. Baby Jumpers, Baby Walkers, Baby Bouncers, and Exersaucers.

Baby jumpers can range anywhere from the kind that hang in the doorway, to seats supported by a few poles and bungees. With the new kinds of designs for jumpers on the market, the door jam hanging kind seems to be fading out, but they can still be fun and useful. They are good ones to have if you live in a small place because they can be folded up and stored out of the way quite easily. Jumper seats connected to bungees and poles offer a bit more safety than door hanging jumpers. The main reason this is so, is because your child is not at risk for hitting the door frames while jumping.

We will cover a few of the best baby walkers as well. When it comes to walkers, you will need to research on your own and make the best decision for your family. There are a lot of resources that advise against using walkers for babies because of a number of safety, and spinal development issues. If you take the necessary precautions while your baby is in the walker, and supervise at all times, walkers can be fun and helpful.

Baby bouncers are reclined seats that often bounce when baby moves, or vibrates. Many come with arched bars across the seat with dangling toys. I like these kinds of seats because my baby can fall asleep in it when he needs to.

The last toys we are talking about are exersaucers. These are stationary activity centers, usually with a 360 degree rotating seat. Exersaucers offer a lot of toys for baby to occupy themselves.

5 stars for Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

One of the highest rated jumpers is the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. This toy offers a high seat to give baby more support when she is not standing. This exersaucer seems to have been made to feature the activity centers more than the jumping motion since it doesn't bounce very intensely. Being able to rotate 360 degrees to check out the four different activity centers will mean your baby is never bored. These include a mirror, dancing lights, 6 classical melodies to listen to that features 3 play modes and volume control.

Combi All in One Activity Walker

One of cutest walkers on the market right now is the Combi All in One Activity Walker. This darling toy is shaped like a retro car with a toy steering wheel, lights and sounds. I love that you have the option to lock the bounce feature if you want your baby to just sit in it for a while. Other toys include fun mirrors and a removable tray that can be used for playtime or snack time. I have found that the toys offered are fewer than other activity centers, but you will need to decide what works best for your child. The seat cushion is easily wiped down when soiled.

For a better fit, the walker features three different height positions. For safety, there are anti-skid pads on the bottom, and handles to grasp onto for easier walking. The entire thing seems larger around than other walkers; I've noticed that my baby seems more protected from reaching things while she is in it. The toy runs on two AA batteries and comes in several different colors to choose from. I've noticed that my baby seems to be able to move around better in this walker than some others we've tried. It works very well even on my fluffy carpet. You can get the most darling pictures of your baby in this walker as well.

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Bouncers are nice for not only playtime, but naptime too. One of my favorites in this category is the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker. One of the main reasons I like this device is that it can be used into toddlerhood as a chair; you get a lot more use out of it and more value for the money. In the infant mode, your baby can be soothed with light vibrations or the rocking of the seat. It includes a kickstand to lock the chair in place for times when you want it to be still. The seat back adjusts to more upright positions as your baby gets bigger. Toys included on the bar include cute farm animals and can be moved around as your baby grows.

This could be removing the bar entirely, tilting it at more of an angle for your younger infant, or attaching the toys to the side of the bouncer. Once your child has grown out of the cradle type portion of this rocker, you can convert it to the toddler rocking chair quite easily. Assembly was very easy with this rocker and it has held up under a lot of use. The seat cover is made with polyester materials so it is very easy to wipe down when dirty. The rocking feature also works well on every surface it's been on in my home. If you find the seat to need a bit more cushioning, it is easy to place a small towel, or blanket under baby's bum. Be sure to watch baby as they sit in this rocker because as they get bigger, they will want to reach out for toys on the floor, or something that they are sitting next to. If this is the case, they are at risk for tipping the chair over. This chair can be used for a child up to 40 pounds.

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station

Traditional exersaucers usually consist of a seat in the middle of a circular activity tray. The seats rotate 360 degrees so your baby can access all of the toys available. However, this Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station gives this idea a new twist. It features a seat with two wheels attached to the outside of the circular PlayStation. This allows your baby to not only rotate in the seat a little, but walk around to get some exercise at the same time. When your baby grows out of the seat, it can be removed so your toddler can more easily access the toys. Toys featured on this device include an electric piano with three different modes of play, a book that will activate fun music, piano keys to push and goofy sounds.

The active/reactive toys include a bead chaser, characters that spin, pop, and slide, along with a frog popper, beads, spinning ball, and a large mirror. For inevitable teething times, the activity station includes bendable teething stalks; these stalks can also be used to attach other toys to. Assembly for this toy was pretty detailed and took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. It was not hard, just time consuming with all the pieces. One thing you should be aware of is that if you have a child that likes to run around in the seat at fast rates, the entire device can move with him. For overactive children, please place nowhere near stairs or other dangerous things in the home, and always supervise!

© 2013 Bob Miller

Which activity exersaucer do you own?

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