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Toys for 2 Year Old Boys 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Review

After having a couple of kids it's easy to see that they need toys to play with that will keep them entertained.

Little boys quickly get tired of toys and move on to other things.

When looking for toys make sure they will help your child in the development process.

I have found that having toys that make your kids think, like puzzles, will help them stay focused and occupied for a longer span of time.

Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes

Best Music Toys for Boys

This little Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes is sure to get your two-year-old excited. It looks kind of like an MP3 player, but a lot bigger and a lot more colorful.

The "screen" lights up and the button in the center switches through seven different classical songs-including songs by Vivaldi, Mozart, and Chopin.

A big, rounded handle is on one side; it looks like a caterpillar with a cute little face and four big beads running along it.

There's also a switch to choose between high or low volume for the music. This toy is especially good for entertaining a little one during long car rides.

Blocks for 2 Year Old Boys

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

This is a shape-sorting toy, with plastic blocks of different shapes that fit through shaped holes in a box, and it's appropriate for more than just babies.

My son loved his sorting blocks and played with them until he was four years old!

This Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks comes with a plastic lidded box with an easy-to-grab handle, plus ten shape blocks (two blocks of each shape). This set is also great for little ones to learn to match each of the same-shaped blocks with each other.

And one of my favorite things about this toy is that it doesn't need any batteries.

Best Development Toys for Boys

Play-Doh Case of Colors

In my opinion, Play-Doh Case of Colors is one of the best toys out there for two-year-olds--well, for two-year-olds that have learned not to eat it, that is.

Play-Doh is great for so many developmental reasons; at this age, that includes small motor development and open-ended creative play.

This set comes with 10 2-oz. containers of different-colored Play-Doh; be aware that these are smaller than standard-sized Play-Doh containers and that the colors may vary from what's pictured.

But with any assortment of 10 colors, you and your child can create anything you can dream up.

New Magnet Puzzle Toy for Boys

Melissa & Doug 10-Piece Magnetic Fishing Game

The coolest thing about the Melissa & Doug 10-Piece Magnetic Fishing Gameis that it's both a puzzle and a fishing game. After fitting the ten fish-shaped pieces into their places in the puzzle board, use the little fishing pole to magnetically go fishing.

Or you could do it the other way around-dump the puzzle pieces out, then use the pole to catch the fish and put them in their corresponding places.

Either way, it's a ton of fun for two-year-olds, or it's a great way for them to work on hand-eye coordination.

The puzzle pieces are nice and chunky, so they'll last a long time.

Best Remote Control Toys for 2 Year Olds

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n' Learn Remote

Two-year-olds love to imitate the "big people" around them-and let's be honest, a two-year-old is bound to notice you using a remote control at some point.

Instead of letting your little one wreak havoc by playing with a real remote control, give him his very own!

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n' Learn Remote toy will entertain your child in a lot of ways; when he pushes the remote's buttons (which is fun to begin with), the remote plays songs, counts, names colors, says different greetings, and more.

There are even real volume controls and a red light at the top, just like some grown-up remote controls.

Best Toys for Two Year Old Boys

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