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Best Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Updated on May 2, 2016
Depending on how the baby shower theme is set up you may have to choose unique baby shower gifts for a boy or for a girl.
Depending on how the baby shower theme is set up you may have to choose unique baby shower gifts for a boy or for a girl. | Source
All gofts are appreciated. A thank you card is typically sent, but never be offended if one wasn't received. Sometimes it is the responsibility of the host and new mommy is pretty busy with other things.
All gofts are appreciated. A thank you card is typically sent, but never be offended if one wasn't received. Sometimes it is the responsibility of the host and new mommy is pretty busy with other things.

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Unique baby shower gift ideas are great. Think out of the box

Baby showers are a celebration for mommy, daddy and new baby to be. These particular types of party occasions are changing and evolving from the more traditional types our mothers attended. For an example, instead of women only attending, countless now include daddy to be. Some even go as far as inviting friends (couples) of both mom and dad to attend the day of fun. Along with seeing new and unique people presenting newborns with gifts, there are changes to the kinds of items received.

Countless people are okay picking out and wrapping up the expected piece of baby merchandise for these events. Bottles, diapers, nail clippers and bibs are generally found on the typical list. There are even more than a few attendees who even skip the process of wrapping things because expectations hold such little surprise. Though witnessing the genuine joy and surprise when the unforeseen is opened or presented is priceless. Good feelings are shared by the giver and the recipient with some of the best unique baby shower gifts.

A little history

The world changes all the time. How an individual views it continually evolves as well. One of the biggest factors which influences this is adding a new member to the family. This is characteristically praised by having a get together of loved ones. The joy felt by a birth of a baby has historically been put together and attended by females. Naming these as a shower is due to the fact the new mom is showered by gifts for the little one. This has been the practice for many decades and generations past.

A little cake and punch in the home of one of the relatives was the norm. Along the way adding games and giving door prizes has been some of the biggest changes. Wrapping paper was removed from boxes while everyone exclaimed how cute everything all offerings seemed to be. It took about an hour and guests left for home before the evening news came on the telly. Saturday afternoon was the ideal time. Nearly everything outlined in this standard and expected scenario has changed.


Nearly all of the changes have been for the better. There really is not an average or ordinary way to do the deal. The only activity which has remained the same is gifts will be presented.Every other aspect seems to have been updated, changed or removed entirely.

More than just for the first one

Although baby showers are traditionally held for the first born, the first addition to the family is no more important than any other. Any child in any order gets this party if the need arises. This means the second and even a fourth are not unlikely to have one thrown. This happens for various reasons..

Lots of mommies discover they are in need when little ones are too far apart in the number of years separating them.. Pregnancies during the tender age of 20 something and then a surprise in the late 30s certainly qualifies as an example. This is now part of the norm rather than an exception.

Most people admit this feels as if there are two separate "only children". Everything was discarded from the initial kid and everything is needed for the new arrival. Older women having showers is certainly different from what it used to be.

Dad is the primary care giver

Mom was initially the host of the affair. Now Dad as one of the primary care givers is not extraordinary. Along with Dad even grandparents are coming into play as taking the reigns mom used to hold. and this situation is not out of the ordinary. Even an aunt or uncle with a new baby to raise as surrogate parents require similar items.

Couples are hosted together

Couples coming together is a nice change of pace in modern times. This allows for a festive mood all around for many new mommies and daddies. Some are experiencing an alteration from a couple to a family and leaving behind close friends not yet in this moment of their life. They feel a pang of longing to still connect with them and this is a wonderful way to see it happen.

More than one shower

There are parties at the office, at home and even at more than one home. If sis wants to give one for her new sister in law and the new sis in law has a mother not willing to share the time, two are in order. This is not frowned upon and appreciated. Lots of guests understand there is multiple showers and will not go too overboard on the giving.

More than one host

Single moms and single dads are not unusual. Couples getting together to parent together before marriage or instead of hearing wedding bells does change the lay of the land. Two families have found a way to meet each other and get to know one another at baby showers in place of wedding showers.

Aunts from the little baby's two family trees making a combined effort to make it happen is a wonderful way to meet the other side of the family.

More than a few grandma figures discover this is a wonderful way to become acquainted with what is soon to be folks seen often at future birthday parties and Christmas celebrations.

What about a coed shower?

Have you ever been to a shower were both men and women were guests?

See results

Serving or not serving a meal?

Picking the venue was a fairly simple option once upon a time. Hosting it in a female friend or relative's living room or den was the go to. Now anywhere is acceptable. Even a bar is not out of bounds.

Countless folks enjoy serving a brunch or lunch meal. This means for those people who rather not cook a restaurant works rather well. Buffets are best when accommodating a multitude of taste preferences or on a budget.

Before accepting a restaurant venue decide if this is a treat or dutch invite. Invitations laying out if the host or the guest is paying are best. This leaves room for no surprises. Some people even feel better asking the guest of honor personal feelings on the subject.

Looking for an idea? There are tons of them. Nothing is really off the table unless personally offensive to the guest of honor.

What to bring?

One of the biggest questions faced by any one receiving an invite is what to bring as a gift. Of course, the basics are always welcome. These include baby blankets, undershirts, bottles and any item found inside of a diaper bag or nursery. Registration at one or more stores is generally outlined inside of an invite.

Taking a peek at the registry is always a safe bet. This is how the parents relay what they want or need and generally where it is to be found. However, anyone with an interest in bringing something more special or unique are typically more than welcome too by most parents. Any exceptions or wishes are characteristically pointed out in the initial invite.

An extraordinary something or other is not one which has a price tag of more than a new car. People with this type of thought process are actually defining something as exceptional based solely on how much money it takes to obtain it. The person spending more hard earned dollars for baby certainly does not mean loving it more or even discovering a more out of the ordinary item. Shelling out more dollars simply means finding something more ostentatious versus one of a kind.

When thinking of giving a distinctive or exceptional gift, imagine what is to be found outside of the box of a traditional one. Any person fortunate enough to work within a budget big enough to bring a diamond studded rattle is okay with a plan to go right ahead. For anyone else considering what works inside of a realistic budget, these are more than a few wonderful suggestions new mom and dad will certainly appreciate and value;

a) Don’t always get clothes newborn size

Of course in nearly all cases a newborn baby is coming home and is the recipient of these gifts. However, these little people grow extremely fast. Before long, there is no longer a newborn in the household. Some are never sized within the confines or definition of this stage. A one week old with the length or the weight of a month old at birth is not necessarily a world record holder. In fact, countless skip an average progression and quickly move to the three month old stage in a matter of weeks. This means all newborn sized clothes received are soon outgrown. They are looking at one wear or even no use at all.

If you have a large baby shower or several baby showers, you typically discover more of these size ensembles than you know what to do with or baby could possibly wear. Instead of buying clothes this particular size, buy in the three month, six month or even 12 month size. Your thoughts will be treasured for this unique baby shower gift.

Socks are loved and treasured. Have you seen how small those feet are and how little the socks covering them seem to be? One thing that always seems to get lost in the wash is socks. All different colors and sizes are wonderful to match all of those outfits no matter when they happen to be worn.

b) Buy a holiday outfit

Holidays are always fun with the little ones. This is especially so for pictures and keepsakes. If you are attending a baby shower for one expected to be here close to a holiday, purchase a holiday outfit.

If mom expects little one the first half of March a cute St. Patrick’s Day onsie or get up is a great gift. Pictures and memories are generally most recognized during the first year of baby’s life and each holiday no matter how small is a jamboree and reveled in.

c) Cute picture frames

Pictures, pictures and more pictures are taken of a baby. This is remarkably so with new parents. There are a variety of photo frames which are absolutely darling able to hold snapshots or professional photos of any size.

Some of these frames are outlined with ribbons and bows in outstanding colors and brilliance. Others are acutely identified for grandma and grandpa or Christmas or baby’s first christening. These are cute and well received by many parents expecting to take more pics of the kid from their first day of life than they know what to do with. Now they have a nice place to put them.

The artsy folks are able to design a wonderful one from the heart. Adding special one of a kind looks or even feels with a variety of materials. This makes it one of a kind as well as from the heart. This is a popular unique baby shower gift idea.

d) something homemade

There is something to be said about gifts from the heart. Home made gifts span a variety of areas. Depending on the baby and the parents, some are more appropriate than others. Knitting and crotchet has always been a baby favorite, though other things work even better.

One of the most useful is a home made crib size quilt. Coordinate the colors with the nursery or the sex of the baby. Embroider with personalized thread or even put the baby's name or picture inside of a quilt block. This is an example of just one little home made gift.

e) food for thought

Babies eat all sorts of food before they finally catch up to what the rest of the family eats for meals. This means in between they need nourishment. First it comes from a bottle of formula and then from what is aptly named baby food.

Even within the arena of baby food there are differences. The beginners have less of everything. Less seasoning, color and taste. Make personalized baby food. Made out of organic and healthy foodstuffs, parent will appreciate the gesture. There are recipes all over the web for a variety of ages.

f) gift cards

There are those who imagine this is an impersonal gift at best. This is not the case. In fact, more people want these than any other gift. This includes for Christmas and birthdays as well.. This is wonderful to have on hand for the emergency get together when baby needs something special to wear or when everyone brings disposal diapers in size 1 instead of the 2 he will need in a couple of weeks.

More couples love the idea of a gift card. Regardless of whether it is for the Dollar Store, Costco or Target. These are all places where items needed to take care of that cute little bundle are found.

g) a little people library

A little library for a little person is a way to connect baby with books when he is ready. Start with a small sample of books. For example, five or six at the most. Pick a variety of topics. If there is a theme for the nursery, like the zoo, include something focused on the zoo. A book about animals in the zoo is a terrific example.

Go a little further with the idea of a library by adding books he or she is able to touch and feel, some for a one year old, some for a baby and another classic for mom and dad to read to him for years to come.

A father's role has changed since showers began

Dad is finding he is a big part of this portion of the pregnancy. For many this is not a comfort zone. Being a single male in the mix of tons of females is certainly a place where anxiety runs rampant. Some are perfectly at ease and relish the moment. Others refuse to participate.

Give a baby sitting coupon as a unique shower gift

In conclusion

There are so many wonderful things to give to a baby the list is endless. Not only is giving the little one something terrific, but imagine a little something for mom and dad as well. This is the guest who will be remembered. It does not have to be anything enormous or expensive. How about a gift certificate to dinner for two. A baby sitting coupon is another brilliant idea.

No matter what is presented, but if it is given from the heart it will be admired and loved. This is a celebration of life and having friends and family there is the real treasure.

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      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      the diaper tricycle is possible through several tutorials. these are links to several of the sites to find what you need.

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      How do you make the tricycle?

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      My nephew is going to be a father in July 11 his girlfriend and him are excited but nervous to family are praying to try get them help with baby stuff I don't think they don't have any thing yet my #7202277403

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      PartyPail 5 years ago from

      It is definitely true that most people buy clothes in newborn sizes for baby showers. When they grow so quickly, it is great for the new parents to have some bigger sizes already on hand.I really like the idea of the gift certificate for professional pictures as well. These are great tips!