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Top 10 Video Game Weapons Ever

Updated on December 22, 2013
The Halo Hammer was an honorable mention.
The Halo Hammer was an honorable mention. | Source


I'm a little bit into video games, and I have been my whole life. I was worried in the beginning that I would have trouble finding weapons that made me go "wow", or that there would be so many decent weapons that it would be impossible to pick a Top 10.

I was wrong. Although this is completely subjective, and everyone will have a different Top 10, I think the 10 on this list separate themselves from the pack. Kills with these weapons made you say "wow" the first time, and they didn't get old.

As always, don't be afraid to comment if you disagree with me passionately.

#10: Dead Rising 2--Drill Bucket

Okay, this isn't my favorite game of all time. In fact, it's one of my least favorites. But you have to applaud a game that lethalizes (made-up word) things like wheelchairs and toy spitball guns. Renting the game, looking up all the weapon combinations, and murdering hordes of zombies is quite a fun way to waste some time.

There were a plethora of combo weapons in this game that had me near speechless. However, there was one weapon in particular that made the whole room giddy the first time we made it. If you take a bucket and a power drill to a workbench, you can make the "Drill Bucket". The Drill Bucket is a contraption that you place on a zombie's head, and then unrealistically use three power drills so that they burrow into the zombie's skull.

Here is a video of it in-game (he first uses it at about the 1:12 mark):

#9: Titanfall--Smart Pistol

Titanfall hasn't been released yet when I'm writing this. But I have connections, bro.

Kidding, but I have watched Titanfall first hand. Titanfall has to be one of the most anticipated games there is on the new consoles. It truly feels like the first "next-gen" game, in the same way Halo 1 was for Xbox.

In Titanfall, you swiftly move from foot-soldier to jet pack ninja to mech driver, and the in-game animations are just spectacular. Like previous blockbusters, Titanfall has a few weapons completely unique to the game (not just menial pistols, shotguns, snipers, etc.).

Probably the one weapon that stands out the most so far for me is the Smart Pistol. The first time I saw it used effectively my jaw drop. You can hover a reticule over multiple targets for a split second to synch up multiple headshots, and then fire to quickly dispose of all the enemies. It almost seems too powerful, but still is one of the most exciting things about this new game.

If I'm wrong about how awesome this gun is once the game is released, then I'll take this baby off the list. But quick, efficient headshots? What could possibly be better?

It's personal.
It's personal. | Source

#8: Mario Kart--Red Shell

Okay, so you weren't expecting Mario when I started listing best weapons. You probably especially didn't expect it following the "drill bucket." But I think it would be ignorant to only include first person shooters that obviously take themselves really seriously.

Mario Kart is one of the best multiplayer experiences of all time. Are they really using "weapons"? Sure, in the game they are called "items". We all know though that's just a euphemistic term for lightning bolts and exploding shells that clearly harm cartoon characters racing at high speeds. And that, to me, qualifies these "items" as weapons.

It honestly wasn't too hard to pick the best one. The green shell sucks (I'm bitter from hitting myself one too many times), the blue shell is cheap, and the lightning bolt is indiscriminate.

A red shell is timeless. It can be very, very personal. A well-timed red shell potentially gives you so much joy as you pass a recovering enemy right before the finish line to win the race. Controllers are thrown, friendships are destroyed, and it's time to bask in glory while you go get another propel or soft drink. Or yell for your mom to bring you some.

This dude agrees with me:

#7: Modern Warfare 2--Tactical Nuke

Back in the glory days of Call of Duty, when content was much more fresh (controversial statement I know), we all bought Modern Warfare 2. We went to Spec Ops and battled juggernauts, super-cinematic scenes were still novel instead of expected, and then we tried to prestige in one of the best multiplayers of all time.

Then we are told there is a tactical nuke support unlock. How can that be? Doesn't a nuclear weapon devastate everything around ground zero? How would that help win a multiplayer match?

All logic aside, some brave players selected one of their three possible kill streak rewards to be tactical nuke. Such a selection was bold. Your friends would tell you it's stupid. It required 25 kills in a row which is no small feat in an anti-camping game with kill cams.

However, to this day, people still talk about that one time they got the nuke (I remember mine vividly). They were then able to nuke the map, kill everyone, and somehow claim victory for the match. Hardly any other weapon in any other game is like it... and it might have the most "ownage" factor possible.

#6: Super Smash Bros.--Hammer

Another classic multiplayer experience, Super Smash Bros. brought out the competitive side of all of us.

There was always that one friend that was really good at shielding and rolling. He could defeat the level 9 computer players. He always seemed to pick the most appropriate attack for the situation--and against him you spent the whole game helplessly falling, trying to double jump your way back onto the stage.

If, however, you managed to grab a hammer, then the tables immediately turned. Even the fiercest players had to respect your newfound lethal power. All of your opponents helplessly fled, and you could target whoever you wanted.

Few things in life are more gratifying then accelerating that way-too-good Super Smash Bros. player off the screen by catching up to him with a hammer. He may have like 4 more lives left than you, but you just pounded him into oblivion.

No, as you might have guessed, I was not the best player in the group I played Super Smash Bros. with.

You know it's a good weapon when it has real-life replicas.
You know it's a good weapon when it has real-life replicas. | Source

#5: Assassin's Creed--Hidden Blade

Okay, not many video game weapons define their franchises. For #5, we go the staple of one of my favorite games, Assassin's Creed.

The first time you play Assassin's Creed and use the hidden blade, you are surely going to feel like a badass. It seems to be a prototypical weapon for an Assassin, and single-handedly brings quite a bit of excitement to the series.

Later on players learn how to kill two enemies simultaneously and attack enemies from the air with it (and also even kill two enemies simultaneously from the air). It's hard to not feel a rush of adrenaline when you are ambushing an unsuspecting armed soldier from the air with a hidden knife, despite it being only a video game.

#4: Black Ops--RC-XD

I'm not sure if I can speak for every little boy out there, but when I was a child I loved RC cars. They're so fast, you can ramp them off things, and it's the next closest thing to actually driving (now kids have those big cars they can drive in...they're so spoiled).

Anyway...what's better than an RC car? An RC car that EXPLODES. The first time I pulled out the RC-XD in a multiplayer match, chased around an enemy, and blew up him and his teammate, I was in love. That was back when it was a bit too overpowered and was almost a sure kill. Although they nerfed it, it still is hilarious to watch players' reactions as a little RC car zips toward them with a bomb strapped to it. Some players accept their fate, while others shoot madly trying to avoid imminent doom.

I ranked the RC-XD a little higher on this list because of the initial "wow" factor. It was innovative when it first came out, and even a couple of game generations later it still is making 40 year old Xbox Live players laugh heinously as they blow up that little kid that has been dominating them the whole match.

#3: Gears of War: Lancer Assault Rifle

Like the hidden blade kind of defines the Assassin's Creed series, the Lancer Assault Rifle defines the Gears of War series.

There was truly a "wow" factor the first, second, and 100th time you ran up to an enemy and chainsawed them with your primary weapon. There was a spook factor when you were the last player alive in multiplayer, and you had to worry about someone sneaking up on you and chainsawing you. Gears of War would not have been nearly as fun without an assault rifle that doubled as a chainsaw. It defined the game; Gears seems to strive for unnecessary gore.

Not only was the Lancer chainsaw awesome, but they improved it with each version of the game. In Gears 2, they made intense chainsaw duels. In Gears 3, they made a version of the Lancer with a bayonet instead of a chainsaw. And you got to pick between chainsaw and bayonet in multiplayer.

This is making me want to play Gears. Here is a Lancer bayonet charge (definitely not the best ever as the title suggests):

#2: Halo--Sticky Grenade

Alright, we all knew Halo would make the countdown. Since I didn't want to include more than one weapon from the same franchise (I considered black ops different than modern warfare), I had to omit the hammer and sword in Halo. Many players have had their heart race a little bit when they were being chased with either of those weapons. Both are all-time great video game weapons in my opinion.

The most signature weapon from the franchise is the sticky plasma grenade. It's been around since mission one of Halo 1, and it's hard to imagine a Halo game without it.

What makes the sticky grenade so great is the death sentence it implies. Once you're stuck, you're dead. This is especially gratifying in multiplayer; you know that your enemy knows that they only have a few seconds to live.

The best moments from this weapon come from when you throw the flaming blue balls across the map and hope. If you played Halo multiplayer as much as I did, you're bound to have Peyton Manning'd a couple of plasma grenades on opposing players from distance. Here are a couple of especially lucky sticks:

Looking back, graphics weren't as exceptional as I remember them.
Looking back, graphics weren't as exceptional as I remember them.

#1: Goldeneye 007--Golden Gun

Finally, numero uno. We go to debatably the most classic multiplayer game there is. Really, before Goldeneye, I'm not sure there was a game with such captivating four player action. It really was ahead of its time in a lot of ways.

Picking up a good weapon was a huge deal. I was never very good, and usually the talent level differential between my buddies and I was exaggerated by them knowing weapon locations. The Golden Gun, based off a classic movie piece, was one shot, one kill regardless of what part of the body it hit. If you knew your opponent had one, adrenaline started pumping. However, if they missed, they had to spend vital seconds reloading. In my case, this allowed me to wiff a few punches before they actually killed me.

Here's a video of it in action that might bring back memories. A Golden Gun kill occurs about the 1:28 mark on the top screen.

Which was your favorite?

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    • adevwriting profile image

      Arun Dev 

      4 years ago from United Countries of the World

      All of these made of computer graphics! Cool!

    • cydro profile imageAUTHOR

      Blake Atkinson 

      5 years ago from Kentucky


    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 

      6 years ago from Australia

      Great idea for Hub, fun weapons can really make or break a game some time.

      That darn red shell is my most hated weapon for sure!

    • cydro profile imageAUTHOR

      Blake Atkinson 

      6 years ago from Kentucky

      I can agree Megaman's arm-gun is pretty epic, but I haven't had the pleasure to experience the Final Fantasy sword.

      Maybe I'll write another page on some of the weapons I left out on this one. Quite a few have come to me after finishing this hub.

    • David Trujillo profile image

      David Trujillo Uribe 

      6 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      voted up and funny.

      I think there are lots of amazing weapons out there that you left out.

      Megaman´s arm-gun

      Final Fantasy 7 huge sword

      those are the ones I can think off right now.


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