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Best Wii Game for Kids

Updated on July 20, 2011

Best Active Wii Game for Kids

It took a long time for my kids to convince us to get them a Wii. When we finally gave in, I was determined to only get Wii games that were active, rather than just sitting there with a controller in their hand. Most active Wii games are geared more towards sports, which my boys love, but can sometimes mean just swinging a controller in the air. In my search for the most ACTIVE Wii game for younger kids that actually gets them moving, I found Active Life Outdoor Challenge !

Preview the Best Active Kids Wii Game

Active Life Outdoor Challenge is extremely helpful in promoting coordination in children. As a parent, I never feel guilty letting my kids play this active Wii game. They get a workout, while gaining control over their bodies and improving coordination and balance. Did I forget to mention how fun it is to play? This active Wii game was easy for my kids to pick up and play right out of the box, as well as fun for adults to join in on the action.

This active Wii game is super easy to set up. Onscreen instructions are available for each challenge which makes it easy for anyone to understand.

Four challenges get you started - running, jumping, whack-a-mole and kayaking. Some of the moves necessary to play make fun for everyone with lots of giggling along the way. It is not too difficult to move forward which makes it easy for the younger kids to want to keep up. It' is a fun way to keep active.

The participant set the pace. The challenges do have requirements to pass, but the levels are set low. Setting records are nice for the more competitive ones. It can be exciting for us adults to be competitive while enjoyable for the kids at the same time.


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