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Best Xbox 360 Games For 2011

Updated on July 15, 2012

The xbox 360 console has been going from strength to strength and in 2010 we saw an unprecedented amount of really good games released,what follows is the list of the best xbox 360 games for 2011.There is always a buzz when it comes to looking at the new releases for the following year and this time is no exception,there are two games that i am particularly looking forward too and i shall share with you these a bit later.The new releases for the following year are usually announced in December and since they were announced i have been bubbling with excitement as i know that at least two or three of them will be the best xbox 360 games of the year.So do you know of all of them or have you heard of none of them?you are about to find out what they are.

Gear Of War 3

Following on from the hugely successful gears of war one and two this third installment see's a lot of changes,firstly the introduction of 3 playable female characters and another male playable character who had a brief mention in the last game.There are obviously the new weapons and weapon upgrades which include a new shotgun.There will also be new gun turrets available and new heavy weapons.Epic who make the game have also said there will be a few new moves available for your character and going hand in hand with that some new kill moves which is always a favourite.There will also be a different mode available in multi-player too.Release is said to be middle of the year.

Dead Space 2

This is the follow up to the surprisingly popular dead space which was a survival horror 3rd person shooter.You play engineer Isaac Clarke and you wake up on a massive space city and must survive both haunting visions of past events and the horrific onslaught of the necromorphs,Battling on with new weapons including a plasma cutter,the terror returns.Scheduled for release January 25th 2011.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

A follow up to the hugely popular role playing game Elder Scrolls Oblivion,Skyrim is a fictional city in the E\lder Scrolls world.Due for release on November 11 2011 this is set to be a massive multi-player experience.Not an awful lot is known about Skyrim yet apart from the fact that as it is a follow up to oblivion it is bound to be fantastic and positively massive.

Batman Arkham City

This is the follow up to 2010's hugely successful game Batman Arkham Asylum,it is an action adventure game in which you play the superhero and try to take down the games main villain.The whole game will focus around Arkham City and will feature all the weapons from the last game plus a couple more one of which is rumoured to be smoke bombs.Unlike the first game which had a main mission only in this outing there are also secondary missions should the player feel so inclined as to do.This game will also feature multi-player but in what format this will take has not been confirmed.Due for release late 2011

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is the game with which I'm probably most excited about,the previous 2 have been great games but there has always been something missing and I'm not quite sure what but i am definitely hoping that it is in the 3rd installment due out end of 2011.The 3rd installment is set primarily on earth as it is being attacked by a group of beings not yet identified or clear in the trailer available below,but what is known by watching the trailer is that this game is going to be brilliant,the graphics have moved forward another step and hopefully the storyline moves on with it as it seemed to stall somewhat between 1 and 2.,It does seem however that possibly the reapers are attacking earth and millions of people are dead and the first two games main character Shepard has not yet arrived.all will be revealed come the end of the year.

La Noire

La Noire is a game made by the infamous Rockstar games who made GTA and Red Dead Redemption and is set in a 1940's La whereby it is free roaming allowing you to explore much as you would in GTA or RDR.The game features lots of drugs and backdrops of 40's LA as well as some very popular music which would of made that era very popular.The basic premise of the game is to solve some murder mysteries but that is about all that has been released of the game at the moment,there are some trailers of which i have put one below,make up your own mind but to me anything from rockstar screams success and this looks no different.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Gears 3 and Mass Effect 3! Yh Boi

    • GamerKyleX profile image


      7 years ago

      Anxiously waiting for Gears of War 3

    • warchild75 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @azza might have to buy oblivion and play it again to catch up on the story!!

    • Azza101 profile image


      7 years ago from Melbourne

      Yay Skyrim, Oblivion time!

    • warchild75 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @evvy yeah skyrim will be good but i need to catch up on storylines from oblivion first

      @steffer la noire does look good,cant go wrong with rockstar!!

    • steffer profile image

      Stef Verheyen 

      7 years ago from Belgium (Europe)

      Nice hub, already waiting for skyrim, but LA noire looks good too. something new to look forward to.

    • evvy_09 profile image


      7 years ago from Athens, AL

      Can't wait for Skyrim, still 11 more months. Replaying Oblivion for a refresh on the story for now. :( Mass Effect sounds like another game I need to work into my budget. Great hub and thanks for sharing.


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