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Best Xbox 360 Games For Christmas 2010

Updated on May 27, 2011

It is the Christmas season once more and it is slightly different this year,usually around Christmas there are maybe one or two xbox 360 games that kids and adults alike are clamouring for,usually because they are released around November time,For some reason great games are never released at Christmas.This year is slightly different as there seems to be a huge amount of great games that have or still are to be released and all will be out before Santa arrives!!.In this hub im going to tell you which will be the best games that are due out and a little about each game so you know if they are suitable for your other half or children as some of them probably are not.I already own one of these games but by Christmas i will have them all!!! I cant wait.

At the time of writing this hub there are only 64 days till Christmas and that's even less shopping days so my number one tip would be to pre-order games,its quite easy if you do it now,usually there is no money involved you just pay when the goods are received,but it does save a lot of heartache if your child or loved one misses out on the best games of the season because they are sold out,which a couple of these great games will do.

Fifa 11

This one is already out so you shouldn't have much difficulty in getting it,it is simply a new release of last years football game with up to date teams and players and some new techniques and abilities such as intelligent passing,along with a whole new career mode and lots of downloads coming its way this is a great Christmas game to keep both the kids and adults quite.

Fable 3

The third in this trilogy of Role Playing Games,in this 3rd installment you are back in the town of Bowerstone with your nasty elder brother installed as king and he is being ruthless to the core,your job is to build up enough gold,followers and weapons as well as magical power to overthrow him,then when you do you too can choose to be good or evil,Do you lower taxes and keep the people happy or do you raise rates and bring in slave labour,the choice is yours!!!

Fallout New Vegas

This is the follow up to 2008's game of the year fallout 3,it is a huge role playing game set in the heart of las vegas shortly after a huge nuclear holocaust, so expect lots of mutant creatures and desolate wasteland with bounty hunters and scavengers awaiting,brilliant script and game play with over 80 hours of content for you to explore this one will certainly ruin your social life.You play a courier who is shot and left for dead in the Mojave desert just outside the las vegas strip,the parcel you were delivering is gone and you must track it down and get revenge on your enemies.Very dark and in places comedic this is a game for rpg purists only.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Another 3rd installment in a game series for this ingenious blend of ancient history combined with deadly killing skills,probably not one for the kids,the first two had your character running around rooftops in Egypt and Italy but in the third one you are back in Italy in Rome and this years installment also comes with online play so now you can stalk your friends from the high vantage points before silently dropping down and dispatching with them with one of your varied killing techniques.Looking forward to this one.

Call Of Duty Black Ops

This is the one most kids and adults alike will be waiting for,the previous game broke box office records for sales in a single day and even had its own red carpet opening,Another round of shooting people with a myriad of weapons in a wide variety of wonderful locations.To be true and fair to the makers the single player affair is good but the main reason this game flys off the shelves is because of the truly wonderful online play,nothing beats hunting down people with a team of your friends,Great series of games and I'm sure the latest will be a triumph.

Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Download

 Perhaps the most popular worldwide download add on for a game ever,it is so popular that ea sports are releasing it for free at the end of this November,basically it is a card trading game at its heart and has most of the footballers and teams in the world in it,you have bronze,silver and gold cards with footballers,stadiums and other such items on them and you start with just bronze players who perhaps are not that good and work your way up until yo have a team of gold superstars from around the world,such as ronaldo,rooney,kaka,messi etc.Brilliant game add on and one i will be downloading.


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    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @jojo lol yes i guess ur right they are pretty dark but then thats what draws us sick gamers in eh!!

    • profile image

      jojo 7 years ago

      all these games are so DARK...Amerika is a very dark place culturally isn't it...has been for going back 20 years almost, back to the dawn of gangsta rap

    • profile image

      luke 7 years ago

      ............that was helpful......

    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 7 years ago

      yh its a tough pick for christmas but i usally play fut for the year like everyday i love the game sooooo much since fut 10 but fut 9 i did not know alot about also if people can actually import their team into fut11 and play with it it will be a little weird as some of the fut 10 players are higher rated than the same players but in fut 11.

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      sounds brill lukey,im getting fable 3 the on the 3rd just dont know how im gonna play it with the UT download,black ops will have to wait till xmas!!

    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 7 years ago


    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @lukeyboy thats great as im off that day and the day after,i wonder what time it will be available for download,think it was 1pm last time!!!

    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 7 years ago


    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      No worries evvy glad u liked it,it truly is going to be a good end to the year in terms of games,have fun gamertag is warchild1975 dont get on as much as i like as im either working or with the wife but might catch up for a game of fable or something.

    • evvy_09 profile image

      evvy_09 7 years ago from Athens, AL

      Great hub. I've been waiting for Fable 3 and Black ops but you also reminded me of Assassins Creed so thanks.


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