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Best Zombie Video Games

Updated on June 14, 2013

Dead Island has gotten some bad reception by fans, but it is merely under appreciated. The protagonist is on vacation at the Royal Palms Resort on the island of Banoi. Unfortunately, there is a strange epidemic taking place with zombies inhabiting the island and trying to kill any humans in sight. The game play is fun and it makes the player feel like they are actually in the game killing zombies. The physics and movements are as realistic as they get, especially with the weapons. When swinging the ax the player actually controls it like a real person would by swinging their arm up heavily and jerking it downward to slash the zombies. What's really neat is the player can get tired by running out of stamina. This type of realism is unexpected in a zombie horror game. The beginning of the game might take a little while to get started, but it is worth the wait. If people get turned off by the slow paced introduction, then they must not appreciate a good story. True horror fans won't care because this game will deliver above their expectations.


Dead Rising

This is like a video game version of the movie "Dawn of the Dead." The main character is a photojournalist that ends up in a small town overrun by zombies. Luckily, he escapes to the nearest shopping mall to hide out. This is almost the exact same plot as that movie, but playing the game is better. The player has pretty much every item in the mall at their disposal for using as a weapon against the invading zombies. The biggest challenge in the game is when the player has to escort others throughout the mall. It can become extremely difficult fighting off the zombies and keeping someone else alive at the same time. They love to run in all directions right toward the zombies that are trying to kill them. Besides this minor annoyance, the game is great and visually appealing. The gore in this game will certainly be attractive to horror fans and that is all that should be expected from a zombie game like this.


Resident Evil

Every video game player, especially fans of horror games, has heard of the Resident Evil franchise. This was the very first zombie gaming series that included realistic blood and gore. Parents everywhere were outraged when the first Resident Evil game came out in 1996. It was similar to the frenzy over Mortal Kombat, but that game only had blood. Resident Evil had blood, guts and zombies eating people. Now days this doesn't seem like a big deal when compared to all the newer zombie games on the market. Resident Evil certainly was the franchise that started it all. The storyline of these games usually involves a police officer as the protagonist who suddenly has to deal with the zombie takeover of their city. Everything from the police station to the city streets are swarmed with zombies, so the hero has to use guns and machetes to kill the zombies. The early Resident Evil games had slow paced controls, but this problem was fixed as more sequels started to get made. Overall, it is the biggest zombie survival franchise and the most successful. Even if you don't like the game play, the nostalgia value alone makes it worth owning these games.


Lollipop Chainsaw

Anyone who has ever wanted to play a video game where the protagonist is a sexy cheerleader that kills zombies will certainly love Lollipop Chainsaw. This main character, Juliet Starling, is on a quest to discover the reason behind the zombie apocalypse she is dealing with. But really, the storyline cannot be taken too seriously. This is a typical zombie killing game where the character goes around slashing and hacking zombies until there is nothing left of them. Even though this is a short game with only about 8 hours needed to complete it, there is certainly a lot of replay value. The player gets to choose from a wide range of kinky outfits for Starling each time they play the game. Obviously this is geared towards a more male audience, but everyone will still enjoy hacking these zombies into blood and guts. After all, that is what every zombie killing gamer looks forward to doing.


Shadow of the Damned

Shadow of the Damned is more of a dark comedy horror game, which has many similarities to the Evil Dead movie franchise. That movie franchise also had a few games made as well, but Shadow of the Damned is special in its own way. This is somewhat referred to as a zombie game, even though the enemies are actually demons. The confusion is understandable though because the demons look like the stereotypical zombies from other horror games. They walk slow, look ugly and try to bite whatever human they see. The protagonist, Garcia Hotspur, is a Mexican demon slayer that takes a trip to Hell to rescue the woman he loves from demons. There are also other characters that can be controlled and each has their own abilities in killing demons. This game is a fun mix of action and psychological horror. It is certainly different than other "zombie" games, so horror fans will definitely want to add this one to their collection.


Left for Dead

This game has gotten increasingly popular over the years. It still has the traditional zombie story line of a deadly virus outbreak that occurs in all the major cities and only a few immune survivors are left. Of course this deadly virus doesn't actually kill people, but it lowers their brain function and mutates their cells to the point where they resemble zombie-like creatures. What's neat about this game is the survivors are all different kinds of people; a college student, outlaw biker, Vietnam veteran and an IT analyst. These are definitely a unique bunch of characters to choose from. Plus, this game is a first person shooter which makes the action faster than most other zombie games that are third person. Many gamers these days demand faster paced games, which is why first person shooters remain popular to this day. Gamers want to feel like they are in the game, which only makes the horror more exciting in a zombie game like this. Left for Dead will certainly become a popular franchise with many more sequels to come.

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