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Best right back in Fifa? (Bag-a-Bargain)

Updated on April 23, 2013

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Article 4 - Right back

Hi Mr Awbery here, continuing the series, I will now give you a list of five of the best right backs in the game, who are bargains on Ultimate Team... If you have been following this series as far you will now have a good idea on what defense and goalkeeper you will want to form, and you might just be looking for that gem of a right back to add to your team... well look no further, he might just be in my list. I really hope this series can blow up, as I put a huge amount of time into research, and producing an article a day is hard work, however - these articles have not been fantastically great at generating traffic, but i will persevere, I will never quit a series once I have started it ! There will be another six of these articles before the series ends, and hopefully this will generate enough hype!

Well enough of my moaning, here is the list of the five best right backs in the game who are so cheap you wouldn't believe!

Piszczek - Polish Machine!

So to start off my list, we have a player from Borrussia Dortmund, by the name of Piszczek - now the Dortmund team has risen to fame in recent years, with many young players coming through the ranks to push the team into the semi-final of the Champions league, and second in the Bundesliga. So there is no surprise that a few of them will appear in the upcoming articles. Anyway, this man is brilliant in FIFA, he is fast, strong, and can tackle. Going forwards he is attacking, overlapping the winger on most occasions, there is just no reason to not have him in your team. Tall for a right back, I would honestly recommend him for any German league team. The only problem is, his nationality is not one that is prevalent throughout FIFA , and this means he will really only fit in with a Bundesliga team. Nevertheless I had to include him, and if you buy him you would see why.

Starting his career at Hertha BSC - he was instantly loaned out to Zaglebie Lubin, who won the league championship during the 2006 season. What is strange is that he was often used as a centre forward, and scored 14 goals for them in his 69 game stint there. Returning to Hertha in 2007, however he missed most of the 2008 season due to injury. At Hertha, they utilised Piszczek as a winger or defensive midfielder, but started to appear as a right back in his second season. After a battle with Friedrich for the RB position, he eventually moved on a free transfer to Borussia Dortmund , which is where he is currently playing his football. He is also a Polish international, completing 34 games for the national team.

In FIFA, he is just fantastic. I could not fault his game play, as he is both aggressive, but returns quickly and cuts out attacks. He has the power to drive past opponents, and the pace to keep up with most wingers. His tackling stats are also very high for a right back, meaning he does not miss tackles as much as most RB's, and can even fill into the centre back role if one of your players is injured. At 6'0, he towers most left wingers, allowing him to win the battle in the air, and also put pressure on the smaller players. He also costs 3,300 - which in terms of the previous articles is pretty high, but I would seriously ignore that and purchase him if you own a German Bundesliga team.

Name : Lukasz Piszczek

Height: 6'0

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Nationality: Poland

Key stats :

Acceleration: 85

Sprint Speed : 86

Strength : 77

Standing Tackle: 83

Slide Tackle : 82

Skill moves : 3

Weak foot : 3

Richards - Tank!

Micah Richards is a right back currently playing for the team which are argueably the second best in the Premier League, which shows his quality. He couldn't be a bad player, or at least in FIFA terms, and play for this club. I cannot hide my excitement any longer, I just have to come out with it. Micah has 91 strength. I am a big fan of strong players, and Richards is insane, he muscles every single winger he comes up against. He does not play an attacking role, I would consider him a third centre back, but this just means your defense is absolutely solid. Couple him with a couple of other centre backs, and the opponent will not be getting near your goal anytime soon!

Another rarity these days, Micah Richards started his top flight career at his club now. He came through the youth team at Manchester City, playing there from 2001-2005 when he was just 11 years old. Proving himself within the youth team, he progressed to the main team in 2005, and played his first game against Arsenal, receiving his full debut against Charlton. He has received honors of winning the Premier League title, which is an award not many people have achieved. At just 24 years old, he has the potential to continue to progress, and possibly play a big part in the City future.

As mentioned above, his strength is the one thing that i notice every time I play with Richards. He has quite high pace, balancing out around 80, and as soon as he comes into contact with a player, he pushes them, and wins the ball. I honestly recommend him as the right back for both an English Team and a Premier League Team . He holds the defense with valor, and will often drift infield to assist at centre back. An absolutely brilliant player, and at just 1800 coins, he is certainly worth much more than that.

Name : Micah Richards

Height: 5'11

Club: Manchester City

Nationality: English

Key stats :

Acceleration: 78

Sprint Speed : 84

Strength : 91

Standing Tackle: 84

Slide Tackle : 82

Skill moves : 2 star

Weak foot : 3 star

Johnson - Right back who scores goals!

Glen Johnson was the product of the West Ham United Youth Academy, something which has produced countless stars in the game, so he has rubbed shoulders with most of the best players in the Premier League since he was a youngster. As in real life, Glen is an all out attacking wing back. He will constantly bomb forward and give support to your right midfielder, or centre midfielders. He hits so well on the counter, I often find him above the right winger, which I don't know is a gift or a curse. In all honesty he is equally adept in this role, but you may have to employ a slightly more defensive right midfielder to combat his attacking nature. Used right, he will provide you with many many chances in a game, getting regular goals and assists, and for this reason he deserves to be in my list.

As mentioned above, Johnson was a product of the West Ham youth system, he signed a three year contract there, but went on loan to Millwall for a period of 7 weeks, before being recalled. he moved on from West Ham, due to their relegation and signed for Chelsea, playing 41 games in four seasons, before being loaned out to the then flying Portsmouth in 2007. He played alongside some brilliant players, and this time was a good period for him. He then signed for his current club Liverpool, for a reported £17 million, and this is where he has spent his remaining time.

Johnson is unbelievable going forwards. He hits hard, has the strength to keep himself upright under pressure, and is pretty decent at dribbling and shooting. However, his defensive work is also brilliant, being able to cover the fast breaks when he is back, and having the height to be able to come inside and cover the centre back role. There is nothing more to say than he is a speed demon, with 89 sprint speed, which means he is actually faster than the majority of wingers, which presents them a real problem. At the price of just 1000 coins, he is one of the cheapest RB in this league, and certainly competes for his role in your Barclays Premier Team.

Name : Glen Johnson

Height: 6'0

Club: Liverpool

Nationality: English

Key stats :

Acceleration: 83

Sprint Speed : 89

Strength : 72

Standing Tackle: 81

Slide Tackle : 83

Skill moves : 3 star

Weak foot : 4 star

Lichtsteiner - Late Bloomer?

Lichtsteiner transferred to the top flight club Juventus in 2011, and has had a very successful two seasons there. He is another player who seems to have matured and become a better footballer later on in his career, being signed for Juventus at the age of 27. Another RB who is a defensive rock, and will not venture forward as much, he is perfect if you have an outright attacking Right Midfielder or winger, and this provides you constant security. His tackles are solid, and his high rating in tackling allows him to dispossess most of his opponents.

Lichtsteiner began his career for the Grasshoppers in his native league of Swtizerland, before joining French Giants Lille in 2005 - upon three successful seasons there, and a successful Euro 2008, teams such as PSG and Everton were eyeing up this right back , before he was snatched up by Lazio in 2008, for the cheap price of 1.5 million euros. After more impressive performances he caught the eye of Juventus, who agreed to pay three installments totaling 10 million euros, and has since played his football there, and is consistent in his performances like he has turned out throughout his career.

Name : Stephan Lichsteiner

Height: 6'0

Club: Juventus

Nationality: Switzerland

Key stats :

Acceleration: 79

Sprint Speed : 83

Strength : 78

Standing Tackle: 82

Slide Tackle : 84

Skill moves : 2 star

Weak foot : 3 star

Danilo - Midfielder turned Right Back

Danilo is currently playing for arguably the best football team in Portugal, Porto, who are only really rivalled by Benfica. The club of Porto have always been strong within their own league, and turned out consistent performances in both the Europa and Champions League, placing them as a strong team amongst the world. Danilo, is therefore, one of the better right backs in the world, and on FIFA this is no exception. Danilo used to play as a Central Midfielder, and this is seen in his unbelievable stats in almost every part of the game. Passing, dribbling, tackling, shooting, everything about his game is good, which leads to the question why is he a Right back. He is also tall, and can tackle, and enforces himself amongst wingers. A brilliant player, and deserving of the final place in my list .

Playing for America Mineiro as a youth, he then progressed to the teams senior squad aged and helped them achieve promotion to the Brasilian Serie B in 2010. He was quickly identified as a brilliant youth, and was bought by Santos in 2010, before again moving on just one two seasons later in 2012. He has played a total of 130 games at senior level , and aged just 21 , has a very bright future ahead of him. Already in the Brazilian national squa, playing six games for them, he has achieved what many struggle with, and that is to be recognised as a youngster on a national level. Who knows where he will end up in a couple of seasons, he may even come to Europe.

As mentioned, his time as a midfielder shape his stats on FIFA , and that is exactly what he feels like when he is on the ball. Not only is he quick, but his dribbling passing and shooting rival midfielders, and this just allows him to be effective in almost every part of the pitch. No matter where he picks the ball up, he will do something for you, and this is something which is very lucrative indeed. Having the height to also fill in at centre back, he can ping long passes from deep, which may catch your opponent off guard. For some reason he only costs 800 coins on xbox, and therefore should be regarded as a definite purchase for a brazilian, or Liga de Portugesa team.

Name : Danilo Luiz da Silva

Height: 6'1

Club: Porto

Nationality: Brazilian

Key stats :

Acceleration: 79

Sprint Speed : 86

Strength : 72

Standing Tackle: 76

Slide Tackle : 78

Skill moves : 3 star

Weak foot : 3 star


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