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Best doll toys for girls

Updated on August 5, 2016
Winx club - Roxy
Winx club - Roxy | Source

Dolls toys

There are many dolls found in shops, markets and even on internet stores. That's why I decided to share with you the best dolls toys for girls.

The most popular in my country are Winx dolls and Barbie dolls. But there are much more of them. Well, every girl likes to play with dolls, dream about doll house or doll's car. Kid's imagination doesn't have limits. I know, that my daughter loves those dolls too. She already has all Winx dolls.

Here I've choose best dolls toys for gifts. It may be for Valentine's Day, which will soon be here, or for birthday, or just as a gift to show some love to our kids. Let's see, which are the most popular...

Winx dolls

As I told before, the most popular dolls in my country are Winx Club dolls.

The story of Winx Club: A girl named Bloom lives on the Earth with her parents. One day she meets another girl named Stella (princess of planet Solaria), who got in trouble. While Bloom wants to help Stella, she realizes that she has some special powers. Magic powers. When Stella saw that, she tolds to Bloom about school for fairies (Alfea) and invites her there. Bloom meets Stella's roommates on the school - Mussa, Tecna and Flora. Later they make friendship with boys from Red planet - Brandon, Sky, Timmy and Riven. And they also meet witches - Icy, Darcy and Stormy.

There are three seasons of this cartoon, where they get new powers in every season:

- in 2nd season they learn the powers of Charmix, they meet new fairy named Layla and her friends - little Pixies, and they meet the evil Lord Darker.

- in 3rd season they learn the power of Enchantix

- in 4th season they learn the power of Believix, they meet the wizards of Black circle, they find the last fairy on Earth named Roxy.

Winx Season 1, episode 1



Second popular is Barbie doll.

Barbie dolls have many stories, many accessories and you can get them everywhere. The most popular are Barbies with horses, with baby, with car, with carriage, in wedding dress and so on. As I said before - every girl has her dreams. And Barbie on one kind presents this dreams to girls.

The most popular Barbie story in my country is a Barbie in a mermaid tale:

Barbie Merliah is a very good surfer, who is preparing on her surfing competition. Soon she finds out that she's a half mermaid - a princess. A dolphin asks her for help, to save the ocean's life. She decides to help to save the underworld.

Barbie In A Mermaid Tale "Queen Of The Waves" Music

Rapunzel doll - Tangled

Rapunzel is a girl with very long hair. She is closed in a tower, where her stepmother closed her. She uses her hair to get her stepmother into the tower. Every year on her birthday she looks at the lampions on the sky, but doesn't know what these lampions are. Finally she gets out of the tower with help of Finn.

Through the story she finds out that she is the missing princess.

She is on her way to see the lampions from closer. And asks Finn to take her there. But at first he doesn't want, because he's a very known thief in the castle. But than he finally says: ''Ok, i'll take you there.'' And their adventure starts. He is chased by castle guards, but together they are chased by Rapunzel's stepmother and his ex friends.

But, the story is very beautiful, so i recommend to watch whole movie.

Tangled - When Will My Life Begin


Disney dolls

The Disney dolls are still popular for every girl.

Princess and the frog: it's a story about girl named Tiana, who want's to have her own restaurant. On the other side of story Prince has been cursed and changed into frog. He finds Tiana and talks to her. When she gave him a kiss, she became frog to. Their journey begans...

Snow white: We all know the sad story about a girl with skin white as snow and lips red as blood. Her story starts with death of her mother, and her dad's wedding to other woman. When her dad dies to, Snow white run to forest, but her stepmother send a hunter after her, to kill her. But he couldn't do that, so he release her and say, that she mustn't ever come back. In forest she found a little house with seven beds. She fell asleep and than the story of Snow white and seven dwarfs begins...

Cinderella: Poor little girl, living in a house with stepmother and two stepsisters. She must clean the house and do everything what these three women wants. Than she hears about the Ball in the castle. She wants to go to, but her stepmother and stepsisters make fun of her. She meets the fairy, which made her a dress, change mouse into horses, change pumpkin into carriage. But she should be back home at midnight, because all things will change back at midnight.

Sleeping Beauty: Story about girl, who touched a spinning wheel and fell asleep for 100 years. After 100 years only the kiss of a prince could save her and all people of the castle.

We also know stories about Beauty and the Beast, Ariel the little mermaid, Jasmine from Alladin, Mulan, Alice in the Wonderland and others. We know many stories about them. So as the stories are popular, even the dolls are too.

Beauty and the Beast - Tale As Old As Time

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