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Best free games to play on PC

Updated on November 24, 2015

As a hardcore gamer you are kind of a baler on a budget, so you try to find ways to play games that are awesome and cost very little. Well I’m going to tell you 3 of those games that are not only cheap but free and free is a great word for us gamers. I being a single father, and a major gamer needed to find a way to play some really great games but not break the bank. I have been searching for a long time to find these games that will make me spend no money and really enjoy. I’m going to share it with you, and I guarantee you will still play these games because they are that great and I still do. I got rid of my Play station 3 and, Xbox 360 because I do not play them anymore because I get to addicted to these games that im going to tell you and trust me after a while you will still love to play them. You will be like this was an awesome chose glad i read this blog, well lets get started.

Number 3 Combat Arms

Combat Arms has been around since November 2007 so this game is almost ten years old. This game is a free game for people that like online playing PVP gaming, and for the one that also love call of duty ( or the new Battlefield ( then Combat Arms is for you ( Combat Arms develop by the South Korea-based developer Doobic Studios, and published by Nexon. In the beginning this game had a lot of problems with hackers creating bots to help them cheat to win more games and get a butt load of free stuff. They had a lot of glitch issues as well just like all new online games go though as soon as they come out. The great thing is that they fixed 99.9% of it and so it is full of fun and a lot of maps to choose from to play and it is all free to play. So for my pick I chose this one as my number 3 out of my pick like for free or cheap games. If you have not played Combat Arms I say give it a try I have been playing it since 2010 and i still play it today.

Number 2 Hearthstone

Hearthstone made by Blizzard Entertainment ( Blizzard has been around since February 1991, and I have been with them Blizzard since 1992. Blizzard has made some awesome games over the years, a lot of them I bet you know, such games like Warcraft, Star craft, Diablo, World of Warcraft. I still to this very day play all these games no matter how old they are because they are just so awesome, and fun to play, and all these games have gotten awards for their awesomeness. So it is easy to say Hearthstone is just as awesome as these games are but this game is different from the other games that I have mentioned earlier. For you magic the gathering card game ( ) players such as myself you will love Hearthstone it almost has that same feeling as the gathering from when they first began back in the day. The great thing about hearthstone it is free to play as well expect you can pay for better card faster or you can complete the missions they give you for Hearthstone points so can buy more cards but it will take longer for you to get betters cards that way. You will have a blast just as much as I do, and if you get really good at it you do have an opportunity to make money on this game as well. This is my Number 2 chose for this list.

Number 1 League of Legends

Oh League of Legends my how many hours of my life I have lost and regret nothing. League of Legends is such an awesome game that you will lose yourself to because of how the game play is. If you’re a player that love live time strategic play games plus PVP (player vs player) games then League of legends ( ) is right for you. This is a game you can play for hours upon hours and lose track of time like crazy. I have been playing this game since season 2 and we are about to be on season 6 and League has been around since October 2009. I have been playing this game for five years, and I’m still not tired of it like a lot of games that I have played and pay for in the past. This is a game that will always be entertained because they always have a new champion come out and as soon as they do you want them so you have someone new to master in the game. I will warning about this game, this game is very addictive it truly is because it is that much fun and if you have never experienced what we in the gaming world like to call Nerd Rage. This game will help you out with that in a major way. The trippy part is no matter how made you get at this game you will still keep playing.

The great things about this game is one it is one hundred percent free to play the only things you pay for is if you want skins the rest you can pay with LP (League Points) that you earn by playing the game, and the second thing is you have an opportunity to make a butt load of money off this game as well, if you are good, and you make a team, and they are good as well. If you all are good and make it to the challenger rank you can make a living off this game I personal know a few people that do. This is why this is my number 1 pick.

If you play any of these games which is your favorite?

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