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Best homemade toys for kids (patterns and tutorials)

Updated on July 29, 2013

Great Homemade Gifts for Children & Toddlers

Everyone appreciates a homemade gift and kids are no different, naturally if you make something they will like!

This page features lots of great handmade tutorials from the lovable stuffed toys to activity mats and more.

You will find a DIY toy project for all skills and all children tastes so picking out the best one shouldn't be a problem.

All photos used with permission or within TOS of the author.

Homemade Plush Toy: Pinkie Pie from My Little Ponnies


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All kids love stuffed toys so they do make a great home-made gift.

There are many animals you can make but if you are making a gift for a girl My Little Pony is the way to go! Check out the tutorial at Imagine our Life to make your own.

Rag Dolls - Girls will love this homemade toy!


I had a rag doll when I was a kid, most of the girls had one. You can easily make your own and Imagine our Life will show you how to.

Homemade activity mats make a great gift for boys and girls

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Batman activity mat will have the boys jumping up and down! It's super easy to make and you will find all the instructions you need at A Girl and a Glue Gun.

There are so many possibilities with activity mats, you can make superheroes, girly mat, animals, farms, airport you name it.

Fabric Fold-able Doll House


A soft, fold-able doll house sure sounds like fun doesn't it? The one on the picture is perfect for girls but wit a little creativity you can make something for the boys too, I am thinking about a parking house, airport...

This doll house was made by A Girl And A Glue Gun so be sure to check out all the how to's and get all the tricks and tips.

Doll houses are a great homemade gifts for girls


You can make a dollhouse out of cardboard (shoe boxes are great) or you can make a wooden one as this one will last for ages.

You can buy the plans at your local craft store or you can try your luck with the free ones that can be found online.

Homemade Puppets!


Another fun project are the puppets - to make the ones on the picture head over too So you think you're crafty? and get on sewing (well very little sewing is needed).

Stick Horse

These are great! You can make them out of an old sock, felt or even out of cardboard.

The kids will love riding their new toy outdoors (and indoors if you will let them) which will keep them fit.



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    • listsnthings profile image

      Anna Christie 3 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      What great homemade gifts for Christmas, I wish I was so creative!