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Best left back in Fifa? (Bag-a-Bargain)

Updated on April 22, 2013

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Article 2 - Left Back

Hi guys, Mr Awbery here bringing you a follow up article to the one released approximately two days ago, which was The Best Goalkeeper in FIFA. I hope that this series can get a bit of a following, and if so i will continue to write throughout the entire team, covering every single position, but for now, we will focus on the Left Back position role. This position is an ignored one, as many people do not see the importance of having a quality full back. However, they provide a significant role in both attack and defense . They usually carry the pace to cover wingers, come inside to defend through balls which slower centre backs cannot catch, and overlap your winger to provide attacking options. In all honesty, I believe that having two quality full backs can give you a significant advantage over teams who do not. Every battle on the field is one you should consider, and one of the big battles is Wingers (Left midfielders and Right Midfielders), Left backs and Right backs. You want the best possible, but also do not want to break the bank, as these positions will not score you goals, and without proper centre backs, will not stop the majority of attacks. Nevertheless, this position is not to be ignored, and I will tell you the best Left Backs in the game that you should purchase.

Federico Balzaretti - Age is just a number!

The first player on my list, i feel deserves a place for two reasons. Firstly, he hasn't received a rare rating on Ultimate team, although he is the highest rated non-rare left back. Secondly, he plays for Roma, and the Italian national team, in which left backs are not exactly numerous. In Serie A, I would consider him one of the best left backs, and within many teams I have created, he has provided both attacking and defensive quality. In all honesty, he is not somebody I find myself shouting the name of, but this is a good thing. He allows the wingers to be wingers, and is not constantly far up the pitch, something I appreciate. However, he does progress up the wing when he is needed. Also, in defense, he doesn't make any mistakes , and therefore I feel he does not appear to make amazing tackles, because he actually stops the attack further up the pitch.

Throughout his career , Balzaretti has been somewhat of a traveller. He has played for Torino (earning them promotion) Juventus ( winning the title) Fiorentina, Palermo and finally at Roma. He has performed for some of the biggest clubs in the Italian league, and therefore deserves to be recognised. He has only scored five goals in his career, and this is reflected in his defensive approach in FIFA. However, he is absolutely solid in defense, and a definite purchase to be made.

Finally, and something which has to be mentioned, is the fact he sells for just 700 coins on XBOX and 800 coins on PS3, and this means he is amazingly cheap for his ability . I believe he is overlooked because he is not a rare player on Ultimate Team, but this is a rookie mistake. He has the pace to deal with wingers, and the tactical awareness to drift infield to stop the through balls which will inevitably played.

Name: Federico Balzaretti

Height: 5'10

Club: Roma

Nationality: Italian

Key stats :

Acceleration: 76

Sprint Speed : 82

Standing Tackle: 80

Slide Tackle : 82

Skill moves : 2 star

Weak foot : 3 star

Filipe Luis - Braziliant

Filipe Luis is very similar to Balzaretti who i discussed in the above section. He is a non rare, and therefore is overlooked by most people, simply because his Ultimate Team card is not shiny, which is ridiculous. In comparison to Marcelo, who is the other brazilian Left Back ( disregarding the obvious stat differences) there is not much difference in game, and the price difference is just insane. He is a much more attacking left back, and I found he was involved in many attacks throughout the games I have used him. He does overlap the winger, which can cause issues if you do not expect him to be so far up the pitch. He has also scored a number of goals for me, both from corners, and shots from outside the box. He is a must buy player for people who are looking for a cheap, quality left back, and he fits in with both the Brazilian, and Liga BBVA squads, making him very useful.

Starting his career off with figueirenese, he made 22 appearances before going on loan to Ajax, although he never actually made an appearance for the club, likewise at Rentistas, however, his big break came when he was loaned to Deportivo la Coruna, appearing 52 times before being sold to them for a reported €12 million, and he played a further 59 games. The first time he played for a big club was the club he is at now, which is Atletico Madrid , and you only have to look at the season they have had to understand how well each and every player in the team has performed.

During gameplay, The biggest thing I noticed which I mentioned earlier, is his attacking mentality. He constantly bombs down the wing, which means you have to have a slightly pacey centre back to help cover him when he goes forwards. However, when he is in defence he is solid, putting in big tackles whoever he comes up against. He also stands at 6ft, which is above average for a left back, meaning on both attacking and defensive corners he proves help which some left backs would not. It also means he can outjump most wingers, as players such as Aaron Lennon, Nathan Dyer and Theo Walcott will all struggle against the height of Filipe Luis. Costing just 700 coins on XBOX, and the same on PS3, he is an absolute steal, and I just cannot understand why he is not more expensive.

Name: Filipe Luís Kasmirski

Height: 6ft

Club: Atletico Madrid

Nationality: Brazil

Key stats :

Acceleration: 77

Sprint Speed : 84

Standing Tackle: 79

Slide Tackle : 82

Skill moves : 3 star

Weak foot : 3 star

Kieran Richardson - Where hasn't he played?

Now this man has played almost every position in his career, playing left back and right back, left midfielder and right midfielder, centre midfielder and support striker. This is just an easy way to explain how versatile this man his, and this is reflected within his abilities on FIFA as well. Constatly attacking, which some may see as a curse, he can shoot, cross, dribble and is fast enough to beat a marker, which makes him a very good attacking player, as well as his obvious duties in defense, in which I found he always performed very well. He has scored a number of long shots for me, which is just amazing for a Left Back to produce these goals, and his assists were also very high in comparison to my usual defenders. In my opinion, he is a must buy for an English squad ( alongside my other player in this list, who you will see later) and is in definite contention for a premier league squad. His rating is only 75, but almost every stat is higher than that, which is just confusing for myself.

Richardson has only played for four clubs in his career, starting off at Manchester United, where he spent five years, although he never truly gained a place in the team. he was sent on loan to West Bromwich Albion, and then in 2007 moved to sunderland. This is where Richardson earnt both his versatility, and his recognition as a good player. He played 134 times for Sunderland, in five years ,within the same period of time at Manchester United, he played just 41 games. He eventually transferred to his current club, Fulham, in 2012.

As mentioned above, the one stat which i noticed which made me so excited to use him, was his high long shot for a defender. His long shot stat is 77, however, his shot power is 87, meaning if he hits a shot from distance, it will trouble the keeper. Many strikers do not even have a power statistic so high, and this is recognisable in the number of distance strikes he scored. Costing 1000 coins on XBOX, and 1400 on PS3, he will certainly not break the bank, and provides you with a player who can do almost everything . Wherever he finds himself on the pitch, I find that he can perform there, even upfront, and this is a trait which is very hard to come by.

Name: Kieran Richardson

Height: 5'10ft

Club: Fulham

Nationality: English

Key stats :

Acceleration: 84

Sprint Speed : 85

Standing Tackle: 78

Slide Tackle : 76

Skill moves : 3 star

Weak foot : 3 star

Leighton Baines - Mr Consistency

Now, if you have read any other articles, namely my Team of the Week for week 17 in the Barclays Premier League, you will know I have a huge appreciation for this man, Leighton Baines. He is fantastic at performing week in week out, and regardless of the result which Everton achieve, you can guarantee this man will perform to a high standard. This has resulted in him being called forth for England. Constantly both attacking and defending, he provides a shift that many players couldn't achieve, and including the free kick against Newcastle, he has scored some incredible goals. This is why he is included within my team, he is also a non-rare, which has become somewhat of a trend throughout this article, which means he is generally overlooked for a BPL team, or an English team, which i find ridiculous. SImilarly to Richardson, he has key stats in almost every section, allowing him to be a defensive rock but also an attacking threat, and something which must be appreciated.

Leighton Baines has only played for two clubs in his entire career, a trait rarely assertained by most footballers, who can be accused of being driven by money. But not Baines. He played almost 150 appearances for Wigan Athletic, over the years 2002-2007, before transferring to Everton in 2012. He has since made 195 appearances for Everton, and in my opinion there is little to suggest he should leave, with Everton pushing close to a Europa League, or Championship League spot. In all honesty I do not see them making it, but they are getting closer every season.

His average statistics amongst all of his attributes is what makes Leighton Baines so proficient at the Left Back role. He is adept at cutting out through balls, and makes decisive tackles. However, he also is brilliant in attacking roles, due to his high shooting, dribbling and passing. His pace is not overly quick, however he covers the ground quick enough to stop wingers, and can fill in to centre back if need be . He does not have an attribute under 60, and most hover in the mid 70's to low 80's. A quality player, and a must to consider for a BPL team, costing just 1,700 on XBOX, and 1500 on PS3 .

Name: Leighton Baines

Height: 5'7

Club: Everton

Nationality: English

Key stats :

Acceleration: 78

Sprint Speed : 79

Standing Tackle: 81

Slide Tackle : 79

Skill moves : 3 star

Weak foot : 3 star

Federico Peluso - Who?

Peluso has almost been fired into our picture due to his loan move to Juventus in January, on a six month deal with a view to a permanent transfer after the period is over. This clearly shows that a club as large as Juventus is interested in his talents. I have found he is not as attacking as other left backs, but does get forward. He is more likely to stay and cover, which cannot be considered a bad thing, however, you will not notice him as much as Richardson or Baines. This is a double edged sword, as you will not be shouting his name for amazing things, but you will not be shouting his name for being out of position or not coming back in time. He also provided a real corner threat, due to his height, and this means he can cover in defense against teams with tall strikers.

Peluso is 29 years old, and has played for a few lower league clubs, starting at Pro Vercelli, but making subsequent moves to Ternana, AlbinoLeffe and finally his first appearance on many peolpes radars was when he moved to Atalanta in 2009. He then made 109 appearances, becoming their undisputed number one left back for four years, until his eventual loan to Juventus in the January transfer window. He has then made 8 appearances, and has received a call up for Italy due to his impressive performances for Atalanta.

Peluso was just a quality, no fanciness Left Back. He did not score any crazy goals for me, nor did he take many players on, however he did the simple work time and time again, making tackles, and playing the ball to the winger (in my team it was Giovinco) leaving him to do the attacking work. He did score three goals for me from corners, something you would not expect from a Left Back, but he constantly put in consistent performances, which cannot be ignored. Costing just 400 coins on both XBOX and PS3, it is just ridiculous that he will go that cheap.

Name: Federico Peluso

Height: 6'1

Club: Juventus

Nationality: Italian

Key stats :

Acceleration: 77

Sprint Speed :83

Standing Tackle: 78

Slide Tackle : 78

Skill moves : 2 star

Weak foot : 3 star

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