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Best third person games of all time

Updated on March 20, 2013

Third person games are always fun and interesting to play. Third person games are those games where we will be able to see the whole player in the game. There are variety of third person games available they are action, adventure, shooter etc. These games are available for the consoles as well PC. Check out the best third person games of all time are given below.


1. GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

GTA is the popular and most demanding third person game. There are variety of games available in the GTA series. GTA, GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA 4 are the games which is released in All consoles and PC. GTA is an open world action adventure games which is presented by the famous company Rockstar Games. GTA 4 is the latest game developed by them. Rockstar games has already begun the making of their next installment in the series - GTA 5. Variety of vehicles and weapons are available which makes the game more interesting.


2. Hitman

Hitman is a third person shooter game developed by IO interactive. The Agent 47 is the name of the hero in this game. IO interactive has developed 5 installments in the hitman series. Hitman absolution is the latest game released by them. The game is available for all consoles and PC's. All the installments in the hitman series were very popular. Various weapons such as pistols, fibrewire, rifles, sniper rifles etc are available in the game. Stealth killing is another interesting feature in this game. All the games in the series are having amazing visual effects and graphics.


3. Tomb Raider

Tomb raider is a third person action adventure game developed by crystal dynamics. There are 10 installments in the tomb raider series so far. Square Enix is the publisher of this game. Lara Croft is the heroine in the game who is an archaeologist. The old tomb raider installments were developed by the famous company coredesign. Among the old games Tomb raider chronicles was very popular. The game is having variety of puzzles which makes it more interesting to play. The sound effects of all the games in the series is another interesting feature. The first tomb raider game was released in the year 1996 and was available for MS Dos, sega saturn, Play station 1 and PC. The latest game in the series was released on march 5th of 2013. The graphics and visual effects of the latest game in the series looks stunning. This game is available for all the latest consoles and PC's.


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