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Best toys for 4 year old boys - Educational and Fun Gifts

Updated on August 3, 2014

What are the best toys for 4 year old boys?

If you're looking for the best toys for 4 year old boys read on for lots of suggestions and ideas of educational toys, construction toys, toys which encourage imaginative and creative play, outdoor toys, cool toys and my recommendation of the top toys for 4 year old boys in 2014.

I first wrote this article when my own son was 4. He's 6 now so I can evaluate the toys by how long he played with them too. I also has a nephew who will be 4 in November so many of the choices are based on toys that he likes too.

Educational toys for 4 year old boys

Educational toys come in many forms, introducing literacy, numbers, social skills, teamwork, honing fine motors skills - the list is endless. On the right, are 4 toys that have particularly good educational value for 4 year old boys.

Leapfrog do particularly good learning toys and products for helping children learn their alphabet and introduce them to reading and writing before going to school. The toys make learning great fun.

Leapfrog Scribble and Write starts off by showing how to draw shapes. You trace over the lines of the shape on the screen. It progresses onto upper and lower case letters. It's great to hone those fine motor skills while still having fun.

I love the mighty mind puzzles. 4 year old boys will become engrossed in these challenging puzzles. It's an award winning toy - Parents Choice Honor Toy, Teachers Choice Award, Dr Toys Award. It will help children learn about shapes and give them the confidence and ability to solve puzzles independently.

Melissa and Doug's see and spell is a great game to get 4 year old boys learning their first words. Match the letters next to a picture of the word they spell. This was a top choice of my own 4 year old before he went to school. They are great for introducing kids to letters and how they can be put together to make words. They are also good for helping them with their fine motor skills and introducing them to a different kind of jigsaw puzzle.

Cool toys for 4 year old boys

Here are some cool ideas of toys for 4 year old boys.

What about a stomp rocket? We have one and these are so much fun. We take ours to the park so we have a big open space to use them. Stomp on the pump at the bottom of the rocket to see how high you can shoot the rocket into the air. It won't be just 4 year old boys who want to use this toy but other family members will be queuing up to see how high they can shoot a rocket in the air too. The kids love to chase after the rockets where the land and they quite often have races too see who can get their first. Shopping from the UK? Check out TKC - Junior Stomp Rocket kit on

Marble construction runs are another type of toy that is great fun. 4 year old boys can build lots of different combinations of marble runs and then have great fun rolling down marbles from the top. This is another toy that we had. At 4 years old we had to help my son build the marble run but it wasn't long before he could build them on his own and he still plays with this toy now. Check out Marble Run Basic 45pc on

A remote control car is another fun, cool toys for 4 year old boys.

Or why not get buy Mindscope Neo Tracks. You can snap the Neo Tracks pieces together Once assembled, bend and flex the tracks to form different configurations. Then have fun racing the motorised car around the different tracks. Comes with 258 pieces in total. You can also buy additional cars and track expansions.

If the 4 year old you know likes cars (and many of them do - my own son loved them), there are some more ideas of car toys later on in the article.

Top toys for 4 year old boys 2013

Jack and the Neverland Pirates is a really popular television show and especially with 4 year olds.

My nephew is having is 4th birthday in November this year and he loves Jake and will be getting lots of Jake toys for his birthday.

There are lots of Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys, but one of the best ones is the pirate ship opposite.

It features 3 buttons which activate special features including a spring loaded cannon. It also has lots of sound effects and phrases as well as including Jake and Scully figures. It's a great toy for kids who like to use their imagination as well as fans of the TV show.

Some more of the best toys for 4 year old boys

4 year old boys will love building and construction and you can't go wrong with a lego set for this age group. The lego box set featured opposite is a good choice and is designed for kids aged 4 to 7 to build themselves. 4 year olds can build the 2 easy to build race cars included. There's also start/finish line, 2 barriers, a winner's stand and 2 race driver minifigure. There's 350 pieces in lots to work with and you can have great fun playing with the cars too.

Another cool building set for this age group is the Gears, Gears, Gears set opposite. What's different about these sets is that you can build things with moving parts. Ideas include robots, caterpillars, rollercoaster rides, other animals, magic wands - the imagination is the limit.

Other great construction toys include Knex buddies. 4 year old boys will become very occupied creating their own creatures and then playing with them. I can't tell you how much my own son likes Knex. He got them when he was 4 and he is still playing with them now at 6 years old. They had a set to play with at his school too. He builds all kinds of different creatures with them.

Finally, if you're looking for a great game for this age I would recommend Richard Scarry's Busytown. Players have to race around the board solving mysteries but what I really like about this game is that kids have to work together in order to win.

Car toys for 4 year old boys

4 year old boys still love cars and playing with them so why not get them a remote control car.

The remote featured opposite is easy to control an works on pavement, dirt, sand, and in water.

It features sturdy 4x4 turf digging tires for land and wake forming paddle wheel treads for ripping through the water.

Or why not get them a pack of hot wheels cars.

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