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Best toys for 6 year old boys

Updated on November 23, 2015

Razor Scooter

The razor currently dominates the scooter market. All kids love getting on it and zipping up and down their neighborhoods.

It is easily folded, and it has a built in brake to slow it down. The razor will quickly become any 6 year old's favorite toy.

The razor comes with a six month warranty.

Razor Helmet
They can pick up some speed on the scooter, so it's probably prudent to get a decent helmet for your kid. The helmet looks cool, which helps to get them to wear it and it has 2 foam inserts. You use the insert which gives your 6 year old the best fit.

Best toy for 6 year old boys
Best toy for 6 year old boys

Lego city police command center

Lego has been making imaginative toys since I was a kid and this police command center is an especially good one. I was particularly impressed by the detail, from the faces to the quad bike on this 514 piece set.

This makes a great birthday gift for a 6 year old, he won't be able to put it down.

Best toys for 6 year old boys
Best toys for 6 year old boys

Leapster learning game system

This is a hand held gaming system. What makes it special is that all the games that work on it are intended to be educational. Kids love it because the games are fast pace and uses some of their favorite characters. Parents love that it teaches kids, spelling math and many other skills.The Leapster comes with an attached magnetic pen which is used in some of the games.

This is probably one of the greatest games ever and they have sold many thousands of these gaming systems to satisfied parents.

Some of the games are for younger kids while others are for older kids, just make sure that it's age appropriate before you buy a game.

Morphibians Shark

This is a simple easy to use and cheap remote controlled car for young kids. The controls only have 2 buttons. Hold the one down and the car turns left, the other one makes the car turn right and when you hold both down it goes forward. Be warned: The car is waterproof, so it's fine to drive through puddles, but the remote isn't.

Cranium Hullabaloo

There aren't that many great games which are suitable for 6 year olds and in which the whole family can join. Cranium Hullabaloo is one such game. It's a bit like a combination of twister and Simon says.

The music and announcer is very upbeat and kids get really excited by the whole play process. Each round is only about a minute long so you get a lot of chances to be the winner.

To be good at the game you need good listening skills and you need to learn to follow the directions. Also you will need knowledge of shapes, colors and be able to identify and classify foods, instruments, and animals.

I hope you found best toys for 6 year old boys useful.


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