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Best toys for 8 year old boys

Updated on November 6, 2015

No stress chess

This is a great toy for kids, of any age, who want to learn how to play chess. The idea is that anyone can sit down and play no stress chess, without having the game explained to them. Once they have that down they'll know how all the pieces on a chess boards moves and be able to play real chess.

The board is normal on the one side and on the other side it shows you where to put all the pieces, when you start a game. So, you put the pieces in their normal places like for a normal game. Then you take turns drawing cards from the deck. Each card has a type of chess piece on it. The card shows you where that piece can move and you may only move that one piece. After you masted the first level you change it a bit. You then draw 3 cards and pick one to use each time.

Pretty soon they know how all the chess pieces move, basic chess strategy and how to think ahead in any game.

No stress chess

Nerf toys

The Nerf toys are all plastic guns which fire soft foam darts. You can fire the darts across a room and it will stick to the wall. The Nerf guns shown here are air powered and do not require batteries.

Player set
The set comes with:

  • 2 good Nerf guns that take 10 darts at a time
  • 2 vests to which the darts stick, so you can see your score
  • 2 small Nerf guns which take one dart

The bigger guns shoots up to 30 feet. You can buy additional darts separately, they have sonic darts which whistle as they fly and glow in the dark ones. I recommend that you buy some extra darts, to replace the ones that get lost

Nerf rapid fire 20
For more serious Nerf players this rifle takes more darts, shoots them further and can do so in full and semi automatic. The darts really fly out quickly on full automatic.

Best toys for 8 year old boys
Best toys for 8 year old boys


This nifty toy plugs directly into a TV. It has an internal light and can magnify anything up to 400 times. The images is shown in color on your TV. Your 8 year old will be running around the house looking for things to magnify in no time.

This is a great toy for inspiring an interest in science and physics.

Basket ball net

We had one of these when I was a kid and there is just no better way to get your daily workout. As basketball goals go this one is good value for the money. It is sturdy and relatively easy to put together. You fill the base with a hose to anchor it. You'll be dunking in no time.

I hope you enjoyed best toys for 8 year old boys. You could also read best toys for 6 year old boys, if you need more ideas.

Nerf not just for kids


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    • ChloeAliceWilson profile image

      ChloeAliceWilson 8 years ago from Spain

      I think you see so many new fancy toys these days that you forget about good old chess. It always seemed too tricky to explain to an 8 year old who would rather play with his action figures, but this no stress game maybe the key.