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Best weapons in black ops 2 for begginners

Updated on March 22, 2013


The MTAR has pretty much everything you need to play effectively. It deals decent damage, has good range and doesn't bounce around a whole lot. Its very easy to control and that's key because if you're not doing so well then you dont need your gun fighting against you too. This gun is can work for any range but its best for the players who continuously find themselves getting outclassed at medium range. Any attachments can work but fast mags and fmj are usually my pick to make sure you don't get caught while reloading and so you have a little extra stopping power.



Its got the most important thing that an smg can have, and thats balance. It has decent fire rate and damage and it keeps it has a fairly decent range for its class. The most important thing about it is that you don't have to spend your time earning attachments to make it work. It will give you pretty fair results regardless of what you have on it. Obviously this gun will be much better with attachments but you can pick it up and start killing from the get go and worry about the attachments later. This is a great choice if you find yourself getting killed alot at short range. This gun will give you a good edge indoors and can still function in open spaces.



Really this can be any lmg, but the LSAT works best. It is an amazing gun with or without attachments. It will give you the ability to dominate anyone at medium to long range and can still hold its own up close. It is a heavier gun so its more for players who like to stay stationary or don't mind a decrease in movement speed. This gun has a lot of ammo so you can kill many enemies without having to reload which is extremely useful. The biggest drawback is that it takes forever to reload so you will need to find some good cover before you attempt to reload but once its ready for action again your enemies might as well run and hide. If you put fmj on it not even hiding will save them



The M27 is similar to the MTAR in the fact that it is good at all ranges and is decent in all categories. This gun is so good in fact it is the most used gun on xbox live. There isn't too much to say about it that I have not said about the MTAR. It is another good assault rifle that works well at all ranges and doesn't revolve around its attachments



The Remington is an absolute monster of a gun. It is great if you like to stay on the move or camp inside. It has good range for a shotgun and most of the time it will be a one shot kill. With long barrel this gun becomes even more of a threat and soon enough you will be a player that everyone loves to hate, but thats okay because by that time you will be 20 and 2 and there is nothing that people's complaining can do to change that.


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