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Best weapons in the Fallout series

Updated on July 6, 2015

Super sledge

Super sledge from Fallout
Super sledge from Fallout

If you have a melee based character, and even if you don't, there is a good chance you have used one of these beauties. You don't use the super sledge because it is flashy or high tech, you use it for one simple reason, its effective. No ammo needed, it degrades slowly, and it does a load of damage. It isn't the most over the top weapon, but it is definitely one I keep hotkeyed at all times.

Rock-it launcher

Rock-it launcher from Fallout
Rock-it launcher from Fallout

The rocket launcher is a god send. It doesn't have massive damage, it isn't the most durable, but when you are out of ammo, this is the gun you want to have. It may not take people out at a distance like a sniper will but it will save your butt in a pickle. Just pick up a few ash trays off the ground and you turned certain death into a chance for survival. It won't be a gun you use often, but it will be a gun that is very important when you do use it.

Sniper rifle

Sniper rifle from Fallout
Sniper rifle from Fallout

Plain and simple, we all know what it does, but what it does, it does well. When you are facing a deathclaw or just want to get the upper hand when heading in to a fire fight, you want this bad boy to soften up your targets. You won't find a lot of ammo for it but you won't need it. One shot one kill is the motto of any good sniper, and killing a deathclaw before it can get close is absolutely crucial.

Bottlecap mine

Bottlecap mine from Fallout
Bottlecap mine from Fallout

Lets face it, the wasteland is rough, and you wont always get the chance to set up before confronting your attackers, and even when you do, explosives are overkill on most common raiders and wildlife. However if you get the chance to set one of these bad boys up on an unsuspecting super mutant master or a deathclaw, it is gonna save you a lot of time and a lot of headache, plus it is craftable, so if you can hunt down all the supplies, they are in unlimited supply.


Powerfist from Fallout
Powerfist from Fallout

As I have stated before, I love simplicity. However when you use the powerfist it offers a ton of flare! Watching enemies fly after a powerful strike is a pretty flashy affair but that in no way takes away from its effectiveness. Unfortunately its weapon category is seldom used due to the poor weapon selection but this weapon alone makes unarmed a viable category.

Alien blaster

Alien blaster from Fallout
Alien blaster from Fallout

When all else fails and you need something dead fast, here is your weapon. Whether you are proficient with energy weapons or not, there is a good chance this is your bailout gun. You have to use it sparingly due to the scarce ammo but when duty calls, you know this gun will get the job done.

Fat man

Fat man image from fallout
Fat man image from fallout

Similar to the alien blaster, the fat man will be a weapon you use sparingly but will get you out of the tightest of predicaments. Unlike the alien blaster however, this is a gun you want to unload on a group of enemies who are giving you a hard time, don't want to waste a whole mini nuke on one enemy, but when push comes to shove, it can do that as well.

Wasteland survival tip

Vault boy from the Fallout series
Vault boy from the Fallout series

While all these weapons are awesome, none of them will get the job done on their own. When voyaging out into the wasteland make sure you are well equipped and well trained with multiple different weapons. That chinese assault rifle may not be the funnest gun to use, but super mutants will drop ammo for it constantly. You may not love melee weapons, but at some point or another, you are gonna be backed into a corner and a hard strike with a sledgehammer may be enough to get you out of a bad situation. So long story short, stock up, spend those skill points wisely, and know when to use what weapon.

Which weapon is your favorite?

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Need more Fallout? Check out this video!


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