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Best Nintendo Wii Games

Updated on February 12, 2009

2008 Game of the Year

Many good games got nominated for the 2008 Game of the Year, but only one of them came out on top, that game being Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid has sold more than 4 million copies so far.  It was released June 12th 2008, 10 years after Metal Gear Solid was released, and 20 years after the original metal gear was released in the U.S.  Metal Gear Solid 4 won Game of the Year from several gaming publications, and Gamespot called it technnically flawless.   

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Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games

Ever since Nintendo came out with the Wii, it has once again become one of the most popular gaming consoles ever. The following are ten of the top Nintendo Wii games out right now...

#10 Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War might just be one of the best shooters available. It is similar to World War II, so you may find yourself in familiar territory in this one if you have played World War II. The combat is exciting, the weapons are satisfying, and the multiplayer is electrifying.

#9 Madden NFL 2007

Football games are usually self explanatory, however, Madden 07 has made some new changes that you may be surprised to see. In this version of Madden you will find yourself using the controller to do things like snap the ball, juke from side to side, stiff arm, and make some big hits, among other actions. There are also more tutorials in this one which will help you quickly familiarize yourself with the game by allowing you to try things out. It's still Madden, but it has gotten better.

#8 Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

Control Zack, a member of the Sea Rabbits, and don't forget your trusty sidekick, Wiki, who appears to be some kind of monkey that flies with its tail. Zack and Wiki, along with their pilot rabbit, Johnny Style, are attacked by the Rose Rock pirates, headed by captain Rose. They eject from their plane which crashes on an island, and they find a treasure chest containing the golden skull. The golden skull belonged to the legendary pirate, Barbaros, who was cursed and had his body parts scattered around the world. Barbaros will grant Zack a wish if he can recover his parts and put him back together. It's a puzzle adventure which is challenging, but doable.


#7     Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Prime 3 is a first person action adventure game, the tenth of the Metroid series, and the final in the Metroid Prime trilogy.  Samas Aran assists the Galactic Federation in fighting the Space Pirates, but she and the other bounty hunters are attacked by Dark Samus.  Samus loses contact with the others because of the mutagenic Phazon that incapacitates them.  The Federations sends her on a mission to find out what happened to them, and throughout the game she attempts to keep the Phazon from spreading from planet to planet while being infected herself.  The game is mostly played in first person mode and involves solving puzzles to progress through the game. 

#6     The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (The Twilight Princess, and A Link to the Past were also competitors)

Ocarina of Time is an action adventure game where the main character, Link, is controlled in third person, in three dimensional space.  At the beginning of the game Link obtains the ocarina, which is replaced later on by the ocarina of time.  Link solves puzzles throughout the game and teleports to previous locations, while learning twelve different melodies.  Link will use the ocarina of time to claim the master sword, which he will use as an adult.  Link will then be able to freely travel between two worlds by either taking the sword, or replacing the sword.   Ocarina of time takes place in Hyrule before the first four games. 

#5     World of Goo

World of Goo is a puzzle game in which the user will create large structures with balls of goo.  Build bridges, towers, and other structures to get the goo balls over difficulties in terrain, and to the exit.  Complete each level by using the various goo balls and there various abilities.   


#4 Okami

Okami is an action adventure game which takes place at some time in Japanese history. Myths, legends, and folklore explain how the Shinto sun goddess saved the land from darkness. The sun goddess, Amaterasu, takes the form of a white wolf, and is the main character in the game. The game is fairly similar to the Legend of Zelda series, and is an action, platform, and puzzle game mix.

#3 No More Heroes

No More Heroes is an entirely original action game. Travis Touchdown is the main character of the game who is free to move about either on foot or by motorcycle. Travis must kill the top ten assassins to progress through the game. Jobs can be completed throughout the game in order to earn money for training, videos, clothes, or weapons. Travis wins a beam katana on the net, but then runs out of money. He earns the number 11 spot on the assassins list by killing Helter Skelter, and figures, why not go for the number 1 spot in the UAA.

#2     Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is a third person shooter game, and is the sixth in the Resident Evil series.  Leon is the main character in this fast paced gunplay action game, where areas must be explored, ammo must be conserved, and large crowds of enemies must be neutralized.  The main enemies in the game are Los Ganados, which are humans controlled by parasites, and are much quicker and smarter than zombies.  Weapon diversity, player freedom, and gameplay depth have all been improved in this version. 

#1     Super Mario Galaxy (Several other Super Mario games also competed)

Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D platform game, in which Mario tries to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.  Each level is actually a galaxy filled with planets and worlds.  Mario goes from galaxy to galaxy collecting power stars and exploring various planets.  Every celestial object has its own gravitational force, allowing the player to walk sideways, upside down, and around planets.  The player can also jump from one object, and fall to another that happens to be in close proximity.  Super Mario Galaxy has also won several Game of the Year awards.   


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