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Better Chance At Winning Scratch-Off Lottery

Updated on January 1, 2015

Sick Of It!

Are you sick of buying scratch off tickets that you don't know if the grand prize has been claimed? The thing is, you can find out if any of the major prizes have been claimed. All you have to do is go on your state's lottery website. In my case, Pennsylvania.

Many states, if not all have a page that informs you what prizes have been claimed and how many have won.


From the Pennsylvania lottery homepage

  • I simply click on Game icon above the PA lottery site
  • which brings me to a list of what they sell
  • Click Instant Games
  • Finally click on Remaining Prizes.

Below is a screenshot of the Remaining Prizes page.


In the image above, it is easy to read. From left to right, it gives you the newest game number and name, follow by how much it cost, game prize vales and remaining winners.

The game above, Cash Cow is the newest, so all the top prizes are still unclaimed. This also tells you the number of winners possible, so the larger the number, the better a person's chance of winning the top prize.

For those who can't see the photo above.
Love to Win, game number 117 cost $5.
It's top prize is $50,000 and there's still 10 remaining tickets out there.
Follow by $5,000 with 40 remaining winning tickets.
$1,000 with 133 tickets remaining.
$400 with 440 tickets remaining. Etc.

All Claimed!

You wouldn't buy a game with all the top prizes claimed, so it's always good to check back. The important thing to consider too is the older the game, the less chance you'd have to striking rich. Below is a screenshot of games with no top prizes remind. These games are at least eight months old.


Do you check the chances before you buy?

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I hope this help and remember to play responsibly.


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