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Betty Boop Floor Mats - Where to Find Great Betty Boop Rubber Floor Mats

Updated on September 2, 2011

When it comes to Betty Boop Floor Mats there is a huge variety to choose from.

These car mats will brighten up and add personality to any vehicle!

Most of these car floor mats are universally sized so they will fit just about any car, SUV or truck. You also have different options depending on your preference. You can buy a set of two Betty Boop floor mats just for the front seats of the car, or you can purchase a set of four that include the two smaller matching mats for the backseat as well.

There are even matching Betty Boop accessory sets that include matching steering wheel covers, fuzzy dice, car seat covers and more.

Some Betty Boop options include:

  • Betty Boop with a Kiss mats
  • Betty Boop in a Star mats
  • Betty Boop Aloha Style Car Mats
  • Betty Boop Motorcycle Rubber Mats
  • Betty Boop with the New York Skyline
  • Betty Boop with her adorable dog mats
  • Betty Boop in a Pink Heart car mats
  • Other Great Betty Boop Car Accessories

Read on to see pictures of these items, prices and where you can purchase them..

Betty Boop Floor Mats - Classic Carpet 8pc Betty Boop Floor Mats Combo Set

This is a great Betty Boop floor mat set that includes 8 Pieces.

2 Front Carpet mats, 2 Rear Carpet Mats, Steering Wheel Cover, 2 Shoulder Belt Pads & even a matching keychain.

The super plush carpet is embossed with a Betty Boop design.

The mats have nibbed backs to help prevent slipping. The Front mats measure approximately 27x17 and the rears mats measure 13x17.

This is a brand new design - not sold in stores!

The Steering Wheel Cover not only looks great but also protects hands from extreme hot and cold. It is a universal size  and fits almost all wheels sized between 14.5 inches and 15.5 inches. Easy slip on installation.

The keychain measures approximately 1 inch wide by 2 inches tall. It is Chrome Plated and has Color Enamel filling. Aside from using it for your keys you can also dress up jackets, backpacks, luggage or purses!

The shoulder seat belt pads relieve rubbing and chafing. They are easy to install and they secure with Velcro that is sewn to the inside. You can use these for various uses as well such as using for luggage, golf clubs, backpacks and more. Their length is approx 9 inches.

Betty Boop Floor Mats - Star Style Universal-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats - Set of 2

This Betty Boop Star Style Floor Mat set is not only sharp looking but really helps to protect your cars carpet.

These are all weather mats that can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The ultimate protection for active lifestyles.

They are Universal-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats that will fit just about any car, SUV and truck.

Comes in a set of two.

4PC Betty Boop Star Design Front and Rear Floor Mats for Car Suv Truck

There is second option when it comes to the Betty Boop Star Design that includes all 4 floor mats. 2 Front floor mats and 2 Rear floor mats.

They have all of the same options as mentioned above but with four pieces instead of two.

Front Floor Mats measure: 26" x 16.5" each

Rear Floor Mats Measure: 17" x 14"

4PC Betty Boop Heart & Dog Front and Rear Floor Mats for Car Suv Truck

This adorable 4 Piece floor mat set features Betty Boop with her dog in a heart.

The rear floor mats are especially adorable.

Universally sized to fit most cars, SUVs and trucks.

Front floor mats measure 26" x 16.5"  and rear mats measure 17" x 14"

Plasticolor "molded-in" Betty Boop & Dog design. Heavy-duty Plastisol construction with recessed grid pattern.

Betty Boop Floor Mats - Super Plush Carpet 4 Pc Set

This item features a super plush carpet with Betty Boop embossed designs.

It is for a set of four - 2 Front mats and 2 rear mats. They have nibbed backs to help prevent slipping, The front mats measure approximately  27x17 and the rear mats measure approximately 13x17.

This too is a brand new design - not sold in stores and is an Officially licensed product.

Betty Boop Floor Mats - 4 Pc Betty Boop Aloha Floor Mat Set

This great 4 Piece Betty Boop Floor mat set features Betty in a hula skirt with her adorable little dog by her side.

These too are universally sized - Front mats measure 26" x 16.5" each and the rears measure 14" x 17" each.

There is a recessed grid pattern for extra protection.

Designed to fit most cars, trucks, vans and SUVs

Betty Boop Floor Mats - Rubber Car Floor Mats

These heavy-duty rubberized construction mats feature Betty Boop in her classic adorable pose in front of a pink heart. Not only do these mats look great but they are made for protection and durability.

This set includes 2 Front Floor Mats that will fit most cars, vans, SUVs and trucks.

By Plasticolor.

Betty Boop Floor Mats - Hot Betty Boop Motorcycle Design Car Mats

These super sexy Betty Boop Floor Mats feature Betty in Motorcycle Gear ready to hit the road.

These are Plasticolor "molded-in" BETTY BOOP motorcycle design floor mats where the Betty Boop figure is molded into the mat.

They are made of heavy-duty Plastisol construction with recessed grid pattern.

Made in the universal size that fits almost all vehicles, size is approximately 26" x 16.5".

There are 2 Front Floor Mats Included in this set.

Betty Boop Floor Mat - 9 Pc Combo Set

This is an awesome set for the Betty Boop fan who wants it all!

This 9 pc set includes:

  • 2 - Front floor mats
  • 2 - Rear floor mats
  • 2 - Universal bucket seat covers
  • 1 - Steering wheel cover
  • 1 - CD visor organizer
  • 1 - Keychain
  • Plus Bonus License Plate Frame

This is available in the Star Design listed above at the beginning of this page.

Has almost everything a Betty Boop fan could want for their car!

Betty Boop Floor Mat - 4 PC New York City Skyline

This is a another great set of Betty Boop Floor mats. Dipicts Betty standing in front of the New York City skyline with her skirt blowing up ala Marilyn Monroe.

This 4 piece set includes the two front floor mats and the two rear mats.

The mats have built-in textured anti-skid backing what will never come apart.

They are universal-fit and sold in pairs. These rubber floor mats are water proof so spill will not soak in and onto your vehicles' flooring. Made with state of the art process that bakes in color to prevent fade or discoloration.

Cleaning is a breeze with just soap and water and there is no better way to protect your vehicles flooring.

Other Great Betty Boop Car Acessories

There are a ton of great items you can purchase along with your Betty Boop floor mats that will look great in your car, van, truck or SUV.

Some of them are listed in the combined sets, but they are also available to purchase seperately.

Some examples are:

  • Betty Boop Fuzzy Dice
  • Betty Boop Sun Visor
  • Betty Boop Seat Belt Protectors
  • Betty Boop Holographic Decals
  • Betty Boop License Plate Cover
  • Betty Boop Air Fresheners
  • Betty Boop Antenna Ball Topper
  • Betty Boop Spare Tire Cover
  • Betty Boop Seat Covers


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    • profile image

      james berry 6 years ago

      great blog on the latest betty boop. thanks

    • profile image

      JFCost 7 years ago

      Hooray for Betty Boop!! Still our little queenie after all these years! What a cutie pie! A nice collection of Betty Boop Floor Mats and other good Boop stuff! Thanks for sharing!!