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Big Bad Bill on Moshi Monsters

Updated on August 16, 2015



Big Bad Bill is a Woolly Blue Hoo Doo

Want to collect Big Bad Bill online and offline? This potentially cuddly character is an Ultra Rare "Woolly Blue Hoo Doo" moshling that virtual monster pets in the game Moshi Monsters attract and keep in their Moshlings Zoo.

Big Bad Bill even has his own music video! Maybe his name sounds bad ... but he's really one of the good guys in the game. Really!

I love to play the online game - even though I am now a grandmother of three! I played with my youngest daughter and when they are old enough, I intend to play with my grandbabies. I have a Diavlo named Daemon who is now an A list Monster and I am working on leveling him up. Maybe one day, he will be an Elder Diavlo of MonstroCity.

I've made some paper doll fan art versions of Big Bad Bill and will spotlight pictures of them.

Also posted is Big Bad Bill's moshling profile with his character write up and which flowers you need to attract him in the game.

Happy Monstering!

Pictures copyright@Darcie French

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Paper Doll Fan Art of Big Bad Bill


How do I collect Big Bad Bill in the game?

Flowers Needed To Attract Big Bad Bill in the Online Game

Yellow Love Berries
Black Star Blossom
Blue Star Blossom
You must get the colors correct for BBB to come to your garden

He's Ultra Rare

BBB is a blue moshling with a black eye patch and a walking stick with a skeleton on the top.

This virtual pet game character is what is referred to as an ultra rare moshling in the game, meaning it's not always easy to get the flowers combo and colors right in order to attract him. But just keep at it until you get the right combo.

BBB's stick flashes and twinkles when you click on him; check him out in my Diavlo's monster room where he lives.

Collecting The Spookies Set

Moshlings in the game are arranged into sets, and BBB belongs to the Spookies set. To complete the Spookies set of the Zoo you need to also attract Ecto, Squidge and Kissy. It's funny because even the spookiest characters on Moshi Monsters are still totally lovable, not too spooky!

Want to see more of BBB in the game?

Big Bad Bill is featured in Super Moshi Mission #8 to unlock Gabby moshling and in Season 2 Mission 3 to unlock Woolly! Only members can unlock SuperMoshi moshlings, but BBB is not one of them. You can collect him by planting the right moshlings flower combination in your virtual garden.

Check Out Big Bad Bill's Music Video

Song Lyrics

Big Bad Bill is a Woolly Blue Hoo Doo

Deep in the jungle friends kept disappearing

Sent out a search party they found a clearing

There stood a moshling all woolly and blue

Stirring a cauldron of hot hoodoo stew



Lotions and potions

And hexes and spells

Strange creepy crawlies

And sweet jungle smells

Fried oobla doobla in coconut shells

Purple bananas and moonlit gazelles

Don't look now but I think I heard a twig crack

Wiping his fur due to great jungle heat

Bill started pounding a fierce tomtom beat

Putting the limbo bar lower and lower

Accompanied by rumblings from Mount Krakka Blowa

Big Bad Bill he's a-gonna throw a party

Repeat Chorus

Gumballa Gumballa Walla Walla Hoo Ha

Went to a hut met the chief of a tribe

He said do you dig this hip jungle vibe

Well then there's just one more thing I'd prescribe

Make like a HooDoo and then give me five

Repeat Chorus

Is this a dream or a strange kind of voodoo?

Partying hard with a woolly blue HooDoo

Chant: Big Bad Bill is a woolly blue hoodoo

With Fellow Moshlings Plinky, Iggy, Angel, Oddie and Tiki


Where can I find collectible toys offline?

Moshi Monsters merchandise is available in stores all over the UK, in major chains like Toys R Us in Canada and the USA, and can be found on Amazon and eBay.

Hang with this woolly blue hoodoo on your backpack

All Dressed UP

Big Bad Bill, Angel, Oddie, Plinky, Tiki and Iggy moshlings all dressed up
Big Bad Bill, Angel, Oddie, Plinky, Tiki and Iggy moshlings all dressed up | Source

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