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Big Hero 6 Merchandise

Updated on December 5, 2014
Big Hero 6 Merchandise
Big Hero 6 Merchandise | Source

Movie Merchandise: Disney's Big Hero 6

As a gigantic highlight of 2014, another much-awaited animated film is here. It's fat and it's cuddly! It's adorable and it's funny! Well, it's none-other than the big, cuddly robot Baymax and the animated movie he's coming in -- Disney's Big Hero 6!

And when there's a movie as big as this at toll, what else do we have with it? Well, of course! There's the awesome collection of merchandise that's coming with it. In this case, it's the Big Hero 6 Merchandise! has a lot of this Big Hero 6 Merchandise Collection

So without further delay, I'm presenting these Big Hero 6 Merchandise ranging from DVDs and CDs, Books and Paperback, Posters and Wallpapers, Action Figures and Toys, and many more for your own convenience and enjoyment. You surely won't regret all the goodies and stuff that you're about to see.

Whether you've watched the movie or not, read the comics or not, or heard it or not - I'm sure you're going to enjoy this to no the BayMAX! *oops, no pun intended*

Big Hero 6 Characters
Big Hero 6 Characters

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Big Hero 6 DVD/Blu-ray

Big Hero 6 is about the brilliant prodigy boy, Hiro Hamada, and how he forms a group of not-your-usual superheroes along with his robot buddy, Baymax, in order to defend the high-tech city of San Fransokyo from the forces of evil. Who knows what the result of this will be, because this new-formed team is just a bunch of first-timers who gets caught-up in the mess of the city.


Since this is a fresh-off-the-oven (that means NEW) movie in the block, for now, you gotta catch it in the theaters. Obviously, there's no DVD/Blu-ray yet, so that's gotta have to wait until a few months later. Don't worry though, I surely highly recommend this movie to you, so I'm equally confident that you won't regret it if you see it in the movie theaters.

I'm actually going to watch in the big screen because I've been waiting for this animated movie already since forever. You should too! *hehehe*

Disney's Big Hero 6 - Official Trailer

Big Hero 6 Audio CD (Limited Edition)

Considering that this is a Disney animated movie, then it's to be expected that it's music is at the top of the line. Just look at Disney's history and you'll see (or perhaps hear) what I'm talking about here.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6

This Big Hero 6 Limited Edition Audio CD (Original Score Composed by Henry Jackman) contains all the music and soundtrack in the movie.

This music compilation includes songs such as; Immortals by Fall Out Boy, the Hiro Hamada Score, the Huggable Detective Score, the Streets of San Fransokyo Score, the Big Hero 6 Score, and many more magnificent music and songs.


Big Hero 6 Junior Novelization (Book)

If you were enticed and amazed by the movie, then perhaps you'd be lured into getting this book as well. It's the Big Hero 6 Junior Novelization after all, and it contains all the bits you've seen in the big-screen transcribed with words into paper. Given such, you'd get a chance to not just join into the excitement of the story, but also, get the worthwhile benefits of reading.


As I've said, this junior novelization retells the story of the movie in paper-form. There's no difference in story though because it's practically the same, except for the fact that this is a book and books are always great and helpful in developing the mind and one's own imagination.


The Art of Big Hero 6

This Artbook is must-have for all fans! I mean, it's an Artbook and it contains all the art and concepts of Walt Disney's Big Hero 6 on-screen and off-screen. There's no greater joy than unleashing your artistic instincts and owning an artwork of your favorite animated movie.

Big Hero 6 Armor-up Baymax Action Figure

This has gotta be one of the coolest Big Hero 6 Action Figure out there! Just spectate upon that dignified Baymax Action Figure! It looks so detailed and well-made that even I am itching to have it. And woah! This Baymax isn't just on his normal/usual white Nursebot mode but also, he can transform into his super hero form with his armor plate pieces! Talk about spectacular!

From a fun and quirky companion to a crime-fighting super-robot, this Baybax sure is flexible enough to fit all circumstances. So, can I take him home please? Really, pweeeaase! I want it so much!

Baymax is ready for action!
Baymax is ready for action!

Funko Pop: Baymax Action Figure

Whenever there's a new cool movie in stall (whether animated or not), there's always a cool Funko Pop figure in the rush with it. And so, Big Hero 6 can't go out of the loop, so here we have - the Funko Pop Baymax Action Figure out for grabs!

Now ain't that just adorable? makes me wanna pinch its cheek out of cuteness! C'mon, if you don't give me that figure right now, I'll literally die of cuteness overload! Squee! Just kidding!

Funko Pop: Hiro Hamada Action Figure

Okay, so while Baymax is hogging all of the spotlight, let us not forget about his prodigy friend, Hiro Hamada.

Hiro Hamada is a genius boy as he's the one who made Baymax's armor as well as the whole Big Hero 6 cast's technology armor and weaponry. Talk about being one smart kid!

And so, Hiro Hamada also deserves a Funko Pop Action Figure of his own. So here you are, presenting...Hiro Hamada Funko Pop Action Figure!

Baymax Robot Giant Plush

Oh, all the love for the cuddly and silly robot, Baymax. As he's one reasonably big cuddly robot, he deserves to have an equally big fluffy plushie doll. Mind you, this is one of the biggest and most adorable out there. Here's the 15'' Baymax Robot Plush for you!

Now you can technically hug this white, jumbo robot all you want. Well, no need to explain! I know you want to! *teehee*

Take it you on your daily life adventures or have it as a companion in your sleep, it's up to you to decide what suits this soft, stuffed robot and you most!

Baymax Mech Superhero Plush

So when you've got the normal-mode Baymax at bay and you want something that looks more feisty and cool, then all you gotta have is this Baymax Mech Superhero-mode Plush!

This is the transformed state of Baymax when he's wearing the armor set created by his genius buddy, Hiro.

But, as it looks like it's made of pure anti-crime metal, that won't be the case here, as this one's a superhero-mode plush doll of the robot. Now you can have both the white nursebot-mode plush and the superhero-mode versions of the plush dolls.

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