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Bilbo The Four Corners of the World | Free Trial Restaurant Simulation Game

Updated on August 10, 2009

Bilbo, the Four Corners of the World is not a game about Hobbits, it is a restaurant simulation game about a love lorn beaver / chipmunk / docked squirrel who opens a restaurant in order to earn enough money to woo a rich Daddy's girl he met on his trip to France.

Though the story may be originally tragic, the game play is not altogether different from any other restaurant simulation game. The game works like this. Customers come in. You seat them, take their order, get their food, take their money when they leave and clean the table after them. All this is achieved simply by clicking on the bubbles above their heads.

As you progress through the levels, you are able to upgrade your restaurant. You can add tables, you can add a side bar with extra fruit and newspapers, you can upgrade the chef so that he cooks faster, you can upgrade Bilbo so he serves faster, and you can add fun things like a karaoke stand. When a satisfied customer is leaving, he or she may decide to rock out on the karaoke for a bit. This puts those waiting in line in a better mood and stops you from losing money that you would have lost if they were just standing there getting angry and impatient.

The aim of the game is to serve as many critters as possible as quickly as possible. There are also some 'mini games' such as those requiring you to click on the sides of a pastry so you can wrap it up, and another one which, shamefully I lost several times where you are required to identify (from a line up) the foodstuff not currently on a crepe, and click to add it. Needless to say, the price for getting this wrong is the loss of a potentially heft tip.

As any fans of restaurant simulation games will have gathered now, Bilbo, Four Corners of the World is essentially just another clone of another clone of another clone.

The only significant difference I found in game play was an altogether irritating one which required you to decide what to serve your customers based on what sort of animal they were. If you pick the wrong dish, then you lose your tip. What madness is this? What kind of lunatic diner allows the waiter to choose their food and then gets mad at him when he guesses wrong?

Perhaps they should have called this “Bilbo: Obsessive Lonesome Control Freak Waiter.”

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