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Binary Domain Spider Boss Battle

Updated on March 1, 2012

Binary Domain is a third-person squad shooter videogame for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The first official boss battle you will encounter in Binary Domain is a large mech. This mech is structured like a spider because of it's multiple legs and overall shape. In order to defeat this huge massive mechanical spider, you must destroy all of it's legs and core. The core is underneath it in the center.

When you first encounter the spider boss, you have will access to a rocket launcher behind a vehicle. This vehicle can be used as cover to avoid fire from the spider. The spider boss will initially shoot machine guns at you so be sure to take cover.

How to defeat Spider Boss in Binary Domain (key points)

  • Use the rocket launcher on the leg armor. Look for glowing points on the legs -- this is the drive systems that move and operate the legs. This is a weak point on the boss. Destroying the glowing points on a leg will destroy the entire leg.
  • After destroying one or two legs, the spider boss will attempt to fire missiles at you. A red laser will mark the ground indicating where the missiles will land. Dodge the missiles by running and rolling.
  • Shoot at the main core (weak point) of the spider with your assault rifle. Make sure not to expose yourself too long when firing, though, because you will take damage from either the machine guns or missiles that the spider shoots.

How to defeat the Spider Boss in Binary Domain (additional tips and notes)

  • If you run out out of rocket launcher ammo, there is another one located on the right.
  • Additionally, you can get more rocket launcher ammo by shooting bots that the Spider mech drops.
  • When the Spider Mech is directly above you, be careful, any cover you are behind will not protect you from damage. Run away to distance yourself from the Spider and take cover elsewhere.

This boss battle in Binary Domain can be somewhat time consuming. However, as long as you take cover and continue to shoot the leg's drive systems and core you will prevail.


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