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Bingo Blitz (My Addiction)

Updated on July 12, 2011

Why Bingo Blitz is so Popular

If you have ever played Bingo you will experience one of the most incredible things in the world, the anticipation of success and the since of victory. Facebook has realized this and has a game that the entire world: young and old enjoy and even seek out; Bingo. In Bingo Blitz there is no need to pay for credits, although it is an option, you simply need a Facebook account and Facebook will send you credits to play if you register on the game by allowing your info to be processed and linked to your Facebook account.A daily gift allows you to play a variety of locations in witch the themes could be anywhere from New York to London and anywhere else in the world.Collectibles such as badges for accomplishment and even shadow cards gives a goal for ever participant and with the ability to create a team of friend makes it a social event unlike many other online games. You don't play against anyone only against the computer.Various levels opens new locations with a new set of collectibles you and your friends can collect.Beyond that its just like going to a local bingo parlor in your favorite city or country with a caller with that locations dialect. Live chat with all players in that room gives the since of being in a parlor of the world in witch you can talk to John in London or Margret in Australia.Simplistic gaming with a technological upgrade Bingo Blitz is fun and can be addictive because one you participate and begin creating your team its like playing games with friends where you have support and encouragement from your team and those in the same room. Gaining friend and losing nothing, its the best kind a gaming experience a cheap one.Setting back in your own home or out on the town, on a laptop or PC or even on your phone Bingo Blitz is a fun and interactive way to play one of the simplest and fun games ever created, Bingo. Take a test run with the tutorial and begin a fun filled day of ... that right your guest it BINGO!


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