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Bioshock 2 Game Review

Updated on February 13, 2010


Storyline- Gripping and involving, one of the few games I literally could NOT tear myself away from. I always wanted to know what happened next, and all be it a fairly sad and dark story (I played the good guy and rescued all the little sisters and it was still pretty sad!) The story was perfect, building on the first by far, taking what it gave and using it to good effect, This story is definitely better than the first! By letting you adopt a little sister, you really felt like a part of the world, and with the goal of finding your original little sister you felt like you had a real stake in the story, a reason, a real reason to empathize with the main character. 20/20

Graphics -
Flawless, I literally saw no flaws save a single collision issue, this game is simply gorgeous! 10/10

Game play-
It wasn’t just the story that kept me playing, the "dual wielding" of plasmids and a gun worked and felt so good that I found it hard to put down, and setting up traps for the Big sisters, or the Big Daddies, and the harvesting sessions was a huge boost for the games flow, I never beat any Big Daddy or Big sister the same way, ever. The Big sister is a logical progression, they explain what happened to the little sisters that you didn’t rescue in the first game? They got older, and meaner! And when the Big sisters come you feel like you’ve done something wrong, in a good way! 15/15

Enjoy ability-
I love this game I will be playing it when I get up again tomorrow, and probably the next day, and this is after beating it and BEFORE trying multiplayer! The utter thrill of beating enemies in different ways was incredible. And setting up a defense in different ways was hugely fun, finding different combos of plasmids, traps and guns was probably the best thing in the game. 20/20

Art direction-
It not only kept true to the first game it almost literally squashed all preconceived notions that this place was paradise, ever. The look of sea life and water taking over many places gave quite a different feel than the first, you really can see the progression of time. Each separate area lets you see its caretakers neurosis, and their sins, each being quite different, and some quite disturbing.  10/10

Sound &VA-
A real triumph flawless sounding, and flawlessly acted, incredibly believable and well written, it isn't just well written it has some incredible and quotable  lines, "If utopia isn't a place but a people than we must choose carefully…"  10/10

I felt that this game was as long as it needed to be, it fit perfectly with the story, and of course there are a limited number of little sisters, so your goanna have to stop grabbing them at some point, it just saved it until you didn’t have the Big Daddies roaming the halls with em' to make your realize it. 15/15


Bottom line- This game is Nearly flawless, its fun, on an unbelievable level, a tad addictive, and its really fun when the game plays a few tricks on you, it’s a must have, buy it soon! I really never thought a game so dark and creepy could have so many cute aspects.

The 5-

1- Traps! Their so fun!

2- I <3 mini turrets!

3- Plasmids aren't just better they can be used in neigh on flawless combination with any gun!

4- Upgrade your guns for all the more fun!

5- Gene tonics will take you from the weakness you start to fill around 1/4 through game to a whole new level of strength!


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      bioshock 2 cheat 8 years ago

      usefull guide thanks :)


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