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Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack 1

Updated on June 19, 2013

On the 29th of January 2013 Xbox users will finally get to download the first map pack for the hugely popular call of duty Black Ops 2, This map pack will contain not only four new multi-player maps which will keep the likes of me happy but also a brand new zombie map and for the first time ever a down-loadable weapon, this is a first in the entire call of duty series and everybody waits with baited breath to see how good this weapon will be.

So what multi-player maps will we see and what are they called?

The first map is called Mirage and is a sand swept resort that will give players lots of unique access to rooms via sand dunes leading to higher windows! Desolate and alone this map may be a little creepy.

The second is called grind and this could be the most difficult map to transverse as it is set in a skate park and features lots or ramps and rails as well as half-pipes and lots of other hazards and cover! I would guess this is going to be a little hectic!!.

Hydro is a hydro electric dam which not only acts as a map but can also be the death of you as the dam can quite easily wash you to your death.

Downhill is the first snowy level for black ops 2 and we are all looking forward to it, It is set in a ski resort and whatever you do make sure you watch your head with the ever moving ski lifts!.


The map that is included in Revolution and designed with zombies in mind, it is called Die rise which is set in a series of dilapidated skyscrapers and with this design players have to be very careful not to fall to their deaths whilst on the constant lookout for zombies!!. I have never really been a huge fan of the zombie series mainly due to just not playing it much but this year I'm determined to get into it and this death defying map might give me the excuse I was after.

The Peacekeeper

The peacekeeper is the name of the new weapon in the map pack and is somewhat of a cross between an assault rifle and an Smg, It has the quickness of the smg's with regards to fire rate and ADS but also has the firepower of a heavier assault rifle. No one has released full details so we will have to wait till Tuesday!! I will release more hubs when the map pack is out< good luck guys and Ill see you on the battlefield.


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