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Black Ops 2 "Tranzit" Zombies: Building and Using the Zombie Shield

Updated on January 7, 2013

How to build the Zombie Shield

New to Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies mode is the ability and requirement to build certain items in the new "Tranzit" game mode. One item of particular interest is the new Zombie Shield which can built in the Diner area of the "Tranzit" mode game environment, which is phenomenally huge in comparison to previous maps.

In order to ac-quire the Zombie Shield, you must first find the parts to it and build them using the engineering workbench inside the car shop at the Diner area. It will cost 750 points to open this area. The first piece of the shield can be found either in the bathroom of the car shop or on the car itself, which is inside the garage on the lift. Once you have the car door, add it to the workbench and go grab the dolly/handtruck. This can be found inside the Diner, which you must open first for 750 points. Once you have it, finish building the Zombie Shield and trade in your turbine or other item for it.

Using the Zombie Shield

Now that you completely have built the Zombie Shield and have access to it, what the heck good is going to do you? Well, you can use this new Zombie Shield in a number of ways to help protect you in the oncoming zombie apocalypse taking place in "Tranzit" mode. The tradition usage of the Zombie Shield is like that of any Riot Shield; plowing through crowds of zombies. Equip the Zombie Shield and bash zombies out of the way. The only bad thing about killing zombies this way is that you will receive NO POINTS for killing them with Zombie Shield.

A more effective way to use the Zombie Shield is to just keep it unequipped and stored on your back. With the Zombie Shield on your back, you will be less susceptible to zombie attacks from the rear. In combination with Juggernog, you can easily take a good extra three or four whacks from behind.

Planting the Zombie Shield in the ground to use as a blockade is the other use. Block them from getting at you or your team members. No matter how you use the new Zombie Shield though, it only lasts so long. After too many hits, you will need to return to the Diner to get a new one. Good luck!


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