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Black Ops 2 Zombie Feature Ideas: Upgrading Weapons & Perks Twice, Boss Zombies, and More!

Updated on June 5, 2012

Black Ops 2 Zombies: Possible New Features?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will include a zombie mode, but what type of features can we expect and what features can players hope for? Zombies has been one of treyarch's most successful game modes since Call of Duty World at War. It was originally just an additional bonus game mode, but gained so much popularity, new maps were developed for World at War and Treyarch's last game, Black Ops.

According to Treyarch studio head, Mark Lamia says that the zombie maps will be much larger than previous maps. Zombie mode is going to be much more complex than it was in World at War and Black Ops.

What Features Should Be In Black Ops 2 Zombies?


One of the things that I personally disliked about zombies was the inability to pause the game. While you could pause the game on solo, it was not possible to pause a multiplayer zombie game. For many players, this means that going to the bathroom, getting something to eat, etc. meant that you had to either abandon the game or hope other players could defend you until you returned to the game. And considering how fast paced the higher rounds of Black Ops 2 zombies are, leaving the game for only a minute could mean death. Many players would resort to creating "zombie crawlers" when a player(s) had to leave the game for a while. Making the final zombie(s) into a crawler would delay the next round so that player would not have to worry about getting attacked by several zombies while he or she left the room. Crawlers are zombies that do not have legs. Most of them move much slower.

It's hard to say how a pause feature should be implemented into Black Ops zombies, but perhaps the host would have control or players would vote? This would make the most sense. However, what if one of the players never returned? Would the game be on pause indefinitely? Maybe there could be a set timer for when the game was paused, but this could be overridden if all the players voted again to unpause the game.

Upgrading Weapons & Perks Twice in Black Ops 2 Zombies

Since the addition of new zombies maps for Black Ops, new perks were added. However, the player could not upgrade perks like juggernog and could only carry 4 perks at a time. The only exception to getting more than 4 perks was getting extra perks from George A. Romero on the Call of the Dead map or completing the easter egg on the Shangri La map.

Wouldn't it be interesting if you could upgrade juggernog twice? Instead of taking 4 hits, you could take 6. Of course, many would argue that this would make the game too easy. However, this could be compensated by making juggernog much more expensive to buy a second time. Also, zombies continue to get stronger in the higher rounds anyway, what's the problem with having a stronger version of juggernog? It would increase players chances to survive longer in the more difficult rounds past 30.

Also, what about the pack-a-punch upgrade machine? What if a player could upgrade a given weapon a second time, further increasing weapon damage, number of bullets etc. This would allow players to eliminate zombies easier in the higher rounds. Zombies become nearly impossible to kill by conventional means. Again, the second upgrade should cost more because the weapon would be more powerful.

Boss Zombies

Black Ops zombies could be quite repetitive sometimes, in terms of the enemies you face. While there were a few new types of zombies added to some maps, there has never been a boss zombie (unless you include Romero from Call of the Dead). Perhaps the game could be expanded by adding boss rounds where players have to face a much tougher enemy. This would be a change of pace from fighting the hordes of zombies all the time.

What do you want to see most in future zombie maps?

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Sharing points in Black Ops 2 zombies

One feature that I think could be a welcome addition to Black Ops 2 zombies is a "sharing points" option. Players gather points for killing zombies, shooting zombies, reviving teammates, and getting head shots. But there is not an option to give points to other players. Sometimes there is one player in a game who has a large amount of points and does not need them, but other players do.

For example, whenever you go down in zombies, you lose all your perks. And if you die, you lose all your weapons, except the default pistol. Sometimes a player is in dire need of points, but does not have enough to buy weapons from the mystery box or repurchase points. If a "sharing points" option was implemented into the game, a player that does not need points could give some to a player in need of points. This would make Black Ops 2 zombies more strategical and interesting.

Host Migration Please

One of the major complaints I (and many other players have), is that if the host quits or disconnects, ALL the other players are kicked from the game. This can be extremely frustrating when players just want to play the game. It can also be disappointing if you got really far in rounds and then are kicked -- forcing you to start from round 1 again. It would be great if host migration was incorporated into zombie mode so players do not have to see the dreadful "HOST QUIT MESSAGE."

Treyarch usually listens to fans

Treyarch is usually pretty good at listening to player feedback, after all, they make money from the consumers. There have been many complaints and suggested ideas for Black Ops 2 zombies. Hopefully, some of these features are added or something similar is incorporated into the next zombie maps.

What do you think should be added to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies? New game modes, new weapons, enemies, or something else? Leave a comment below if you wish.


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    • Beth100 profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      Nothing worse than the host quitting!! I have dealt some pretty lethal words when this has happened. Yes. Really. I have. Pausing is a much needed feature! As with all that you have listed. As far as Moon is concerned, I haven't made it too far - probs due to my partners..... yeah, never me! lol (well, okay.... more than likely because of me.... I tend to miss when I panic).

      Another great and informative hub on BO2! Thanks a bunch for all the great info!!

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 

      6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Treyarch does tend to listen to fans, which is why I was happy noticing an update that made the Moon zombies tougher. Me and my survival partner made it to the mid 50's on zombies and kinda gave up because of boredom after 7 hours straight of playing, so a pause feature would also be great, although usually a team can make a crawler work fine for those breaks (assuming someone entertains him during the break), Also, I don't know if you will be able to double up on a perk, but pack-a-punching perks or similar effects would be pretty cool. Also hopefully the same cast comes back for the new zombies ( the cast from all the maps minus call of the dead since those were for the most part a new cast). Since me and my buddy got bored with with doing survival on MW3, and all my guides are set, we have been playing Black Ops a lot lately, and makes me just want BO2 soooo much more. Also on Moon, you could share points with the hacker system. I think that is a great addition since there are certain ways my strategy gave clearly more points to 1 player, and it was good being able to share with other so we could all hit the mystery box. So if that comes back in the new game, that would be very beneficial.Good Hub!


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