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Black Ops 2 Zombies: Green Run Farm Strategy Guide & Tips

Updated on November 16, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is finally here with all new zombie maps and new game modes! One of the zombie maps on Black Ops 2 is called Green Run that takes place on a farm. Now this map is quite dark so visibility is very low. Parts of Green Run farm are on fire so be careful as this can damage you and mess up your visibility a bit. If zombies run into the fire (which they will) they will explode when you shoot at them! Green run is a relatively small zombie map, but it has 4 perks, the mystery magic box, a few wall weapons, and a special melee weapon.

Playing Black Ops 2 Green Run Solo or in Coop?

Playing this map by yourself can very different than playing with a full game of up to 4 players. Obviously when you are by yourself no one can cover you or revive you. However, if you play Black Ops 2 Green Run solo it is much easier to group up zombies behind you and shoot them. When you are playing with more players, the zombies will be more separated. The more separated the zombies are the higher the chance you may get stuck in a corner or doorway when running around. But then again, it's easier to stay in one spot with multiple players because more people are shooting at the zombies.

Quick Tip: If you are playing Black Ops 2 zombies by yourself, quick revive will revive you automatically if you go down. This only works a few times, however.

Black Ops 2 Zombies: Green Run Farm Strategy Guide & Tips

The farmhouse in Green Run is a great place to either defend at or run back to every once in a while. The mystery magic box is up there which is very important to use if you want to get a weapon besides the couple of wall weapons on the farm. Two perks are in the farmhouse; the Juggernog and the Speed Cola perk. The juggernog is upstairs and the Speed Cola is on the first floor of the farm house. As for weapons, the MP5 is on the second floor. This weapon is very good for making points and is pretty powerful until you get very far into the game.

On the first round of Black Ops 2 Green Run, shoot each zombie twice then knife them. This will allow you to make some extra points in the beginning. Once you have at least 750 points open the door to the farm house. You'll want to either use the Mystery Box or buy the MP5 off the wall within the first 5 rounds or so of Black Ops 2 Green Run Survival.The Mystery Box has great weapons like the RPD or ray gun, but it's random. At least you'll have a decent weapon in the beginning rounds of Green Run if you buy the MP5.

Quick Tip: If you run out of ammo completely in Black Ops 2 Green Run, you can always trade one of them for the MP5. Even if you had to trade a powerful weapon, the MP5 is better than nothing because you can keep buying ammo for it and making points.

Black Ops 2 Green Run Strategy Guide

The second floor of the farm house in Green Run is a great place to defend because you can jump off if you get in trouble. Stand next to the destroyed wall on the second floor of the farm house (beside juggernog). By standing near juggernog you will be able to see zombies coming up the stairs, breaking through the window, and zombies that are jumping on the balcony that is beside the mystery box. Shoot as many zombies as you can and jump off once there are too many or you get damaged.

Once you jump off distance yourself from the zombies outside. Try to group most of the zombies behind you and go around either the truck or barn and run back to the farm house. Going through the barn may be more dangerous if many zombies block the front. However, if you keep a large group of zombies close to you then you will only have to kill a few zombies that may appear in front of you on your way back to the second floor of the farm house.

The Galvaknuckles can actually help you kill zombies that block your path. Galvaknuckles are a new powerful melee weapon in Black Ops 2 zombies that can kill zombies in one-hit until you get to round 14! It shocks the zombies! Galvaknuckles are outside in the small building on the wall. They cost 6000 points.

Quick Tip: Normally when you shoot a zombie that is on fire in Black Ops 2 zombies they explode! If you melee a fire zombie with the Galvaknuckles they will not explode causing you no harm!

Black Ops 2 Zombies Gameplay with Slow-Mo

Playing Coop on Black Ops 2 Zombies Survival on Green Run

This map is pretty small which means things can get pretty claustrophobic when playing with a full game of 4 players. If you are playing by yourself, you can easily group up zombies behind you and continue to circle back to the farm house by either going through the barn or around the vehicle outside. However, when playing with other players it's harder to run together because there is less room to move. It may be easier for one of the players to get trapped by a group of zombies and go down. And if other players are all over the map, it will be difficult for you to follow a path as zombies may cut you off and kill you.

One of the main strategies of this map is to keep moving and keep most of the zombies behind you. Then keep returning to the farm house to shoot the zombies that run up to the second floor. You can easily use the mystery box in between rounds to try and get a ray gun or other powerful weapon. If things get too difficult, simply jump off the second floor of the farm house and return again. :)


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