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The Hidden Secrets of Black Ops II Zombies: "Tranzit" (Green Run Easter Egg Guide)

Updated on June 25, 2017

How to Activate the Hidden Song on Tranzit

Hidden Musical Easter Egg by Avenged Sevenfold

Treyarch is well known for hiding musical Easter eggs in their popular Zombie modes and “Tranzit” is no exception. To unlock the hidden musical Easter egg, “Carrion” by Avenged Sevenfold, you must find and activate the three Teddy Bears that are hidden throughout the “Tranzit” gaming environment. The first Teddy Bear you will find is right outside of the Bus Station where you begin your journey. You will see a line of benches and will find the Teddy Bear lying on the last bench. Activate it by pressing the “action” button. The second Teddy Bear can be found as you enter the bar in “Town” sitting at a table, and the last bear is the “Farm” area, upstairs on a pillow in the farmhouse.

When you activate all three of Samantha's hidden Teddy Bears, the secret song will begin to play. This is a pretty heavy song and is also the end game Easter Egg for completing the Campaign mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The video below is the official video for Avenged Sevenfold's "Carrion" and is actually pretty hilarious!

Official Video for "Carrion" by Avenged Sevenfold

"Tower of Babble" Mega Double Easter Egg

This Mega Easter Egg is more massive than the ones found on previous maps like “Moon” and “Shangri-la” from the first Call of Duty: Black Ops and it has yet to be determined if your mission is even complete after obtaining the "Tower of Babble" achievement or trophy. The instructions to completing this massive Easter Egg are way too extensive for this article but can easily be found in the video I have linked below in this Hub!

You can definitely expect a very difficult journey, that will require four players to complete, and if one of those players decides to quit, it's game over until next time. Building the tools around you like the Turbine, Zombie Shield, Head Chopper, Pulse Trap, and Jet Gun, will all be a part this journey. Using E.M.P grenades will be a part of the mission depending on which "side" of the Easter Egg you are trying to accomplish. Did I forget to mention there is two different sides to the "Tower of Babble"? Either choose the Dr. Maxis side, or the Dr. Edward Richtoffen mission. The difference exists in whether you turn on the Power to "Tranzit", or you leave it off! Leave the power off and you will need the Turbine to power perk machines and the Pack-a-Punch, turn it on and you will face the annoying electric boss enemy, the "Avagadro". The mystery of the "Tower of Babble" serves as Green Run’s Tranzit Mega Easter Egg of Insanity. Will you be able to save our characters and planet from our ultimate undead demise?

Secret Perk Upgrade Easter Egg!

This is probably the most rewarding Easter Egg in Black Ops 2 ZombiesTranzit” map, being that when you receive each reward you it will last a definite amount of time, even after restarting the game! The Quick Revive perk is the easiest to obtain and can be unlocked by reviving a co-op partner 15 times in one round. Simply keep a crawler alive at the end of the round and let him kill you repeatedly while the other player revives. There are other perk upgrades you can obtain as well, such as the upgrade shown in the video below for the Juggernog Perk!

Treyarch is infamous for their work in the Zombies story line and always leaving little clues and messages for players to enjoy. If you have any more little secrets in the game, whether it is just in “Tranzit” or in the Grief and Survival maps as well, please leave them in the comment section. Good luck in your mission to annihilate Treyarch's massive and rewarding Easter Egg hunt!

You will know you have completed it when you see a flashing green orb at the last revive. Now the person reviving permanently has the Quick Revive perk forever. If you happen to purchase the perk in the game after doing this, you will have a triple speed revive capability.

Perks are on your most strong defenses in Black Ops Zombies and you can obtain the rest of these perks permanently as well. The answer to finding out how to do this has yet to be determined but it is rumored that it has to do with the stats in the leaderboards and obtainig certain amounts of kills, status rewards and other functions of the game. Please comment with anything you find to be true in the comment area!

How to Upgrade the Juggernog Perk!

Galvaknuckle Easter Egg Walkthrough!

How to Fill The Tranzit Point Bank Easily!


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