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Hidden Secrets of "The Giant" Revealed!

Updated on August 6, 2017

The Giant: Der Riese

Frozen in time on "The Giant"
Frozen in time on "The Giant" | Source

Easter Eggs Galore in "The Giant"

Black Ops 3 has finally hit the shelves and the all new bonus map "The Giant" has fans blown away with the astounding new variant of the old favorite zombie mode map, "Der Riese". Many things have changed, including the addition of Dr. Monty's Gobblegum machines, weapons and explosives and ranking system. Let us not forget the brand new Easter eggs waiting for you to discover. This guide will reveal the secrets lying within the new Der Riese, but not totally spoil the fun!

Fly Trap Bonus: Free the Annihilator Pistol!

Return of "The Fly Trap"

Just like in Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops, the new version of “ Der Riese” contains a hide and seek Easter egg named “The Fly Trap”, but things have changed! Samantha no longer leads you on this chase, instead , Dr. Maxis takes you on chase for the three teddy bears hidden throughout the map. The places have changed however, and a surprise awaits when you find and shoot all three. The Fly Trap and the locations of the hidden bears will always remain the same each time you play the game, but I will leave it up to you to find them!

The Fly Trap

Screenshot of "The Fly Trap" being activated in Black Ops Zombies "The Giant"
Screenshot of "The Fly Trap" being activated in Black Ops Zombies "The Giant"

All New Hidden Radios!

The hidden radios return in the “The Giant” scattered throughout the remastered version of the infamous "Der Riese" map. If you think you can find them in the same old place you are mistaken! All new, key parts of the story line will be revealed when you have activated the hidden radios, essential to the twisted plot of Richtofen’s master plan, but you will have to find them on your own!

New "Beauty of Annihilation" Remix

This hidden Easter egg remains true to its roots and can be triggered by hitting the action button on all three of the hidden green vials in the specific areas of the new map "The Giant". Of course Elena Siegman’sBeauty of Annihilation” begins to play, although fans may be a bit surprised when they hear the new remix lying in wait!

Check out the new version!

Secret Seventh Perk

This can possibly be the best Easter egg discovered in the new version of “Der Riese” although the prize could be even better. Witness the giant robot from Black Ops 2 Zombies map “Origins” lurking in the skies around Der Riese, and have him unlock a hidden Perk Machine using his laser beam! In order to complete this, you must have Monkey Bombs and use them to power the control panel next to the Pack-a-Punch platform, by carrying them threw each of the three Teleporters. Hit the red button and the giant robot will reveal your prize!

Power the Giant

Screenshot of the "Origins" giant from the Black Ops 3 Zombies map "The Giant"
Screenshot of the "Origins" giant from the Black Ops 3 Zombies map "The Giant"

Official Trailer for "The Giant"


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