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Black Ops 4: Call of Duty 2018 - w/Dreammore

Updated on September 12, 2017

Dreammore Blog - Episode #3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Fan Favourite Prediction for Treyarch's 2018 Call of Duty title.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Fan Favourite Prediction for Treyarch's 2018 Call of Duty title.

Treyarch Are Taking the Black Ops Series Back to Boots-on-the-Ground in 2018

The news for Treyarch's 2018 Call of Duty title has already started a vast debate online for as to whether or not they will be continuing their Black Ops series. This news comes in the waiting period that fans of the COD franchise still have before the November 3rd launch of Call of Duty: WW2, later in 2017.

Never the less, we feel it is about time that we got the discussion on the way for Treyarch's new title which is set for release in November, 2018. This is an entire year and x amount of days from this moment in time so there really is not a lot that can be found regarding the official news for the whereabouts of a war setting that we will be seeing from the Treyarch development studio.

However, there is some tidbits of knowledge that we have to share with you, and that is in the job opening that Treyarch has recently sent out, an opening that asks the respondent to have a good understanding of the modern weaponry, something that has ultimately been used in the media as a hint that they will be taking their next game back to boots-on-the-ground.

Treyarch remains the most followed of all the Call of Duty developers, and we would like to share next with you some of the probabilities that we have for their next title.

In 2017, Call of Duty is Going Back to Its Roots - Starting with Sledgehammer Games November 3rd, 2017 Launch of Call of Duty: WW2. Cue the Epic Menu Song... We Simply Cannot Wait.
In 2017, Call of Duty is Going Back to Its Roots - Starting with Sledgehammer Games November 3rd, 2017 Launch of Call of Duty: WW2. Cue the Epic Menu Song... We Simply Cannot Wait.

World War 2 - Up-and-Coming Cycle for Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise has most recently been in the year in, year out cycle of releasing futuristic settings for the games warfare. This has brought around the likes of exo-suits that have enabled players to boost jump and run on walls, and these mechanics have been used throughout Advanced Warfare (2014), Black Ops 3 (2015), and Infinite Warfare (2016).

The only exception in recent years for Call of Duty being the side release in 2016 of Modern Warfare Remastered, perhaps a mere marketing play to get fans back into the groove of accepting boots-on-the-ground mechanics for gameplay.

The world war 2 war setting is one that Call of Duty fans/enthusiasts have been asking for in ruthlessly long format over the past few years, maybe longer, through fan forums, and other social media platforms - like Facebook and Twitter.

Fans are to be rewarded in November of 2017 with their wishes finally being granted, and this is only in the wake of weakened sales for the Call of Duty franchises, that has seen a slowly declining player base for each of their fresh launches. Not looking good for the franchises future prospects. The irony.

It was back in 2016, I believe, when it was leaked that there was a game in the works from Sledgehammer Games called Call of Duty: Steel (or something like that), and this title initially hinted at a movement of sticking with current war-zone settings for their game. Many were thinking that it would be a Vietnam or Korean setting.

These rumours would lately be revealed in 2017 as a project name that was given to the newly pre-production Call of Duty game, now officially known as WW2. Not to put too much a blunt atmospheric vibe to the game, but that is how you truly get the word out that the game will be taking things back to boots-on-the-ground. "Steel", might create some controversy.

World at War was a title for the Call of Duty franchise released way back in 2008 by Treyarch, and was a truly innovative game, and when the news came out that the official launch for Call of Duty 2017 was going to be WW2, many gamers from the old days of Call of Duty immediately started to reminisce the days of World at War.

However, WW2 has shown itself to be a game of many secrets, since the private BETA for the game that was released two months before the official launch date was not going to show the player base all too much.

The best part about this private BETA was that it was showcasing the multiplayer mode, only, and it left so much out that fans of the franchise have been getting their pants in a twisty knot. This may be down to the lengths of time that they were spending playing the BETA.

In reality, the private BETA was just a way for Sledgehammer Games to test out how much interest in terms of the numbers that they had for the official full game. It turns out, millions of people tuned in to play the BETA, and all of that time spent playing will literally not count towards the full game once it is downloaded.

Plus, the private BETA is so far from the full game that it honestly was not even worth playing. The gameplay will be more or less the same, only when the full game is released Sledgehammer Games will have received money for the service being provided, therefore giving you what you came for.

Ignore the neigh-sayers on the internet spinning the wheel forcibly to the point where the game is complete trash, as the BETA was honestly quite addictive. Was it innovative? We think, not. Was it entirely out of the blue? Yes, it surely was. Does that mean this is going to be the best Call of Duty game since Call of Duty even became Call of Duty? Probably not, but the graphics will be the best we have seen, to date.

If you want to play a world war 2 setting video-game that takes place during world war 2 without any hidden agendas, or sneaky time-lapses, or fake story plots, then Call of Duty: WW2 would be a no-brainer to purchase. They have said on multiple occasions now that the games single player/co-operative campaign will all be historically accurate, and this puts aside any rumours about the game edging in time-lapses as this would thereby not be historically true.

Bringing us to the multiplayer mode, Call of Duty: WW2 is going to be one of those experiences that cannot be compared, as it would only leave room for disappointment. Take the multiplayer game mode for what it is, and the game will be far superior than that of the game that you could be playing that simply gets word whored every time Sledgehammer Games does something that was not initially seen in older Call of Duty titled.

2018 COD Predictions!

What do you want to see Treyarch announce for their 2018 launch?

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Treyarch - Back to World at War - Revealing World at War 2

World at War Remastered, and World at War 2

Since, in 2016 we got a Call of Duty 4 remastered, or better known as Modern Warfare Remastered. It would make sense that with the franchise going back to its routes that they would have the first of their 3 year cycle developers, Treyarch, reboot the World at War days of Call of Duty.

This would be done in the fashion of having a World at War Remastered, and this would undoubtedly bring a whole new wave of controversy and friendly competition between the two developers, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games.

Treyarch do it right. Treyarch do it the best. Treyarch beats Sledgehammer Games in a battle-off between World at War Remastered and WW2.

Having a World at War Remastered would bring Call of Duty fans the full-on extreme experience for the world war 2 setting, as World at War was made entirely different to WW2. This would promote some friendly competition, and alongside the remaster for World at War, Treyarch could make a World at War 2 that takes things back to world war 1. Why? Battlefield 1 did it, and we feel that Call of Duty needs to set the standards.

What do you want to see next?


What do you think of the current state of Call of Duty? Are you looking forward to Call of Duty: WW2? What are hoping for in the 2018 Call of Duty game?... Should Treyarch go back to their World at War days and work on a similar title, or perhaps Treyarch should go in a separate direction. Earliest that they could go back would probably be world war 1, and the furthest point forward would probably be a Korean war. - from the land of making up wars.

What ever your thoughts might be, pop them in the comments. We may even alter and add a few things to the page as time goes on.

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