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Black Ops Ascension Zombies - Pack-a-Punch Strategy Survival

Updated on February 21, 2011

Black Ops Ascension Strategy (4 Players needed)


At the start of Ascension, have each player guard one window. Shoot the zombies a couple times with the pistol, then finish them off with the knife. This allows you to get maximum points. If you wish, let some of the zombies out of the barricades to possibly get a power up. Two players need to be on the upper balconies, while the other two are at the bottom. Watch out for the giant spinning centrifuge in the middle of the room though. This will periodically spin around, and can harm you. Stay out of its path when it does this. A noise will go off indicating that its about to spin. You can run out of the way, or crouch/prone to avoid it.

At about rounds 4-5, the player(s) with the highest points should open one of the doors in the spawn room. Either way you go will lead you to the power. The bottom double doors, beside quick revive, will allow you to access jugger-nog faster though. Turn on the power at the top of the map, and use the mystery box. It might be a good idea to get a crawler at some point early on so players can have time to use the mystery box.


During approximately rounds 6-12, you should be using the Lunar Landers located on the corners of Ascension. There are three Lunar Landers located on Ascension. All of these must be used AT LEAST once in order to access the pack-punch-room.

The pack-a-punch room is underneath the rocket, but the doors will remained closed until the rocket lifts off. Call each Lunar Lander, and ride it back to the spawn room. It will cost 250 points to use a Lunar Lander. Once each Lunar Lander has been activated, you can now initiate the launch sequence.

To initiate the rockets liftoff, press the button on top of Ascensions roof. This is located right next to the power switch. The rocket will begin liftoff, and once it takes off, the doors below it will now be opened. Look for a pack-a-punch symbol outside if you have trouble finding it. Its past the gate outside, below the hill.

Call of Duty Black Ops Ascension Zombie Strategy


Once you're in the pack-a-punch room, you will notice that there are two windows located on each side of the room. Then there is of course the entrance to the room itself. This is a great spot to defend, but you need 4 players to succeed, and you will need powerful weapons. This spot can potentially get you to round 25 or more. However, you will likely need to abandon it by round 30 because the zombies literally become almost invincible.

Key Components to defending in Pack-a-Punch Room

Two players need to defend the entrance to prevent zombies from overrunning the team. Preferably, these players should have the strongest weapons. Some good examples, ray gun, thundergun, HK21, or at least an automatic weapon.

The remaining two players have to guard the two windows inside the room to prevent zombies from coming inside. These players have relatively easy jobs, but are vital to success because the players defending the entrance will be to busy fighting off the main horde of zombies.

The sickle melee weapon is VERY effective for the players that are defending the two windows in the room. Its not required, but can save ammo, and create more money for melee kills.

Since the pack-a-punch is conveniently located inside the room, you can upgrade your weapon(s) when they run out of ammo. Of course, you can only upgrade a weapon once, but this still helps in the long run. For example, if you run out of ray gun ammo, upgrade it, and you will be given full ammo plus the upgraded bonus.

Players should use the gersch device if the zombies get inside. This will suck them into a black hole vertex and give you some time to reposition yourself.

• If you feel your team is going to get over run, you can also throw a gersch device and jump into it's black hole. This sends you back to Ascensions spawn room. This is the only "easy way to escape" if something goes wrong.

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