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Black Ops Call of the Dead Stand In Achievement Guide

Updated on May 28, 2011

Call of the Dead Stand In Achievement

"Stand In" is an achievement/trophy for the new zombie map called Call of the Dead for Call of Duty Black Ops. This can only be done in solo! There is another achievement similar to this called Ensemble Cast, which is basically the cooperative equivalent to this, but it requires more steps, thus it is a bit more difficult to get. Getting this achievement requires a few steps, but it is not that hard to do.

First you'll need to turn the power on. Make enough points till you open the barricades on the boat to access the power switch at the top of the boat.

STEP 2 (Optional)
It is recommended that you make a zombie into a crawler so you can do this Call of the Dead Easter Egg Mission.

Go inside the tower on the floor below the PHD Flopper Perk (Stairs are nearby). You will see a door in this room and will hear the four original zombie survivors having a conversation on the other side. Once they finish their intro, knife this door. They will begin speaking again. Afterwards, you will need to locate a fuse on the floor above you. It will not always be in the same place, but it will be above you near PHD Flopper. It might be laying on a table.

Once you have the fuse, place it in the holder next to the door where the survivors are located. They will start to talk again. At this point, four generators will spawn on the map with a red glowing light on them.

Black Ops Call of the Dead Stand In Achievement

You need to blow up all four generators on the map.

(1) The first in in the room where you put the fuse into the door for the survivors (easy).

(2) The next is behind the abandoned building where Stamin-Up is located. You can see this generator by looking out the window.

(3) The third generator is offside of the crashed boat in the ocean by the double tap perk. (Look for a red light)

(4) The final one is in between the juggernog perk and double tap. You need to jump off the second part of the ship into the middle path. It is in the middle water. Again, look for a red light.



After all the generators are destroyed, go to the power room. Turn the wheel to the right twice. Then look for the three levers nearby. Turn the left one 1, and the right one 3 times.

You will need a V-R11 for this part. A light will be casting in the lighthouse. Shoot a zombie into a human with the V-R11. Instead of going into the water, the zombie will run up to the top of the tower. Kill the human zombie before it reaches the top (does not matter what weapon).

A golden rod will drop from the top. Pick it up and take it back to the door where the survivors are. Place it into the tube next to the door.


The fuse will break after putting the golden rod in. Simply knife the fuse to fix it and the survivors will speak one last time. And that's it! You now have the stand in achievement and will get a wanderwaffer power up until it runs out of ammo!


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