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Black Ops "Call of the Dead" Zombies Perk Locations Guide

Updated on May 28, 2011

Black Ops Call of the Dead Final Map?

The new zombies map "call of the dead" is the largest map ever made for zombie mode in Call of Duty Black Ops. Call of the Dead is available in the Escalation map pack released in early May 2011 on Xbox 360. This may be possibly be the final map pack released for Black Ops, which will likely mean the last zombie map for a long time.

Treyarch was the original developer team to create the Nazi Zombie game mode on World At War (2008). Then in 2009, Modern Warfare 2 came out which did NOT feature a zombie mode, but rather a special ops mode. This is because Infinity Ward did not develop the zombies mode and we did not see zombies return till Black Ops was released in 2010 by treyarch. We can reasonably assume that zombies will not return till 2012 because this year will mark Infinity Ward's release of another Modern Warfare most likely.

Call of the Dead Perk Locations Guide

Call of the Dead is a huge map and can be a bit confusing. This is the first map to actually feature all the perks from all the other zombie maps. It also features one new perk called "Deadshot Daiquiri." This perk makes the auto-aim lock onto zombies heads instead of the body. It also makes the crosshair smaller, removes recoil when using weapons, and eliminates the need to hold your breath when sniping.

Perk-A-Cola Machine Locations on Call of the Dead

Juggernog - Located at the front of the crashed ship, to the right side of the zip lines falling point, through a door with stairs leading down to it. This can also be accessed by opening other doors on the ship which make you cross icy waters at the bottom of the ship.

Quick Revive - Located across the icy water pond on a small island (in front of where you initially spawn at the start). Basically, at the center of the entire map. Note that you can cross the water to quick revive, but can NOT buy it until the power is on. Be careful not to freeze in the water when trying to access quick revive.

Double Tap - At the very end of the crashed ship near the claymores. You need to open a barricade to get to it though.This perk is easy to miss if you do not realize that there are barricades near the MPL weapon.

Speed Cola - Behind the lighthouse below a glacier slide. This is accessed by going to the very bottom of the lighthouse, opening a door at the bottom, and making a right down the glacier slide. Once you fall down the slide, you will be in the icy waters which can freeze you. Buy the perk before you freeze!

Stamin-Up - Located inside an abandoned house behind the lighthouse. This is accessed by going to the bottom of the lighthouse and opening double doors near the spiral stairs (same way to get to speed cola, but go outside instead of falling down the glacier slide or you will have to make a long trip back).

Deadshot Daiquiri - At the very top of the lighthouse beside the zip-line and window barricade.

PHD Flopper - Close to the bottom part of the lighthouse beside a desk. Note that it is not at the very bottom, but rather on the floor above it. You can access it by going down the spiral stairs of the lighthouse or going down the stairs that are outside of the lighthouse.


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