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Black Ops - First Strike Map Pack & Ascension Zombie Map

Updated on February 8, 2011

New Map Pack - First Strike

Coming on February 1st 2011, a new map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops will be available on Xbox 360. The map pack is called "First Strike". There will be 5 new maps for Black Ops, including a new Nazi Zombie map called "Ascension". The ps3 and PC will also receive the map pack, but not until a further date. (possibly a month) The five maps are called Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, Kowloon, and Ascension.

How much will Black Ops First Strike cost?The map pack has been officially announced to cost 1200 Microsoft points. 1200 Microsoft points is equivalent to 15 US dollars. This does not seem to be to bad of a price considering you also get a Nazi Zombie map. Of course, many are not happy with the price of DLC(down-loadable content) on the Xbox 360. Personally, I do not like the cost of most DLC. However, since this map is going to include a Nazi Zombie map, I am all for it.

The new Nazi Zombie map Ascension will take place within a Soviet Facility. The same reoccurring characters are going to return that were in Kino Der Toten, and previous Nazi Zombie maps. The historical characters in five will not be playable on this map. The new map will feature new perks called phD flopper and Stamin-Up. New weapons such as Gersch Device, and Matryoshka Dolls will also be in the new map. It is unknown what they will do at this time, however, they are new special weapons/devices.

First Strike - Ascension

It appears as though this will be the largest Nazi Zombie map compared to previous maps. The trailer of first strike shows a rocket platform that the players are moving on. This is probably some type of escape device in the game to distance yourself from the zombies. There also seems to be some type of large centrifuge in the trailer. This is most likely a trap that can be used in the game to eliminate large numbers of Zombies.

A new enemy will also appear in the game. Possibly taking the place of hellhounds, red eyed monkeys will be featured in the game. There is also the possibility of getting your perks stolen in the game. Similar to how the doctor will steal your weapon in five, you can get your perks stolen in Ascension.


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      bobo 6 years ago

      you did not answer my question :(

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      JUSTIN BIEBER 6 years ago



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      James is playing poker! 6 years ago

      i wish i had all maps

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      Punisher641 6 years ago

      15 pounds to buy 2100 points do the math buddy.

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      poo 6 years ago

      no we mean how much in pounds dumbo

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      Juan 7 years ago

      Thanks I needed to knoe that

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      justinbieber 7 years ago

      hello im justin gayfer

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      It says in the article, 1200 points which is 15 dollars

    • profile image

      cheap ascension plz 7 years ago

      this looks great but please tell me how much will this map pack cost (thank you very much