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Black Ops Five Zombies - Perks and Magic Box

Updated on December 6, 2010

This article will explain where the perks are located, the cost of each, and description of each, on the zombie map called five. Also known as the Pentagon. The perks can not be used right away as the power needs to be activated first. This map has three distinct levels on it. There is also a special round where a doctor tries to steal one of your weapons. There are two elevators, and teleporters used to move across on different levels. The teleporters are activated via the power located on the bottom level labs. (in room 3) There are no demon dog rounds on this map.

Order of closest

Quick Revive- This is very easy to find. When you first spawn, move to the right hallway. At the end of this room, there is a quick revive. The quick revive is a blue machine. Usually, a wall breaks next to the quick revive where zombies come in. Sometimes only one wall will break on the side.

Cost -1500 Points

Description - Revives fallen team mates faster

Speed Cola- The speed cola is located on the same floor of the quick revive.(where you spawn) However, doors need to be opened in the room. Opening one of the two white doors in this office will automatically open them both. The speed cola is in the hallway next to the wall, near the elevator. Look for a green machine

Cost - 3000 points

Description - Allows much faster reload


Black Ops Zombies Five - Double Tap, Juggernaut, and Magic Box

These next two perks are in the big computer room with balconies

Double Tap- The double tap can only be accessed by using the elevator in the office. Use the elevator on the top floor where you start. When the elevator door opens, the double tap is right next to the elevator. The machine is yellow.

Cost - 2000 Points

Description - Weapons fire much faster when used

Juggernaut - The juggernaut is in the same area of the double tap, but you need to open the barricade on the stairs. Then you have to open the barricade below those stairs in this room to access the other side. The juggernaut is a red machine.

Cost - 2500 Points

Description - Allows the player to take more hits before falling down

Magic Box Beginning Location (RANDOM PLACE IN BASEMENT LABS)

The magic box is the whole way down in the labs. Both elevators need to be used, along with opening many barricades. Once you take the large elevator in the big computer room with balconies, you will arrive in the labs or basement...

The magic box is always random, and will be somewhere in one of these rooms in the labs. Look for a yellow light in the rooms. Your going to need money to open one of the doors. It may be a bit difficult to find down here, however, it gets easier once you understand the layout of the labs. Look through the windows, and for a yellow light over a box.


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    • profile image

      toby 4 years ago

      how to get the extra gun perk. or is that only when you play online ?

    • profile image

      InvisibleNinja 245 6 years ago

      Yes now me and my cousin can get juggernaut!!!.

    • profile image

      bi_chmasta 6 years ago

      Glad they added the winter's howl amazing for covering ur partner for being revived or getting 1 of ur other friends

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      me love monkys an laser gun

    • profile image

      Hi 6 years ago

      Its a shame that they dident make more perks in this Level :( but still you have maked a realy nice Location and Tutorial for all the Perks and Magic Boks :D Well Done!

    • profile image

      Gogeta 6 years ago

      finally now i can use the monkys

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      @boostwer speed cola does not make you run faster. That is why they made stamin-up.

    • profile image

      BoostwerX 7 years ago

      OMG I've been trying to find the Speed Cola and it's been in the first room all a long lol.... Speed Cola also makes you sprint faster (lightweight).

    • profile image

      Dead1y-Derri 7 years ago

      thank god i can finaly get all the perks thanks

    • profile image

      Fluffythezombie 7 years ago

      finnaly i find it,but yea look for a blue light

    • profile image

      MrFunk911 7 years ago

      Actualy, when your looking for the magic box search for a BLUE light in the labs!

      Thanks a lot for the info!