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Black Ops Kino Der Toten Zombies Solo - Tips and strategy PART 1

Updated on January 27, 2011

Kino Der Toten Zombies on Solo PART 1

Playing zombie mode by yourself on Call Of Duty Black Ops can be very challenging. There are some positive benefits and some negative ones. The most obvious, your by yourself. If you get downed by a zombie, then the game will come to an abrupt end. The nice thing about playing by yourself is that the dog demon rounds are way easier! There are not nearly as many when playing solo. The hardest aspect of playing solo on black ops zombies Kino Der Toten map, is defending windows at the beginning rounds. In this article, I will outline a basic strategy to make it relatively far. This is not for the faint of heart, one mistake playing solo, and its all over.


On the first round, knife the zombies once, and then shoot them with the pistol. This will give you maximum points. The first round is very easy, and most should not have a problem. I would suggest buying an m14 off the wall because that pistol is not going to help forever. The m14 will be okay to use for a while. Keep moving around the room, and trying to defend the windows the best you can.

The first 3 rounds are crucial. Save up to 3250 points. You can only remain in the spawn area for so long. I recommend 3 rounds, but you may be able to stay there longer if you wish. Once you get 3250, make a crawler with a grenade. Open the door at the top right, proceed down the hallways, and open the next door. (total cost 1750)

Double Staircase room ( speed cola, mp40, and shotgun are in this room, plus a door)

Proceed down those stairs and make a left. Buy the shotgun off the wall. This is very effective for taking out zombies in the beginning. If you made a crawler, kill it now. This is probably the most difficult part, in terms of not getting surrounding by nazi zombies and killed. You need to make at least 2500 points to make it to the theater. (1250 for both rooms)


Black Ops Kino Der Toten on Solo PART 1

GOAL: Make enough money to open dresser room, then the following door to make it to Theater Stage which has a power switch

Depending on when you left the spawn, it should be about round 4 or 5 when defending this room. Demon dogs may come at round 5. If they do, use the pump action shotgun. Go to a corner, and take aim at the demon dogs before they get close enough to do damage. The shotgun is very effective for taking down demon dogs. Reload when the dogs are not running at you, try to time it right.

There are three windows in this room, and stairs at the top. Basically, you need to take out enough zombies to make 2500 points to make it to the theater stage. You only need 1250 to open the door to the dressing room though. Defend this area as long as possible, and open the door in this room if your about to get over run. Fall back to the dressing room door, and take out zombies until you can open the door to the theater stage. Be very careful, you can die easily without juggernaut.

Personally, I moved around strategically, and would fall back if to many zombies were coming. You have a little bit of margin for error here. If you're in the double stair case room and are in trouble, open the door to the dressing room.This will allow you to back up, and turn around to take out the zombies trailing you with the pump action shotgun. Then open the next door in the dressing room once you have enough money. Your now in the theater stage.

The next article will explain in detail, what to do when you arrive in the theater. On solo mode, there's a strategy to survive. This was basically the set up. The hardest part about solo on this map, is that the beginning can be tough since no one can revive you if you make a mistake.


Want more information on Nazi Zombies, check out my website, which is still in developmental stages, but will be continually updated :


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    • profile image

      Zombies Tips and Tricks 3 years ago

      John carison has a much better strategy, and his is extremely short. Get your stuff together, this guide wasn't very good.

    • profile image

      Jakob 5 years ago

      I went to round 22

    • profile image

      John carlson 6 years ago

      Your strategy does not help I have got to level 35 solo. First u buy quick revive then shoot all zombies with hand gun un til out of ammo then u have to buy m14 . U should be able to stay in that room until round 4 or 5. On round four u should have 3000 or 4000 then open the next two doors and buy mp40 do not buy steakout. Kill zombies until dogs come then reload all guns and get max ammo. Then u should have 6000 or 5000 .then open doors to stage and buy jug. Try to find box and if u have a good gun link the teleporter and pack a punch then for the rest of the game run a train around the stage.

    • profile image

      henre 6 years ago

      I've gotten up to 19, only really started trying this past week though. Start by buying quick revive. First two rounds you shoot (don't aim for the head) & knife. When possible, force zombies to line up. Only repair windows until you stop getting money for it (then wait for the next round before continuing).

      On rounds 2 & 3, use cooked grenades to kill clustered zombies. Keep your back to the door at the top of the stairs. When you're about to be overwhelmed, open the door and backpedal through it while shooting and/or grenading. Do the same thing with the next door, then get a new weapon (I'm terrible with SMGs/rifles so I take the Stakeout).

      Run circles around this new room (down one staircase and up the other), shooting zombies when they are in front of you. Reload whenever you get the chance (easy with Stakeout as you can reload one shell at a time, and cancel if you're surprised). When you get a moment, toss a cooked grenade behind you.

      Keep on keeping on until the dogs come. Run to the green toilet corridor (in the second room) and crouch in the corner. When you've killed the dogs, reload both guns before grabbing the max ammo.

      By now, you should be close to 5000 points. Return to the shotgun room and stand with your back to the next door again, as before. When overwhelmed, open up and backpedal to the next door while raining death. Repeat with the next door.

      Now try to kill all but one or two zombies, then turn on the power. Activate the teleporter. If you've saved up 5k (or close), keep it; else go buy jugger-nog and kill the zombies.

      Start every round by standing in the teleport pod. Kill zombies until you're about to be overwhelmed, then use the teleporter. Buy pack-a-punch if possible. Toss cooked grenades out the window, then refill your grenades off the wall. When you teleport back, keep moving around the level in a continuous circuit, killing zombies in front of you. Reset the teleporter asap.

      Use the mystery box to ensure you have two good weapons; I go for a rifle and a 'breakthrough' weapon like a shotgun or thundergun.

      Good luck.

    • profile image

      Cody 6 years ago

      I only get to level 7 on this level and I keep on doing what people keep on telling me to do and I just seem not to do to well help

    • profile image

      The God Of Zombies 6 years ago

      You can not get the death machine on kino der toten but you can get it on the map five. You can also get it on all of the new maps

    • profile image

      Swag 6 years ago

      Yea I can't seem to get the death machine

    • profile image

      Mahanq 6 years ago

      Yea I can't seem to get the death machine

    • profile image

      MARK 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Zombie 6 years ago

      Hey, I play Wii. I have gotten to round 23 on solo... This isn't anything special.

    • profile image

      1997 6 years ago

      to make atrain you need to walk dont run the zombies will catch up to you

    • profile image

      JACK 197 6 years ago


    • profile image

      MARK 317 6 years ago


    • profile image

      MARK 317 6 years ago


    • profile image

      lee hill 6 years ago

      yes you can have the ray gun and the thunder gun in solo

    • profile image

      andrew hesser 6 years ago

      can you have ray gun and thundergun in solo zombies?

    • profile image

      jander301 6 years ago

      The zombies with the teeth are called nova crawlers. This has been very helpful although I was already doing a lot of in the first place. It did however take me quite a few times of dieing quickly to figure this out and it was my son who told me about the revive (man does that help).

    • profile image

      duffers31 6 years ago

      Thanks for this guide. I'll certainly be using it. My personal best is 18 rounds (and that's with 3 players) so hopefully I'll improve more.

    • profile image

      aheadmuffin547 6 years ago

      first but qiuck revive. rnd 1,2,3 knife the zombbies,, 1: shot 4x 2: shot 6x 3: 9x after shooting them it should take 1x knife this way you rank up in points. after you have a coupple grand start opening the doors ( i suggust buyin all doors befor you turn the power on) you need 8000 points to buy all the perks frist tgen pack a punch ray gun & thunder gun. once you upgrade your guns run a train on the stage (run around) never stop. in doing this you should make it to round 50+ depending if you do this right...

    • profile image

      cody 6 years ago

      look man really glad about the guide i found 1 about multiplayer [useless] gonna try it out soon

    • profile image

      ha noobs! 6 years ago

      no hes got it all wrong you need to buy quick revive first then stay until rnd 4on rnd 4 purchase a m 14 then open both doors instantly on rnd 5 usually no dogs are in this round but anyway, get the stakeout and fight then stay in the double stair room a couple of rounds then trade the m 14 in for the mp 5k or instantly buy jug after that well, just rack up points for new weapons

    • profile image

      kibbymiah 6 years ago

      those with the teeth are gas zombies

    • profile image

      mason 6 years ago

      what are those zombies called with the sharp teeth

    • profile image

      KingJames713 7 years ago

      If you knife the zombies on level one before you shoot they will die instantly. Shoot them maybe 5x THEN knife for maximum points. Really you should wasted bullets on first 3 rounds. And yea quick revive is the first thing you should buy. Don't waste money on M14. Worthless after round 4.

    • profile image

      War Child 7 years ago

      The biggest gap in this strategy is saying that there's no one to revive you! If you buy Quick Revive in the spawn area ($500), you self-revive if you are downed (with some very cool upgraded guns while you are reviving). You can only buy the self-revive 3x, and you will lose all your perks and have to buy those back.